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Set of 10 space mine tokens. Each token measures 19mm from corner to corner. These tokens are perfect for representing a minefield in space, or even mines in naval games! You can use the different colors to represent different types of mines, or different players. ... Difficult to see the...

Set of nine hex shaped tokens representing light, medium and heavy missiles. Each hex measures 19mm flat to flat. Available in four different colors, these tokens are perfect for representing the different missile types of any space or air/naval game. ... Difficult to see the lettering on your...

Set of 10 space shield tokens. Each token is engraved with a hex pattern. Each token measures 19mm from flat to flat. Available in two colors. These tokens are perfect for representing the various states of star ship energy fields, cloaking fields, damaged or knocked out shields. ... Difficult to...

Set of ten torpedo tokens. Each tokens measures 24mm long by 12mm wide and are etched with an energy symbol and directional arrow. These are great for representing heavy weapons in any tabletop space game. Available in two fluorescent colors. ... Difficult to see the lettering on your tokens? Rub...

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