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100 useless items - yay!

Dungeon Magazine General Discussion

I Just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE the dungeoncraft/dungeon columns that were in some of the last dungeon mags, especially Richard Petts "100 useless items" and "100 even less useful items". I use them all the time and my players are alyways fascinated by those strange thingies they find. Our swashbuckler has been adventuring with the "do not open, contains wail of the banshee"-jar for some time now and is so excited about it he sometimes threatens to use it when others get on his nerves.

What is planned for the future? I could imagine a "100 not quite as useless items"-list, just for items one can find in dungeons but that are not quite as odd (some of the items are very hard to use, especially the giants stuff).

Or how about "100 personal pieces of jewelry"? A ring engraved in elven, an orcish diadem...

Or "100 minor illnesses" (which might affect the characters at times)?

Oh, and now comes one every DM needs so much. This is the one I've been looking for all my DM life, cause it would be really useful. Whenever the characters find a bookshelf in any dungeon: "100 book titles".

Maybe this thread could be used to collect even more ideas for this great column.

1) You find a ratty wig of blonde curls upon the halfling skeletal corpses head...

You find... old worn boot, probably a goblin's old chewtoy.

Dark Archive

Glasses broken in half after the wearer was chopped right down the middle of his face

A body with the meatiest parts carved off hastily

A necklace of ears or fingers

Potions labeld clw but are inflict light wounds, maybe on an undead to make it all the more a smack to the forehead experience

A collection of uninmaginables

Paper(worthless) currency of fallen nations. Maybe a numismatist would pay for them to add to his collection

Treasure chest heavy with rocks

Blanket with many moth holes. Or what looks useable but diseased with small pox. Inside a high altitude cabin in the winter with the strongest storm on record

Artwork by famous artists but without their signature and done in an experimental style so nobody ever believes it was done by them

Armor made from iron I think is extra heavy with copper or bronze would be soft.

Take the names of science fiction books and claim they use spell jammer crews

John Carter, Golarion also has a red planet next in the orbit. I heard he was a rebel from the South? Maybe he would be one of those rebel scum mentioned below.

The Andoran Revolution, I mean uprising.

The Courier. No, not the character from New Vegas. I had to throw in a reference to my favorite book, The Postman.

The video game Shining Force, originally for the SEGA GENESIS(later on GBA and Wii as a down load) had bookshelves with names of books. I always meant to write them all down for DnD but never did

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