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Upgrading +X items and ioun stones in PFS

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion


I have a couple questions about the rules to upgrade items in PFS:

1) Can inferior ioun stones be upgraded to normal ioun stones by paying the difference in price?

2) A belt of giant strength +2 can be upgraded to a belt of giant strength +4, but can it be upgraded to a belt of physical might +2? It doesn't change any of the item's prereqs, just adds new ones.

Scarab Sages ****

No to both. The upgrading of +X items allows you to only go from +X to a higher +X. Its fine to go from a belt of giant strength +2 to a belt of giant strength +4, but not to the belt of physical might. And for the ioun stones, they're not +X items, they're just unique magical items that provide a +X benefit so they're not upgradeable.

Liberty's Edge *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path, PFS RPG, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Actually Mourne, you are half correct.

You cannot upgrade Ioun Stones from inferior to normal, because they are different materials. The base materials can't be changed.

You can, however, upgrade a belt with a +2 Str to a Belt with +2 Str & +2 Dex or +2 Con and later add the 3rd at +2. Should you want to upgrade to +4, then all stats modified by the belt must include the upgrade. So if you had a +2 Str/+2 Con you'd need to upgrade it to +4/+4. If you wanted to add Dex to your +4 Str/+4 Con, you'd need to add it at +4. You cannot have an item that is +2 in one stat and +4 in another. This is also true for the mental headbands.

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Chester aka Paz

There's an official clarification that (2) is OK here. This ruling was confirmed as still being valid here.

Scarab Sages ****

I did not know that on the belts. I'll admit that I was wrong there and that I actually learned something new today. =)

Grand Lodge ** RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Paz wrote:
There's an official clarification that (2) is OK here. This ruling was confirmed as still being valid here.

Wow, I could have sworn I remembered that ruling getting reversed. Well, this certainly changes my shopping plans for my fighter! :)

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