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or at least to no longer have any impact on the core game. PFS is just another set of house rules set around particular parameters
1. relatively low level
2. humanoid opponenets
3. doesnt allow the GM to change scenario based upon player build/skill
These conditions having any impact on "regular" pathfinder is beyond ridiculous, especially given that PFS has a method by which certain rules are banned that don't change the core game. All in all this PFS problem could have been handled the same way the Viv Alchemist was handled(which wasn't difficult to implement it just didnt fit the style of play and ban crane wing in PFS play.) SO given these facts I would like start a petition to disband PFS play if its going to have this kind of affect of the rules.

I have been eagerly participating in the playtest but I have a question/request for the developers: Could you please let us know what changes basically in these classes that are off the table. The Swashbuckler thread is clogged with calls for dex to damage. The Brawler thread has (currently) a few calls for either enchanted gloves/tattoo/scars etc. I am familiar with posts from earlier topics about dex to damage and ways to get enchanted unarmed attacks without the amulet of mighty fists. So while I get that you guys have a lot to do right now and you have been active on the threads can we at least get an idea if an idea is a non starter or if the debate is open for these ideas.

I'm of the opinion that except for a few ideas most concepts of a "fighter" can be easily replaced by a ranger. You get 5 bonus feats(although they all have to follow a theme, but the fighter has probably spent that many on a theme as well.) without having to meet silly attribute min and chains plus endurance as opposed to 11 with chains. A lot of extra skill points, great class features, and a second good save all at the expense of full plate and some DPR.

Ive heard a lot of people complain that they don't like the animal companion or spells because they somehow ruin the concept. My response is nothing forces you to cast those spells or take the companion. You're still a more well rounded and useful character if you ignore those class features and play the ranger just as mystically empowered as the fighter.

The ranger can easily be re-fluffed from a mystic woodsman to a more special forces feel fighter. one who just doesn't wear heavy armor.

Can a psion who specializes in metacreativety take.powers off the telepathy list without a feat?

Another player's. Character died last weekend and he's new and not very rules savy so he asked for my help. Unfortunately Its going to be a monster week at work along with a gigantic paper so can anyone lend a hand. I'm looking for spells and feats for an aasimar celestial blooded tattooed sor. Hes looking for mostly buff and utility with only small offensive ability. The only 2 feats he knows he wants are angelic blood and wings. Any help would be helpful. Thanks

This thread
has given me an idea for a unique challenge for those who are arguing about fighter contributions and other martial's ability to replace the fighter.
Things that this thread takes as a given and anyone who doesn't agree with them feel free to have that argument on another thread.
1. Fighters are great at combat
2. we are not discussing full casters or even 6level casters this thread is about martial comparison. which includes rogues and monks

ok on to the challenge
20 point buy
only CRB races
standard WBL and WBL rules

here's the interesting part, I Think, I want the people who create builds to create the challenge. You can't participate in a challenge you create. The challenges must contain.
1. A character idea(Heavily armored 2handed, a duelist(not the prestige class), a pit fighter, archer etc etc.
2 builds for at least 3 levels of the character
3 appropriate monsters for the encounter
4 at least 1 level appropriate skill challenge in each encounter.

I think this will attempt to answer those that say that fighters have the best build versatility(aka only fighters can be a proper knight or the ranger's fluff stops him from being certain character ideas. lick a dex based fighter or what have you) while at the same time addressing the fighters serious lack of skills

An example would be
build a duelist at 1, 5, and 10
encounter 1
duelist must face 3 1st level warriors after sneaking down a hall dc 10

encounter 2
duelist is gathering information about a traitor in the kings guard DC 20 when he is attacked by a group of 4 3rd level rogues perception check dc 15 or they get a surprise round

encounter 3
duelist is in a duel against a 10th level barbarian(use the NPC codex version) in a relatively cramped room the is rapidly filling up with lava treat as difficult terrain acrobatics dc 25 or take 1d6 damage.
reflex save dc 20 every odd round after the first for 5d6 fire damage.

