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Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Miniatures: Icons of the Realms Set 6 Monster Menagerie 2 Standard Booster Brick—8 Boosters

***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

List Price: $127.92

Our Price: $115.13

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Monster Menagerie II brings you a vast array of all-new sculpts representing challenges for your heroes to overcome, and allies to fight by your side.

Learn the secrets of the sphinxes from the Androsphinx as it tests your courage and valor. Or face the Mind Flayer, the scourge of sentient creatures across the Forgotten Realms. Or stand toe to toe with the powerful Iron Golem, knowing no ambitions, needing no sustenance, feeling no pain, and having no remorse.

Will your heroes rise to the challenge?

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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Paint and sculpt quality seriously went down from the last two sets!

***( )( )

Common miniatures: (3-5 per case)
01 Giant Rat
02 Kobold
03 Goblin
05 Bullywug
06 Drow Elite Warrior
10 Human Monk (one of the best minis in the set)
11 Elf Fighter (something not before: shield and warhammer)
12 Bugbear

Uncommon miniatures: (1-3 per case)
14 Kobold 2
15 Goblin 2
16 Orc 2
17 Bugbear 2
18A Hobgoblin 1
18B Hobgoblin 2
19 Half-Orc Barbarian
20A Gnoll 1
20B Gnoll 2
21 Human Wizard
23 Brass Dragon Wyrmling (one of the best minis in the set)

Uncommon Larges: (2-4 per case)
25 Black Pudding
27 Hippogriff
28 Iron Golem
29 Planetar

Rare minis: (1 per case)
32 Galeb Duhr
33B Uthgard Barbarian
34A Mindflayer
37 Half-Gold Dragon Sorcerer
38 Gold Dragon Wyrmling
39 Red Dragon Wyrmling (the best mini in the set)

Rare Larges: (1 per case)
40 Young Black Dragon
41 Gynosphinx
42 Beholder
43 Androsphinx (beautiful)

The painting quality varies wildly on this set.
I have versions of the same miniature that are painted perfectly gorgeous and totally ugly.
There is one less large uncommon sculpt in this set than usual (normally it´s 8, in here it´s 7).
Common minis: (3-5 in a case)
04 Halfling Rogue - how many do you need?
07 Orc - no facial features
08 Ghast - painting and bending issues
09 Human Cleric - face painting and bendy swort
13 Sahuagin - don´t like the new look

Uncommon minis (1-3 per case)
22 Sea Hag - paint and sculpt issues
24 White Dragon Wyrmling

Uncommon larges: (2-4 per case)
26 Clay Golem - too small
30 Stone Golem - too small
34B Mindflayer 2 - face, pose and design
35 Tiefling Warlock - painting
36 Grick - why is this a rare?

You won´t get a full set with even a case, as you will only get either 33A or 33B (Uthgardt Barbarian) & either 34A or 34B (Mind Flayer).
Also you will only get a maximum of 8 (about 2 per brick) out of 11 different invisibles. Gift Certificates
On Sale and Clearance!

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