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Mask Golem

Siren's Mask's page

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Not consistent with other inner sea guides quality

*( )( )( )( )

I was very disappointed with this book. The majority of this book is fluff, and not entirely new either. I was really hoping to see organizations presented like inner sea magic's academies and guilds, and instead found references to go look at paths of prestige(which I also own).

Pros: Cavaliers get 3 new orders. Squire system(aka junior leadership). Artwork.

Con: The book presents 12 traits (17 if you include the knightly codes)most of which are already duplicated by other already existing traits.

There are no archetypes or prestige classes in this book(except for the squires). Cavaliers are arguably one of the classes that need more viable alternatives, and yet none are presented.

Other knightly classes are just mentioned in passing, with no options presented.

Exotic mounts are only talked about in the context of getting leadership, and where in the bestiary you will find the monster.

All in all not what I expected of Paizo. If the book is about knights and does not present knightly options for non knightly classes, then we must assume is presents new options for knightly classes, but it fails to do either. What exactly is it doing?

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