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Winterthorn's page

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A number of months ago I bought the Monster Codex Pawn box set (PZO1015) from my FLGS and recently I discovered an packaging error: I found two identical sheets of vampire pawns, but no sheet of orc pawns. Sadly the various orcs are more useful to me than the vampires!

So is there a way for me to get the sheet with orcs pawns (if I recall correctly, #141 to #148)? Do I send Paizo the extra vampire sheet in exchange?

I am located in Ottawa, Canada.


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On December 22, 2011, at 12:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (that is 5:30 a.m. Universal Time) the Earth will transit the point on it's orbit where the day in the northern hemisphere is the shortest and the night is the longest...


Cheers to all this Yule :-)

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3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Tonight one of my players was shocked to be reminded his Eidolon doesn't heal naturally -- and it just received 6 points of CON damage from a couple of venomous snake attacks.

So, now he's stuck: there does not seem to be a way to heal ability damage on an Eidolon without resorting to magic. That means ability damage to an Eidolon is permanent unless one burns up slots on spells known with spells from Ultimate Magic or begs for/gains the privilege of a restoration spell.

This does not seem fair nor well thought out design-wise. My player likes the Summoner in general, but the above issue is one of several that have made me decide in future campaigns to ban this class. It never was to my taste -- too contrived compared to other class concepts IMO -- but I didn't want players to be restricted because how I felt about it. However, I am getting very frustrated adjudicating a class feature that creates problems at the table -- the healing issue above is the latest we've experienced. The hit point inconsistencies before and after errata where the worst for us.

The root offending RAW for me: "the Eidolon doesn't heal naturally". This. Makes. No. Sense. There's no qualification, so taken RAW, it blows for the Eidolon. Surely it is natural in its home plane...?

Typically all other outsiders can heal on their home plane in some fashion RAW or RAI. So I am forced to house rule the Eidolon heals ability damage naturally on its home plane -- where ever that is -- but not on the Prime Material plane. This is the kind of rules detail that should have been obvious on play testing IMO.

Sorry if I'm grumpy, it's 1:15 a.m., and that's how it looks to me.

Anyone know of a solution that does not require magic, or a house rule?

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Happy-happy, joy-joy!! I picked up my copy from my FLGS after work today.

Weeeeeee! I'm a grognard experiencing age 10 again! You know how those contestants on the Price is Right jump and down with excitement? Well I'm barely containing myself with glee. (Ridiculous, I know. But considering the Canadian dollar is almost at par with the US, the price for the APG is right for me! *grin*)

Now I'll disappear for a time to devour the delicious content.

Thank you, Paizo!!

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Hi folks,

I want to start a PF game in Golarion this spring, but what vexes me is knowing what rules in the CS and various early Companions need to be brought up to date to jive with the new rulebook. That's a lot of page flipping for me to find everything and cross reference, and verify, etc. I am particularly concerned about regional traits, racial feats and other PC development rules that I should be watching out for...

Is there a comprehensive list somewhere that will tell me what I need to change/tweak/update/ignore/replace? Can anyone direct me to a reasonably current resource that summarizes specific rules changes for Golarion?

Thanks very much in advance to "those to might know" and/or can help!


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Hi folks,

I don't know if this came up yet, but I bet others have toyed with the notion...

As many of us have seen over the years, there has often been discussion, and concern, regarding how well balanced classes are in comparison to one another as they rise in levels. Instead of going over what the problems have been, I propose for consideration as a house rule, the following, as a smooth remedy to an otherwise complex problem:

Derived from Table 4-1 on page 30 of the PF hardcover core rules...

a) Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers and Wizards (the heavy spellcasters) use the Slow advancement column,
b) Bards, Paladins, and Rangers (the light spellcasters) use the Medium advancement column,
and c) Barbarians, Fighters, Monks, and Rogues (the non-spellcasters) use the Fast advancement column.

The power of magic spells in the game seem to be the issue that generates the most class balancing debates, so that is why I broke down the classes into 3 groups based upon their growing spellcasting powers.

I know differentiating XP progression is old school, but I have never ever seen a problem in games where a few PCs a were a level or 2 behind the leading character -- indeed it is so common that I'd gather many take it for granted that with absentee players variation in party XP standings is the norm. Given this phenomenon doesn't appear to break the game, why not use XPs as a way to manage class "power" as a campaign develops?

YMMV of course :-)

The only tangle that I see so far, and it's a "biggie": multiclassed characters... What to do...? I suppose the most current class the PC has dictates the column for the next level? Or the class you want next level dictates the column? Hmmm...

Scarab Sages

Hi there,

I'm wondering if Paizo will offer a free download of just the PFRPG player character sheet? Assuming there is a blank sample in the back pages, I'm not keen on dragging "precious" to a copier to print up PC sheets. A downloadable pdf of it would be very, very handy! :D :D :D

Pretty please? **Genuflects towards Asmodeus**

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