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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

I'd like to suggest larger font and a few more non-deadly investigative encounters

Scenario Submission Talk

Something that's been on my chest since I came back to this game a month or two ago.

Could we please finally get back to a readable font size? 8 point is really tough and worse after a day at a convention..I know you guys like it because it looks clean and it looks like we're getting more for our bucks..but how about thinner margins and a larger font instead?

Also, since xp has moved to "finishing the scenario with success," instead of every encounter needs to be deadly, I'd like to see/encourage more NON-deadly, investigative encounters instead of the usual run of combat combat trap combat trap combat sequence of scenarios.

Lastly, I'd like to congratulate Paizo and the writers on continuing to do such a great job with scenarios, editing, and artwork (including cartography).

Jay Hafner
Lakewood, CO


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