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Where to find a new group?

Dungeon Magazine General Discussion

Sovereign Court

I've been playing D&D off and on since about 1988 and always hated having to resume the hunt for a new group every time I moved somewhere new. I'm hoping there's some sort of online database of players that I could use to find some new people for an Eberron campaign. I'm located in Jacksonville, NC which is a great town to be in if you want to get a high and tight haircut (Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune borders the town), buy a Mustang, get a tattoo, or go to a strip club. It is however, lacking in terms of hobby/gaming stores. The closest WOTC affiliated store is an hour drive. Anyway, hit me up with some suggestions. Thanks.

I had this problem after my main gaming group disbanded. My town's not a big one for gaming. I've done two things that have bourne fruit:

1) I've bought the D&D basic game, the dummies book, and I've taken to teaching friends how to play the game. There's 6 people in my tabletop game now.

2) I'm active on and I've got some good games going there.

Hope that helps.


im having the same problem and im actually stationed here in Lejuene so if u wanna get together and play im all up for it. dont know anybody else who would want to play though

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