Another player in RotRL is playing a cleric of urgithao/agent of the grave. He just hit 5th level in the class and can pick any 3 necromancy spells off any other list. He generally runs him as a bad touch cleric who just got undead giant body guards. So what 3 spells should he take? Ive narrowed it down to
Spectral hand
vampiric touch
Circle of death
any other ideas? He wants to stay away from spells over 6th level because with 6 players there's a Chance he wont hit 14 until close to the end.

Assuming a 25point buy what's the best way to simulate a Chinese tai Chi swordmaster. I want to stay away from pure and hybrid casters 4 level casters are ok. My instincts say 2 levels of master of many styles monk(crane finished by 3)/with either mobile fighter or lore warden(maybe go dex with a level of aldori sword lord.

I am aware of both pure.monk and kensai magus builds for this idea. I just finished playing a magus and there was a single class sohei. In the campaign so I'm looking for something different than those options.

Does the racial heritage feat allow you to qualify for racial archetypes?

About to start rise of the runelords. Its a 30 point buy and in thinking about going arcane archer/eldritch knight. The problem is what's the best way to get there. Mainly what type of caster should it be using only 1 or 2 caster level.pre AA. Wizards and witches get int based casting for extra skill points with either a few non level based hexes or the ability to teleport school powers. And arcane bond. Or I could go the cha. Based caster with sor bloodlines but I'm leaning toward either bard or summoner if I go cha. Light armor casting summoner's have the best spell list in the game gaining great spells dealt early while bards get skill points and great class abilities and archetypes-arcane duelist. Archaeologist and dervish. Which way would you go?

Ok playing a magus but thinking if going archer route. Should I pick up arcane archer later or just stay magus? Also on a related note: what's the best or most interesting original way into that prestige class.

Ok I love the new half elf feat that lets you take the drow noble feat line but the problem is that this line of feats eat up every non class granted feat until 11th level. So which class can survive without those feats the best? I know I can just play a 2 handed fighter and cruise on power attack but I'm looking for something a little more outside the box

I'm of the belief that damn near every option should be open to every character. Would it be unbalanced to
1. Give favored class bonus when you level no matter which class you choose to take a level in; including prestige classes and what not.
2. allow characters to choose alternate favored abilities from any race. So a human summoner could take the half elf evolution bonus instead of the human bonus spell.
3. allow race specific classes to any race as long as you can find fluff your way into the class. Not humans joining the dwarven order of runeforgers(at least not exclusively), but instead a human order from a specific town or culture that fits the runforger archetype.

Ok about to start kingmaker 25 point buy with 7 characters(the DM is ramping up accordingly) so far

2 handed paladin of abadar
sword and shield two weapon fighter
1/2 orc cavalier
goblin alchemist
archer ranger
plus one other person that doesn't know what she's playing
I know I probably want to play a dwarf. I don't want to play GOD wizard or a support cleric. My ideas so far

stonelord paladin
battle cleric
dwarven bard? does that suck to much? arcane duelist probably
specialty wizard NOT a conjurer(burned out)
hexblade magus

I already know the personality. He's not your typical dwarf he's flashy dresses well and is very cosmopolitan very sarcastic with a bent for messing with clockwork and fine forging.

AS you can see I'm all over the place I know we should have a full spellcaster, but with a party this large in kingmaker how bad would it be if we didn't? Any ideas appreciated. Thanks

About to do kingmaker (25 point buy) and between the guild rules in inner sea magic, and some posts I read about a month ago on this forum I had an idea for a craftsman dwarven spellslinger that eventually becomes a mystic theurge. (the guild rules eventually allow me to completely make up for taking 3 levels that aren't in my main spellcasting class and even keep my secondary class only 2 below my HD) The issues

1. feats needed. My initial vision of the character involve the armor training feats(I know they eat up a swift action), 2-3 crafting feats, and being an effective ranged shooter. This build is ridiculously feat intensive Can this be done or should I focus either on crafting or gunplay

2. Using guns are expensive and I have never used (or played in a campaign) where they were used extensively. How much of a hit am I going to take money wise just to give my character a cool gimmick?

