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Fun With Avner

Savage Tide Adventure Path

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You can also slowly let him transform into a demon (only the form, not the abilities). With his vanity he will surely a pain in the *** when he notices small lumps on his head where horns are starting to grow, or a lump on his back where a tail is growing. If you want to have fun, give him a slowly growing second head as well.

Another option is to give him savage fever of course!

Are you sure the PCs will really rescue him? :-)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Hagor wrote:
Thomas Austin wrote:
Chris P wrote:
My players hate him as well. <snip> Although they still refer to him as Magnum PI.
He looks more like Freddy Mercury to me. Which has soooo many obvious subplot opportunities....

For a picture of Avner that I showed my players:

google "Chris Dane Owens" in Google images...

This immediately put my players in the right mind about our favorite npc.


That is hilarious, because I also came up with that.

Avner Theme Song

Avner Campaign Victory

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