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labmonkey's page

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Personally I don't mind if the Tavern set has a large number of non-combatants. I'm hoping for at least one barkeep, a couple tavern wenches, a bard, a cook, a bouncer, a mysterious old man (to give out quests of course), a stableboy, some town watch, a pickpocket, a thug (to start brawls)...I wouldn't even be adverse to off-duty townpeoples like butchers, bakers, merchants etc.

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I have trouble thinking of Asmodeus as a primordial deity. Having played D&D since 1st he's always been the head Arch Devil to me and not necessarily even the first one.
Now he's upjumped himself to major deity status; his shrines have turned into temples and his cults to churches and he's attempting to rewrite the past by putting out alternate (false) histories in books like Book of the Damned. He's had a huge success on Golarion where an entire empire worships or reveres his teachings and has bought into his creation myths hook, line and sinker.
The scholars of Golarion may not debate his origins but on other (older) material plane worlds they know otherwise (though he's working on that as well).
Of course all the above is just how I see things.

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I like the Demonblight Crusade. Or at least something with the word Crusade.

I'm actually running a crusade campaign for my group at the moment. The adventure started off way down in Isger and consists of:
Paladin of Iomedae - trained in secret in Cheliax
Cleric of Iomedae (War/Glory)- originator of the crusade
Sorceror (Infernal) - fleeing Cheliax to escape her heritage
Druid of Desnae - to find the right paths that lead to their destination.

Yes, the group has a lot of healing. They're currently in Druma now; only third level so far. The crusade mostly consists of peasants to settle in Mendev though they have a couple former caravan guards they've aspired to their cause and freed slaves who've joined them.

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