3. What 4 schools should I take as a spellslinger or talk me out of the archetype and tell me which specialist is better.

Just started a new campaign and so far I have a 1st level ranger(str18 dex 19 con 16 cha14 wis/int13 I have ridiculously high scores after my +2 human) I currently have TWF and Point blank shot, but I haven't used my bow and my GM will allow me to change PBS if I want to. SO here's the idea
2nd level ranger double slice
3-6 take levels in ninja, maybe with that move 10 feet SA rouge archetype, for extra skills, backstab, and to get katanta wakazashi prof for my weapons.
3 precise shot
4 ninja talent feat power attack
5 combat reflexes
6 rouge talent feat improves two weapon fighting
7 weapon focus Lbow (1 level in arcane duelist bard) arcane strike for free or 1st level in summoner for awesome spell list.
8 either 3rd level in ranger or 2nd in bard
9-19 Arcane Archer

I know that their is a prejudice against multi classing in PF.
So my question is would it remain viable? Would it be better to just stay ranger and pick up a bow or is the AA thing to much and it would be better to be a ranger with a small dip into ninja? Not really worried about capstone most of our campaign stop between 9-13th although a few make it to 20.

I NEED the stats on the temple sword but I just moved and all my books(they take up a guest bedroom) haven't been unpacked. Its not on the SRD can someone look it up for me?

OK we are a 7 person party(melee oath of vengeance paladin 8, archer ranger 9, archer bard(incredibly unoptimized not for RP reason players just doesn't know the rules and won't read the books or listen to anyone else) 8, barbarian(extremely under equipped after being taken as a slave for a level) 8, order of dragon intimidate build cavalier 8, witch 9, and beast caster cross blooded build 5 sor 4 DD(32 str). Only 2 of us are familiar with PF and as for the rest only one of them has ever played a RPG before.

We are facing the lair of a young adult red dragon that knows we're coming has lots of slaves with efreet overseers, dozens of drakes, and who knows what else.

We've already tried to go in once and almost had a tpk on a encounter with 10 drakes. We're buffing correctly and bringing a lot more anti-fire protection. But the issue I see is that except for the ranger, and the spell casters the other guys only really want to melee. Neither the paladin or the cavalier had ranged weapons. I take that back the cava had a spear. Is there a way to bring the dragon down so that it can't fly? we have roughly 14k in party money that isn't being used on equipment at the moment and access to a metropolis for magic items. Any

I am currently play a Dragon Disciple in my current game, but that got me thinking. What about a similar prestige class for every bloodline? Why should dragons get all the fun? Has anyone done anything like this I'm considering just doing the d*** thing myself, but would much rather ninja someone else's work.

I have been away from a computer for about a month and when I left SKR and the other devs were promising a fix after the last fix made the class damn near unplayable. I'm pretty sure it hasn't but if someone could left me know the official line I'd be greatfull.

My question is the lodge of Cyphermages an academia or guild? whichever it is what would the fame increasing events be and what specific guild rewards would you allow? Would you give fame points for adopting the prestige class and the cypher feats(my gut says no)?

Hey there was a product on here the other day that introduced an idea where you substitute a crossbow for a firearm. What product is it?

I was reading in the request for a Numeria AP the other day. Someone put up a description of Numeria as more mad max than science fiction and then someone else compared it to Thundar. Suddenly I had a mental picture of a pathfinder setting combining all those elements. So my question has anyone written anything close to this and if nobody has how many other people out there would love to see something like this.

ok just started running my first AP and I really like the way that xp was handled in the in the first part of second darkness. Instead of keeping track of xp just raise the level at certain points in the adventure. I plan to run this using most of joey's changes to the monsters. If i use these monsters when should I level the party, assuming everything runs in order.

