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Opening the Wormdoors of The Tabernacle of Worms *Spoilers!*

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

“Doors in the The Tabernacle of Worms are in fact made of writhing sheets of Kyuss worms. To other creatures, the worm doors cannot be physically opened. Contact with a door brings the threat of infestation …
Although composed of worms. The doors are held together by magical forces as hard as iron.”

Will repel vermin work on these?

What about silver? The touch of silver is supposed to kill the Kyuss worms...

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Good question!

In my game, I would say no. The magical forces are what actually form the doors. That magical force would prevent the worms from being affected by repel vermin and it would also hold dead worms killed by silver in place.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I've been doing some more research and though I still haven't found the answer this should help formulate some opinions or encourage some debate.

Since the doors have 90 hp and fast healing 20,and repel vermin does 2d6 damage,(and we need to consider the door a "swarm" it's safe to say at least a 12hd swarm), repel vermin won't do enough damage. I suppose you can also assume that the door is like any other "door", and you can't just walk through it. However, they're magical in nature, recognizing faithful worshippers of Kyuss.

Any more thoughts?

What about an anti-magic field? Would the worms just collapse to the floor?

Scarab Sages

Summon a swarm of your own, and have the worms leap out the doors over them?

Yeah, I know. It's gonna be messy...LOL

The Snorting Tip-sniffer wrote:

Summon a swarm of your own, and have the worms leap out the doors over them?

Yeah, I know. It's gonna be messy...LOL

I am running the Tabernacle now, and am basically ruling that anything that can dispel the magic that holds the doors' structure will reduce the door to a pile of (active) worms, including antimagic field, knock, chime of opening, etc. But I also have ruled that any door reforms in 5 rounds regardless of what affected it (once out of the antimagic field, for example). My players are waltzing through the place using a chime of opening, but all of the doors have reformed behind them, which could problematic for them.

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