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Triga's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 185 posts. 2 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.

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Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I just received 2 emails this morning at 3:19 am, eastern, telling me that my game time had expired and if I did not setup auto bill my account would expire in 6 days, then at 3:19 also another email saying my account expired.

I bought into both kickstartes, almost $200. Included in that is 2 months game time. Up until now my account has not had any access to the game at all. I was actually complaining a while back about having spent so much on the kick starters and not having access to the game. And now my account is expired before I even get to play?

I am assuming this is probly just a mistake of some sort.

Has any one else gotten these emails?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

The unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email dose not work error 404. I could not find an option on the account page either.

I payed almost $200 in both the kick starters and for some reason still can not play the dam game and so I do not want to receive emails from golbinworks and more and probably will not ever play this game.

This is ridiculous.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I spent like $175 on both of the kickstarters and still have not been able to play.

How much do I have to spend to get to be able to play?

It says I am enrolled in early out reach? What is that?

Silver Crusade

I am rolling up a Halfling Bard / Archaeologist and would like some advice on skills. My Int mod is 2 so I get 8 skill ranks. What do folks think would be a good set of skills, and also would it be a good idea t0 spread ranks out? Like maybe only one point in some skills just to get the +3 bonus?

My charactor concept is kind of like a pint sized Indiana Jones.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

?? Do I have to spend more money to form my own guild for the land rush?
Goblinworks website sais I am not signed up for early enrollment and brings me to a list of add ons to get me to spend more money.

Between the two kickstarters I spent $185.

So I am hoping I am just missing something and do not have to spend more.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Was just curious when we will se the survey for choosing our add on items. It has been about two weeks.

just curious.


Silver Crusade

This is currently not in print and can not be found for sale any were. Is this going to get a reprint at some point?

Goblin Squad Member

Kickstarter wrote:

A new Add-On for Pathfinder Tabletop & Forum Benefits

Update #27 · Jan. 04, 2013 · comment
We're creating a new Add-On today that gives you the ability to get the printed versions of the Emerald Spire and Flip-Mats, plus the miniatures and allows people to get custom forum avatars on the messageboards. Check out the project main page for all the details!

Sooo, I've scoured the KS page and can't find any of the details on the part that I bolded. Please don't play with my feeling like this. (Yes, I have only 1 feeling left at this point.)

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I pledged in the first kickstarter, but I have yet to even see the tech demo they created.

Were did they post it?

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I just wanted to make sure I understand how to get this.

All we have to do is increase our pledge by 100$ and that's it?

There is no specific "add print pack" option we have to choose like when we choose our original pledge level

Just want to make sure I understand.


Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I was originally pledged at the 100$ level, there was an issue and the card I used I thought I might be canceling so I canceled my kickstarter pledge.

I ended up keep the card and so I re pledged at the same level.

My question is if there is any way I can still get all the daily rewards that I would of gotten had I not canceled. I originally pledged on like the 16, so I think I would of gotten all of the daily rewards.

I am not sure if there would be any way for the folks over seeing this to check my original pledge date, but I though I would at least ask.


Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

What level contributer must you be to register a guild?

I though I saw an email or some thing telling people at the crowdforger level and above they could register a guild, then I see this new thing about a poll or something.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I pledged at the 100$ level, but with all the added things and changes I am unsure what I am getting now.

I think there is some kind of miniature added, also some thing about daily deals, in game items?

Just a thought that maybe things need to be restated in a very organized manner.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

You guys already have another kick starter going and haven't even delivered the rewards from the first one yet.

When will we be receiving the printed copy of Thornkeep?

Silver Crusade

I was wondering if trying to run paizo adventure paths and modules set in golarian with low magic would cause any problems with the stories in those products.

I just do not like the idea of being able to get any magic item from any large city, I like how Tolkien did it in middle earth, magic items were rare and held by few.

But would this conflict with story lines and such in paizo adventure paths or modules? Would it cause any problems dose any one think?

Silver Crusade

Paizo I am getting tired of seeing the same iconic characters in every book. You need to do more random characters in your books.

