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Zöoi Dawn'sgift's page

58 posts. Alias of Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal.

About Zöoi Dawn'sgift

Early history:Born of the union of an Ulfen Huskarl retired to manage his Jarl's trade lodge & the southern maiden he claimed during the last raid he partook, Zöoi was named by her mother when her father's long-hoped-for son & heir never arrived. A willful & energetic child, she also showed a mind far keener than most of her contemporaries. At least among the girl children.
That will & energy would get her in trouble as often as not as she grew older, leading to fights with the other children, particularly the boys of the village when they would attempt to define her as a 'mere girl'.
Later, as she began to mature & bloom into the woman her mother feared she would in this far Northern Land, the fights were in response to those same boys attempts to 'define' her in 'other' ways.
At the same time growing up she enjoyed nothing more than to hear the stories told by her father's fellow men-at-arms when the Jarl would visit or a particular trade partner would require additional guards. Indeed one day both would come to a head as she declared she was the equal of any boy in the village in a fight, or any other village & she would prove it too!
That very week, one of the Jarl's trade partner's trains passed through the village & as it left, Zöoi left with it.

While her body shows the lush bloom of full maturity, the glint in her eye & the blades at her hip indicate the woman before you is anything but a helpless, delicate, blossom

Lifepaths: Village Born, Serving Wench, Prostitute, Duelist

Will: B4 Perception: B4

Power: B4 Forte: B4
Agility: B4 Speed: B5

Health: B5
Steel: B5 Hesitation: 6
Reflexes: B4

Wounds: Superficial: B3 Light: B5 Midi: B7 Severe: B8 Traumatic: B9 Mortal: B10

Conspicuous B3
Customer-wise B2
Haggling B3
Falsehood B2
Mending B2
Persuasion B2
Sword B5
Soothing Platitudes B2
Ugly Truths B3
Two-Fisted Fighting Training

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Ch
Charming C-O
Cold-Blooded Dt
Fearless Dt
Mercenary Ch
Tolerant Ch

traveling gear
Arms & Armor (run-of-the-mill Swords & padded Gambeson)

Oddiswulf; Old hermit living in the forest between the village & the Witches domain

Circles: B2; Reputation: Harridan Bravo B1, locally Resources: B0

I will prove myself the equal of anyone who thinks they're better than me.
The witches (and their spawn) will be driven back to the pit from whence they came.
Someday I will be the greatest swordswoman in the world.

If confronted, do not back down
Steel is the answer to any problem
Wit is the first battle

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