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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Looking for the 'best' module and summary format to follow.

Scenario Submission Talk


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Hi folks, I am considering submitting some proposals for modules.

My prior adventure writing experience was with Living Greyhawk. I have been reading the "Write for Pathfinder" page as well as the forums.

In the opinion of the community here, which module is the BEST one that has all the elements (and best editing/format) that is looked for? If you cannot pick one, which are say the best 3?


Scarab Sages ***

Wow, that's really difficult...

Basically, follow some of Josh's original advice in submitting scenarios.

He's currently looking for a Tier 1-7 set in the Inner Sea.

My personal favorites that I think personify the Pathfinder feel would be The Third Riddle, and maybe Drow of the Darkland Pyramid, but it's all a matter of opinion.


I don't know that there's a clear "best practices" format to follow; PS doesn't have scenario templates like LG occasionally produced. If you're looking for a specific format to follow, then I would recommend anything that Josh wrote himself, as he's most likely to like the very format he used.

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