Revising PF Chronicles material to the new rules... any listing?

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Hi folks,

I want to start a PF game in Golarion this spring, but what vexes me is knowing what rules in the CS and various early Companions need to be brought up to date to jive with the new rulebook. That's a lot of page flipping for me to find everything and cross reference, and verify, etc. I am particularly concerned about regional traits, racial feats and other PC development rules that I should be watching out for...

Is there a comprehensive list somewhere that will tell me what I need to change/tweak/update/ignore/replace? Can anyone direct me to a reasonably current resource that summarizes specific rules changes for Golarion?

Thanks very much in advance to "those to might know" and/or can help!


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Coming out in September! Check out the link... Sorry you gotta buy a new book tho...

I have been looking for a similar guide for all the Pathfinder books released under the 3.5 rules. I have been given the impression that some of the books contain almost no rules and are almost pure background source and fluff, while others are a little more rule heavy.

If there are a lot of outdated rule related things I'd rather stay away, while I'd love to collect all the source books I can get that will work almost seamlessly with the new system.

Here is what I know (or think I know):

Monsters ... some have already been revised in the Bestiary, many more (almost all) will be updated in the Bestiary 2 this autumn.

The Classic Monsters Revisited and Dungeon Denizens Revisited volumes added mostly Golarion-specific fluff and re-printed the 3.5 monster stats.

Gear ... some were revised in the Core Rulebook (Elven curveblade, for example), almost all of the rest was updated in the Pathfinder Companion Adventurer's Armory product.

Feats... a number of these have become traits now. Traits are official already, but will be made more core in the Advanced Players Guide due next month. All other feats from the Campaign Setting will be updated in the APG as well. Anything not updated can be considerd obsolete (I think).

Spells ... I am hoping that the few that were published previously will be updated in the APG.

Paizo worked to minimize the rules pieces in the early products, so most of the material remains 100% usable in either system. The remainder is still 90% usable, requiring only the occasional tweak because of rules changes.

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