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Alternate places to post a rejected scenario and building reputation, skills, acceptance

Scenario Submission Talk

I'd like to start a thread regarding options regarding rejected scenarios.

Although rejected scenarios oftentimes need a lot of work, I don't believe that they are a wasted effort. If they can't be worked into the PFS circles, what about other options?

There are a lot of fan-sites (D&D, PFS, and other game systems) that can be a good places to work on and finish a current project that you feel has merit. I think simply working on your skills and building your reputation for future projects, including and especially for future submissions for Pathfinder Society Scenarios, could be very valuable.

Please post locations where you feel these would be useful for budding authors and rejected scenarios.


Jay H

Here are my first few recommendations for doing some creative work and honing your skills. Who knows, it might get you famous.

RPG Superstar (these forums..during contest time):

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3E: Liber Fanatica Fanzine (*seeking scenarios*)

Sharkbytes: (Savage worlds fanzine):

I looked for a Call of Cthulhu fanzine, but I couldn't find the Whisperer anymore ;)


Dark Archive

You could also look into Kobold Quarterly, a small magazine that puts out 3.5e, pfrpg, and 4e content.

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