I mean after a while if you've seen one picture of Valeros, you've seen every picture of valeros. I think that's his name.

Just a suggestion.

Silver Crusade

I was just curious how people go about planning their characters, if they plan at all.

I am still trying to find a game to join or get my own going so I have not really ever played a game, but I was thinking it might be fun to kind of ad hock it and build my character as I go.

Silver Crusade

I am going to try to build either an quest arc or a campaign and I am looking for some k9ind of ancient being, either a god or less than a god, but it must be very very evil and powerful.

This being is going to be at the center of all of the evil happenings in my campaign.

Thinking about some kind of lover craft evil comes to mind. The kind of thoughtful, malevolent, pure evil. TH kind of evil that knows your name and will come after you alone.

I was hoping I could find something like this in golarian so I do not have to make things up.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I missed the chance to upgrade to the 100 supporter level so I will not be getting the flip-mat rewards, will these flip-mats be available for purchase dose any one know?

Silver Crusade

I want to build a ranger for a pbp game, this will be my first pathfinder game.

I want to use both a bow and sword or maybe spear. I want combat to be my main focus. I know rangers are the guides, and scouts with all their skill points, but I want to mainly focus on combat. But the idea of being the parties scout or guide is cool for fluff.

So I have the core, APG, UM, and UC, at my disposal.

Silver Crusade

Some were I have gotten the idea that if you use your deities favored weapon you get a +1 bonus, is this true?

Silver Crusade

I just got my copy of ultimate magic and was reading throught it, and came upon the spell books section, but it dose not seem to actually state what these are for.

When a caster gains levels she can pick new spells, and memorize so many each day. So what are these books for if she can pick her spells every level? Are the spells in the book in addition to the ones she picks when she levels?

All that it says is that here are spell books, they contain spells.

Unless I am not very observant . . .

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

I was just wondering why the mmo format for the game.
It seems to me there is a huge risk that the game will just flat out fail with a free to play mmo. Many, many mmos come and go and no one even knows they ever existed.

I always thought a single player fantasy game would work best.

With the Pathfinder adventure paths, Paizo has huge stock pile of game material for a base game and expansion packs.

I just do not see MMO as the way to go.

Silver Crusade res-%E2%80%93-wizkids-paizo-team-up/

This is the first I have heard of this. Was it announced here at Paizo's sight and i just missed it?

EDIT: The link is broken. if you go to the site and do a search for Pathfinder it should be the second result down the list.

EDIT: from wiz-kids site, thfinder-battles-prepainted-miniatures-line/

Silver Crusade

For rules that say things like x has a y chance of happening, how is that done. How dose it work with the dice?

Silver Crusade

I am in the process of building my first character to play in a pbp game. I want to play a ranger using the guide options from the apg.

I am unsure about my ability score though. I know I want wisdom at least at 14, should it be higher?

I am going to choose the archery combat style, so I know I need a high dex, how high?

Also I want my ranger to be able to wield a sword if need be, partly for role play reason, but also just in case. I plan on taking the climb and swim skills also, so what should my strength be?

Now also for hit points, I want my character to be tough, for role play reason, but also more hit points is always good. where should my con be?

This is all going to be based on a 20 point buy. I will be using the core book, and the advanced players guide.

So what is all your advice for my stats? I seem to be leaning toward none of my stats being to high and just spreading my points around.

Also, I am not really interested in a stealthy character but some the rangers class features center on stealth. if I ignored stealth would this really be a bad thing?

That leads me to my next question. For skills I am thinking, dungeoneering, geography, nature,climb,swim, survival and heal.

DISCLAIMER: I am a new player and have never played a game before. This is my first character.

Thank You.

Silver Crusade

As I sift through pbp recruitment threads looking for a game to join, i notice that a lot of them have served there purpose, yet they remain open. The games are filled.

Is it possible for people to re title these threads to let others no that their games are full? It would make things a lot easier.

