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Mathus Mordrinacht

WerePox47's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,108 posts (15,963 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 16 Pathfinder Society characters. 59 aliases.

Full Name

Shawn Arnold


Nuclear Guy of Sorts

About WerePox47

Experienced Rpger of over 15 years.. Enjoy gaming of all sorts and having a good time.. Eventually will talk my significant other into playing lol...

New Boons:

Mendevian Weapon Training: Queen Galfrey of Mendev understands both that poorly equipped crusaders are of little use to the ongoing war against demonkind and that an inadequately trained crusader cannot make effective use of good equipment. As a result, those who dedicate themselves to the Fifth Crusade have access to training and equipment that might not otherwise be available. When you would be permitted a Day Job check, you may instead spend 4 Prestige Points to receive intensive training with a specific weapon or suit of armor. You receive a masterwork version of the weapon or armor, and you gain proficiency in that specific weapon or armor (but not others of its type). If you are already proficient with the selected armor or weapon, you instead gain a +2 bonus to CMD against disarm and sunder combat maneuvers targeting the chosen item. Choose the weapon or armor from the following list: breastplate, glaive, heavy shield, or longsword.

Moment of Glory: Whether it is by fate, fortune, or circumstance, you are able to tap into a hidden reserve of power at just the right moment to perform a truly extraordinary feat. By activating this boon as a free action, you become a mythic character (1st mythic tier) for 3 rounds. If you fall unconscious due to hit point loss during this time, you automatically stabilize without needing to attempt a Constitution check. In addition, once before this effect ends, you may use the surge mythic ability to increase any d20 roll you just made by rolling 1d6 and adding it to the result. Using the surge is an immediate action taken after the result of the original roll is revealed. This can change the outcome of the roll.

When you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet; however, anytime you successfully complete (earning the maximum possible number of Prestige Points) a scenario that using the “hard mode” option, you may have the GM sign this boon. You may use this boon one additional time for each such signature you receive.

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