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The Iconic STAP Party

Savage Tide Adventure Path

All throughout the STAP there are illustrations of a party of adventurers. Were their names, stats, fluff ever posted?

Somewhere on this forum, not sure if it is this sub-category or elsewhere, that I think maybe two of them are named. One is Tyralindi Scrimm (if I recall correctly). She's the cleric with the mace and pointy-ish crown. Actually she's a cleric/binder/homebrew prestige class.

James Jacobs or someone even posted her stats, (he played her).

Beyond that I can't recall if any of the iconics got special treatment.

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The only Dungeon iconics that had actual stats, IIRC, were the cleric of Wee Jas and the paladin. This was because they were characters for the in-house Age of Worms playtest (you can probably find more information in the Campaign Journal section).

The Savage Tide crew are not written up, but they are:
Dwarf Barbarian
Elf Druid
Human Monk
Human Wizard

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