Silver Crusade

I am a new player, completely new to table top role playing games. I have been having a lot of trouble getting my own group together to DM. I have never played a game before, so I am completely new.

However, I have gone into Pathfinder whole heartadly. I have purchased the core book, advanced players guide, ultimate magic,both bestiaries,the inner sea world guide. I have only read the core book so far though.

I had planned on DMing my own game for new players, but my friends are not into it. So, I have come here hoping to get into a game.

again, I have never played a game. I have read the core book, but being unable to apply the rules yet, my understanding may be less than desirable.

Thank you.

Silver Crusade

I recently asked a question on these boards about hit dice, and then I realized that I did not read any were in the core book about getting another hit dice at each level.

Is it in the core book any were?

Silver Crusade

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Any one else think this is in order? I would buy one right away.

Silver Crusade

Paizo i am making a request for a different style of book cover art. The old 3.x books had a spell book, ancient book type of look to them. They had hinges and other details printed on them.

The current cover have great art work, but I do not find it very inspiring. The old books have a secretive feel to them. The current books feel like rule books to me, nothing more. The cover could say just pathfinder in new roman font text and inspire the same feeling in me.

I know Paizo won't change there philosophy on book design because of me, I just like the style of the old D&D books.

Silver Crusade

I just purchased the hard cover shackled city ap book. I like it. i have not read it all, and I am still new to d2o in general so I think the conversion to pathfinder is going to be difficult for me, but for some reason I get nostalgic when reading it. I think it is the dungeons and dragons name on it. Which is weird because I have never played before I found pathfinder, and am still trying to get my first game together.

But I was wondering if any one knew of any other D&D classic adventures that are kind of staples of old D&D.

Silver Crusade

Any one else think that the map folios should contain tactical maps that are used in the ap?

Silver Crusade

I have been reading through the Inner Sea World guide, and I get the feeling that there is to much going on. Most of the states have really well developed societies, and there seem to be many many large, well organized, militaries and navies. What need is there for heroic adventurers?

I just kind of wish it was more of a vulnerable world.

Silver Crusade

I am a new gm and new player. I will be running crypt of the ever flame module and the other two for a mini AP. After that I wanted to run the shackled city ap I bought. I was hoping I could just drop PFRPF on top of it because I do not have any of the 3.0 or 3.5 books.

Can I just replace the monsters in the AP with ones from PFRPG? Can I just drag and drop the PFRPG right on top of the shackled city?

Any one got any advice?

Silver Crusade

I was wondering the cost to subscribe to every thing. The adventure paths,core books, campaign setting, player companion,modules maps,and cards.

I do not know what the release schedule looks like so I can not calculate it.

Dose any one subscribe to all of these?

Silver Crusade

title says it all. What adventure paths take place in what countries?


Silver Crusade

All your adventure paths seem to contain what I will call non traditional material in them. In carrion crown there is and investigation into the court defense of a monster. I council of thieves I think the pcs end up playing in a play. In kingmaker, although less non traditional and arguably more fun, the pcs must explore and build a kingdom. I see a lot of new things in these adventure paths, and I think it is about a lot of the older gamers who have been playing a long time and want some thing new every time.

What about me and other new players. We may not have the patience. we want hack and slash, dungeons to crawl and dragon to kill. Is there even any adventure paths yet with big end game dragons to defeat? I am all for innovation and keeping things fresh, but not every one wants all this stuff.

What about those of us who came here for straight high fantasy? I do not want to investigate thing, I am not a detective, I am a sword wielding hero, I want to kill monsters. I do not want to play games with kings, I slay gods, not pander to rich men. I do not want to play games with actors in a play. I am a hero, I go out into the untamed wilderness of the world and kill giant bad things so that these actors can live with out fear to put on there plays.

Pathfinder when it was first published was about "keeping 3rd edition alive," the first poster for Pathfinder even states this, it says, "3.5 thrives," so if your roots are that important what about the high fantasy roots that spawned the entire rpg gaming community of every medium?

