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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Add Some Spark to Your Pathfinder Game!


Add Print/PDF Bundle $29.99

Add Print Edition $24.99

Add PDF $7.99

A brave new world from Rossi Publishing Games!

Like your Pathfinder game less Arthurian and more Victorian? Get ready to fly the skies in a dirigible with the latest from Rossi Publishing Games!

When traveling to a new place, you'll want a road map to guide your way, and with the world of Terah, you'll want to pick up the Character Reference Guide! In this portable tome, you'll get an overview of the races and classes of the world of Terah, from the scheming dark elves, the Great Machine-controlled dwarves, the nomadic gnomes, the gunslinging high elves, the lupine vykati, or one of many ethnicities of human that are scattered across the globe. Of course, you won't merely get bowler hat-wearing dwarves and pinstripe suited elves in Terah: Character Reference Guide, you'll get an overview of new character classes—which you can get a peek of for free with the next product!

If you like free stuff (and who doesn't!), be sure to check out Terah: Classes! In this free PDF, you'll dive into some of the unique classes in the world of Terah: the charlatan, deceitful master of deception; the spark, brilliant crafter of constructs both mundane and arcane; and the earthsinger, dwarven maestro of the deep songs within Terah's bones. Not only do you get these new classes, you'll also get a smattering of archetypes like the biologist and full spell lists for both the charlatan and the spark!

Check out all of Rossi Publishing's releases here, and make your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game steam-powered!

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Terah blog, Sweeet!

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