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Possible Bestiary 2 PDF errata / problems

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Locathah should probably have an additional language.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Should the quickwood have a space of 15 feet?

Grand Lodge

Sir George Anonymous wrote:
Should the quickwood have a space of 15 feet?

Hmm, this one's tough. I see what you mean, it being a Huge creature you'd think it would have Space 15 ft., but I could also see it being intentionally left at Space 5 ft. since it's tall but very, very slender (only taking up the same space as a normal tree in a dense forest).

Sirens should probably have an additional language.

I think the Slithering Tracker's skill points are incorrect. According to my calculations (which include the errata)

Climb +11 = +3 STR + 8 Climb Speed
Perception +7 = + 4 Ranks + 3 Skill Focus
Stealth +20 = + 1 Rank + 4 Skill Focus + 3 DEX + 4 Size + 8 Racial

This is 5 of 8 ranks spent (8 instead of 4 because they are intelligent).



Sir George Anonymous

Grand Lodge

I think you mean "+3 Skill Focus" in your Stealth equation. But otherwise, correct. I have written in my notes to change Stealth to "+23".

Yes you are correct. It should have been +3 Skill focus & +4 DEX. I switched them.

Unless there is some errata I have missed, the CMD bonus for legs > 2 goes for overrun as well as trip. I can accept the fact that only the trip and overrun is not listed in the creature stat block.

However, this being the case, the Slurk should have an additional +4 to its overrun CMD. +16 CMD + 4 for Hunker + 4 for 4 Legs = +24. Because the +4 for 4 legs is typically overlooked in a stat block, it doesn't appear to be included for the Slurk which indicates a CMD value of +20 for overrun instead of +24.

Am I missing something?


Sir George Anonymous

Grand Lodge

This isn't really applicable since this maneuver was introduced in the APG, but technically having more than 2 legs also gives a bonus to CMD against drag attempts as well, since any bonus to CMD vs. trip also applies to drag.

Hmmm, that's a little ambiguous. The prd says any "racial ability" granting a bonus to bull rush also grants it to drag. I don't know that I would consider having > 2 legs as falling into that category (> 2 legs grants the bonus to trip and overrun, not bull rush anyway). However, the slurk's Hunker ability certainly should grant the bonus. As you pointed out, none of the APG combat maneuvers are listed in stat blocks.

Thanks for that tidbit. I missed adding the Drag bonus to my slurk's stat block.


Sir George Anonymous

Grand Lodge

D'oh! Yes you're right drag CMD bonuses piggy-back with bonuses vs. bull-rush, not trip. Whoops!

The witchwyrd has tongues (italicized) in its list of languages. In the PRD, this is linked to the tongues spell. Should this be listed as a constant spell-like ability?

I've found a major point of confusion with the Grig. It has +2 CMB, despite being tiny with a strength of 5. Its only feat is Dodge. Any explanations?

Grand Lodge

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I've found a major point of confusion with the Grig. It has +2 CMB, despite being tiny with a strength of 5. Its only feat is Dodge. Any explanations?

All Tiny and smaller creatures are automatically treated as though they had the Agile Maneuvers feat. They always calculate CMB using Dex instead of Str.

CMB +2 = 0 (BAB) + 4 (Dex) - 2 (size)

Oh, alright. That's pretty interesting, thanks for letting me know!

I think the Brownie's short sword should do 1d3-2 damage instead of 1d2-2 damage. A Medium short sword does 1d6 damage, a Small one does 1d4, and a Tiny one should do 1d3. Is there something that I am missing?

If cacodaemons have no legs, shouldn't they be immune to being tripped?

Arbiters also have no legs.

I am calculating the dullahan's death's calling DC as 19. 10 + (HD/2) + CHA = 10 + (10/2) + 4 = 19. The ability lists the DC as 22.

The Herd Animal, Camel entry is missing the Space/Reach entry (most likely 10 ft / 5 ft).

Grand Lodge

Pg. 256 - Spider, Giant Tarantula

This giant spider is missing its +8 to Acrobatics racial bonus that all hunting spiders get (according to page 258 of Bestiary 1, and backed up in other hunting spider stat blocks from other books). In its skills it should have "Acrobatics +9" listed.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 186 - Megafauna, Gylptodon [sic]

This creature's name's spelling should be "glyptodon". All instances of this creature's name on this page are misspelled with the "y" and "l" reversed. The table of contents, Appendix 7, Appendix 8, Appendix 9, Appendix 10, and Appendix 13 all have it spelled correctly, as does its reappearance in Player Companion: Animal Archive.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 175 - Lamia matriarch

The Wisdom drain ability has a sentence in it that says a DC 21 Will save negates the ability. However, it's worth mentioning that this save is ONLY applicable to the single point of Wisdom drain that results from the first strike in a lamia matriarch's full attack with a melee weapon, NOT the melee touch attack that deals 1d4 Wisdom drain. This assumption is based on the fact that this ability is identical to the standard lamia's ability of the same name in Bestiary 1, except the matriarch has the added bit about being able to deal a point with a melee weapon as described above. The standard lamia doesn't even mention a Will save, meaning its sole source of Wisdom drain, the melee touch attack, is automatic when it hits. It stands to reason the matriarch wouldn't have a weakness that the lesser lamia doesn't have, so we can assume the Will save only applies to the drain from using a melee weapon.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 193 - Mosquito swarm

Reach says 5 ft., but should be 0 ft. as per swarm rules.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 204 - Ogrekin

It turns out the ogrekin presented in the stat block is missing his +2 to an ability score for the base creature being a human. Before anyone chimes in, yes, the human-based ogrekin would get this +2 bonus. Here's the proof. Also the ogrekin found in the Rise of the Runelords: Anniversary Edition have the bonus. So pick a score and add +2 to it. As a fighter, he'd likely put it into Str.

EDIT: Also just noticed that this guy could totally wield his shortspear in two hands but isn't. Doing so would increase the damage.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 75 - Dark Slayer

Humanoids that have racial HD and no class levels are only proficient with simple weapons. This guy's using a kukri, a martial weapon. I'd replace Skill Focus (Use Magic Device) with Martial Weapon Prof. (kukri).

Grand Lodge

Pg. 129 - Marsh Giant

This creature's using a gaff, which doesn't mention if it's a simple or martial weapon; we only have the description which says to treat it as a flail. Like the dark slayer above, flails are martial weapons, but humanoids without class levels are only proficient with simple weapons. Unsure if replacing a feat with Martial Weapon Proficiency (gaff) is necessary here or not.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 130 - Rune Giant

Like the others above, this character is using a longsword, but isn't proficient with it. Replace a feat? I'm replacing Improved Bull Rush.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 132 - Wood giant

This guy's using both a longsword and longbow, and is proficient with neither. Two feats would need to be replaced. I don't even know where to begin on that one.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 271 - Ice troll

Again, using a battleaxe but isn't proficient.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 248 - Skulk

This thing's using a short sword, but isn't proficient with it. If you're going to replace a feat with Martial Weapon Proficiency (short sword), I'd lose Skill Focus (Stealth). Their Stealth skill is already incredibly high thanks to their racial modifier, and Improved Initiative is a good feat to have to illustrate their "cowardice" for running from a fight.

EDIT: Another solution could be to simply remove the short sword all together, and have him stick to just using a dagger.

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