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Spreadsheet character sheet formatted for small screens?

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

Does anybody know of a spreadsheet-based character sheet for Pathfinder that's been formatted for easy use on a netbook's small screen?

I have an OLPC XO laptop, and also an old Fujitsu tablet pc that I'm trying to get to work with Linux.

The spreadsheets I've found work great for creating the character on a desktop and then printing, but they aren't really formatted for easy use on a netbook as a replacement for pen&paper.

I want to use OpenOffice or Gnumeric to keep track of my characters. On OpenOffice, it could be a spreadsheet or a database, actually.

I can create one myself, of course, but I just wanted to see if the work has already been done so I can save myself the trouble.

If not, then I'll create my own and post a link for other folk to try it out.

Thanks in advance.

Since I have a netbook these days, I had planned to make a version of the character sheet designed to be used at the table by those with such a machine handy. There are various other issues taking up priority, but one big issue for your purposes is that I just can't find a way to get sCoreGen to work on OpenOffice. One barrier I just can't get past is the fact that there is no equivalent to the ability to just insert a return character into a generated text string that will then function as a return in the display of the text.

What size requirements do you have (i.e. a pixel width or some such)? My in-development Pathfinder Character Excelerator) is designed to be fairly easy to modify, so it might suit your needs. It is also fully functional in OpenOffice and I have a nice group of folks testing for compatibility with older versions of Excel, OpenOffice, Macintosh, Linux, etc.

Sovereign Court

I think the olpc's screen resolution depends on whether the backlight is turned on or not. Don't have my niece's at hand.

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