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RPG Superstar is back! Get your calculators and graphic paper ready, warm up those playtesting dice, and spread the word!

Every year Paizo has opened this contest up to aspiring RPG designers to prove they've got the design skills to be a force in the industry. Think you have what it takes to take the title and win the grand prize of being able to write your own Pathfinder Module? This time we've turned up the challenge dial with a summer-fall contest schedule, a more rigorous Open Call round (where the voters are the sole factor in selecting our contestants), and fast tracked design rounds to narrow down our new RPG Superstar.

Have great ideas? Think you're ready for the challenge of showing off your talent? Don't let anything hold you back; enter! This contest is always looking for newcomers to inject creativity and a fresh perspective into the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Open Call Round

Starting August 7th, entry into RPG Superstar Season 9 opens to everyone! For this round, you'll be tasked with creating a wondrous item, magic armor, or magic weapon.

See the Official Contest Rules and Open Call Rules for details before entering.

RPG Superstar™ Season 9 Schedule

Round Round Begins
(12:00 PM)
Entries Due
(11:59 PM)
Entries Revealed
(12:00 PM)
Voting Begins
(12:00 PM)
Voting Ends
(11:59 PM)
Winners Announced
(12:00 PM)
Open Call
Round 2: Top 32
Round 3: Top 16
Round 4: Top 8
Round 5: Top 4

All times indicated above are Pacific standard time.

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