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Undead Bloodline Arcana - what does it apply to?

Rules Questions

This is it:

"Some undead are susceptible to your mind-affecting spells. Corporeal undead that were once humanoids are treated as humanoids for the purposes of determining which spells affect them."

So what undead traits will that cancel? Only the part about mind-effecting spells or other stuff, too?

I'm guessing mind stuff only, because of the first sentence, but I'm not completely sure.

I'm answering this off the top of my head (so I apologize if this answer lacks validity), but in reading that description I am thinking of enchantment spells such as Charm Person or any mind-affecting ability for that matter.

I'm playing through Carrion Crown at the moment and all of the undead we encounter are immune to mind-affecting abilities so I believe that is what it is referring to.

I hope something I said was right haha.

Spells like Charm Person, Enlarge Person, Hold Person, etc will work on undead, as long as they are corporeal and formerly humanoids. The Bestiary doesn't actually have any non-humanoid undead, though there are some incorporeal that would not be affected (ghost, shadow, spectre, etc).

What I wonder is:

Does this negate the properties inherent in having a '-' intelligence score? That's not a function of type.

It should, yes. A great deal of undead are mindless, but you would be able to Charm/Dominate them anyways, despite lacking an Intelligence score. But it's specific to undead, so you couldn't affect vermin, who are also mindless.

If it didn't, it would be an almost completely useless ability.

Stuff like this is why I houserule replace it with turn or command undead.

It gets interesting when you Crossblood it with the Serpentine bloodline, which allows you to treat animals, magical beasts, and monstrous humanoids as humanoids for the purposes of mind-affecting spells. So you could dominate yourself a Troll zombie with no problems.

Trolls are already humanoid (giant).

Heh, bad example. A dire tiger zombie, then :P

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

What about something like color spray? While it's a mind-affecting spell, it also makes creatures unconscious and stunned. Undead are normally immune to being stunned (and even unconscious as far as I know). Would the text trump that specified immunity as well? Would all mind affecting spells work on them as long as they are corporeal and were once humanoid?

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