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Looking for the older (3.X era) Dragon Magazine with four races in it...

Dragon Magazine General Discussion

I remember one were these makes reptilians, another was some plant thing, then there was a small, dark fey race, and the last race were sentient constructs created by gnomes for lulz.

If anyone knows the article I'm talking about please point me towards the issue so I can have it on hand. (Or if they're in the compendium, lemme know, picking that up anyway for tibbits and yellow/orange/purple dragons)

Paizo Employee Community & Digital Content Director

Moved thread to Dragon forum.

Dragon Issue #317

Exotic Heroes! Powering Magic with Monstrous Ingredients!

This is the one. I'm actually wondering if the Gnomish Construct Race actually predates the concept of the Warforged; my sense of chronology isn't the best, however.

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