Is there a way for a PC with claws(dragon blooded DD) to get the Rend special ability?

My friends and I are about to start our first AP(The drow one) and I've read oterisk's guide to the DD now I just need some help polishing the final build and a lot of advice on feats. Don't worry about build points we roll stats(I know that makes us bad people, but I need help anyway)
human CB abyssal black dragon sor.

1st level sor then 1 or 2 levels in a melee class(prob fighter, but if a compelling argument is made I'll go barbarian or pick up 2 levels in ranger(no paladin builds the DM says that it wont work with the first AP) followed by 10 levels in DD and then go back to pick up sor levels.
Plan to fight with my natural claws and switch hit as a beast caster.

1. arcane strike
iron will(make up for CB minus to will)
2. combat feat if fighter level is taken
3 sor bloodstrike
5 arcane armor armor training(?)
7 improve natural attack and bloodline feat
9 elemental spell or rending claws
10 bloodline feat
13 arcane blast(?) bloodline feat empower spell
15 death from above(?)
18 quicken spell
now onto the real questions would this build make vital strike relevant
is it worth taking feral combat training and using a combat style is so which one would you recommend.

The rest of the party is an archery ranger, a two handed fighter, an inquisitor or a flame oracle, and a wizard that'll probably become either a EK or a cypher mage

Long time player(25+ years) first time playing Pathfinder. I have a 4th level battle oracle that just leveled up. My question what direction do I go?

I rolled VERY well on stats and have both a 20 cha and a an 18str(after the 4th level point)

I know that as a full caster I should just pick up more levels of oracle, but the problem is that due to an extremely small party (we only have three members) I rarely have time to buff before a fight and if I sit out to buff when a fight starts then people almost die.

My martial options(either barbarian or fighter). I know about the oracle no fatigue thing(I"m lame btw...get your laughs in at that now), but the modern barbarian rage mechanic seems weak compared to 3.5 and I almost always play fighters. I can't play a paladin its the wrong party for it.
We already have a Ranger and a Gunfighter. I guess I could go cavalier, but what order and why.

I'm thinking of picking up 1 level in cross blooded sor and going dragon disciple with abyssal bloodline for the str buff followed by either mystic theurge or eldritch knight. But I'm thinking of saving this option for a campaign where I can start pally and go DD later.

So what should I do? Please no personal opinions on prestige classes being bad. I know I would be giving up free hp, skill points or spells. Just what do you think would be the most interesting and fun build. thanks

Before the flame wars start I love the rogue class but feel that the PF rogue is still designed for an older game style rather than modern PF style play. The current rogue still feels like a 3.0 or 3.5 class from before the shortened skill lists, changed to cross class and class skills. I am also aware that extremely skilled players with an extremely firm handle on the rules can make the class work by operating in gray areas this rogue is more beginner user friendly.

Rogue continues to gain sneak attack, evasion, uncanny dodge and talents as listed

Level 1 weapon finesse agile maneuvers
Panache pool(pool is equal to ½ rogue level + cha) treat as ki pool for ninja tricks and
How to refresh
1. treat any acrobatic check as if you had a running start
2. for 1 point +4 insight bonus to stealth
3. +1 attack at highest bonus, but must use full attack and use a weapon using weapon finesse
Level 3 poison use or trapfinding(the other can be bought as a talent after this level)
Level 5 add dex to dmg on weapon finesse weapons(this is precision dmg, but otherwise functions at str bump ½ on off hand weapon etc etc.

add following talents
Skill master(for 1 panache point double attribute contribution for next skill check as insight bonus or half the time needed to use skill in the case of going down from 1 round to standard action from standard action to move action can’t get any lower since using Skill master uses your swift action) This last ability doesn’t stack with any other talent or spell that alters the time it takes to make a skill check.

Sniper(for 1 panache point per round add dexterity to damage for any ranged attack within sneak attack range. This is precision damage)

Rogue feat (special this may be taken more than once)
Choose any non combat feat for which you meet the prequ

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