Silver Crusade

I recentally bought a second core rule book from amazon for other at the table to use. the book was not packaged to well and was sitting on its corners in the box so the corners were kind of bent. Well after some use the weekend corners are now mush and it just kind of pissed me off.

The damage is the sole result of amazons crap packaging.

Any who I was curious what condition your core books are in. Not as a rant toward paizo or about product quality, just curious because I know these books see a lot of handling. more than the average.

Silver Crusade

Please Paizo can you put this cheat sheet into pdf format for download on your website? Or maybe something like, since this one is part of a book.

This would be awesome thanks.

Silver Crusade

I am reading through the bestiary and noticed that a number og abilities and such things that the monsters use have saves. It will say something like this, "dealing 3d6 points of damage in a 20 foot line (reflex DC 17 half). The save DC is constitution based."

So this ability has a reflex save with a DC 17 to half the damage. Then it says it is constitution based. I thought reflex saves were based on dexterity. What dose it mean that the save is constitution based?

Silver Crusade

I was just curious if any one else refers to Pathfinder as D&D. A lot of the time I'll say things like, "its time to play some d&d," other people I know do it also.

Silver Crusade

I was just curious if any one else refers to Pathfinder as D&D. A lot of the time I'll say things like, "its time to play some d&d," other people I know do it also.

Silver Crusade

Can any one give me an average play time for the modules Paizo puts out?

And also on average how long can it take to get through an adventure path book?

I am a new DM, and a new player. I finally am coming closer to getting a group together, so I will be buying some Paizo modules, and possibly an adventure path.

Silver Crusade

Any one know any news on weather Paizo is going to reprint some of the older OGL stuff, like the chronicles books, in PFRPG format?

I was just looking over some of that old stuff but hesitated to buy any because I am not sue if they have plans to do this.

Silver Crusade

I am currently getting a game going with some friends. I will be D'Ming.
I plan to run the modules, crypt of the ever flame, mask of the living god, and city of golden death first to learn things.

What adventure would be good to run after those three modules? I want it to be one of the ones made for PFRPG, not the ogl, so that means council of thieves, king maker, serpents skull, or carrion crown.

Preferences are for dungeon crawls and lost of combat.

Silver Crusade

I'll never understand why the companies don't get it. They either go like WOTC did and make these random sets that no one wants to waste money on because they do not know what they are getting. if WOTC just sold singles or packs of goblins and orcs and the like I bet they would still be making minis.

Or they do like Paizo, these pewter minis that no one wants to paint. Yes there is a market for the pewter, but the masses do not want to paint their minis. Paizo also half heartedly tried the paper minis, and did this adventure set thing instead of just publishing a set for the monster manual, which would of been the smart thing, and economically smart thing.

No one seems to do what would work. I think some one should make the single color plastic minis, like the ones that came in Hero Quest, or in the dungeon and dragons games.

Even Paizo's latest attempt is just another half hearted dip of the toe into the market that is going to fail.

just make a whole set from the monster manual. Sell them in clear packaging so we can see what we are buying, you could even do small set of different orcs, or skeletons, pr goblins.

It is no secret what the consumer wants. Why do all the manufactures keep doing something different.

Silver Crusade

I may be wrong, and please correct me if I am, but I do not see a lot of adventuring sites in the Paizo products. Yes, the adventure paths contain sites that are used in the adventure paths, but I mean like places out of the campaign world guide.

Like Galowspire, the whispering Tyrants tower. I want to see adventuring sites I can build a campaign around. with maps of the sites, and the kind of enemies one can find there.

I may be wrong, i do not own all of the Paizo products, so there may be things like this out there I do not know about.

Silver Crusade


The very first few lines of the recently released Inner sea World guide talk about the death of Aroden, the god of humanity. This ushered in all kinds of evil on Galorian.

I was thinking if Paizo were to make epic levels 21-30, they could also design a module or series of modules to send adventurers on a quest to find out what happened to Aroden.

Obviously who ever killed Aroden was more powerful than the god of humanity so the characters would have to be epic level.

Just one of the many many hooks I got from the inner sea guide.

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