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SirGeshko's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter, 2014 Star Voter. FullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, New York—Syracuse. 244 posts (321 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Lantern Lodge ** Venture-Lieutenant, New York—Syracuse aka SirGeshko

Thank you, I am honored to be counted among the illustrious ranks of venture officers! It is all of you that keep this campaign alive!

Lantern Lodge ** Venture-Lieutenant, New York—Syracuse aka SirGeshko

Congrats, Art!

Lantern Lodge

::casts raise thread::

As I seem to be reading reservoir tattoo, only spellcasters get any use out of it, because of the "The spell must be one the bearer cast on itself" line.
Am I correct in that someone with no caster level would find this tattoo worthless?

Lantern Lodge

Ravingdork- I should have specified this is a PFS character, and has the same HP as any other character given the same HD and Con. I'll edit my original post.

Imbicatus- Snake Style and its subsequent feats use Sense Motive, which is at best just shy of what I got for Armor, and unarmed strike, which this character would not use except in the most dire of emergencies.
Also, storywise, I just played 'Way of the Kirin' and had a near-death experience, so monastic training in the Kirin Style is thematic, and fairly decent given his intelligence modifier.

Lantern Lodge

I've got a PFS character that is more fragile than I would like. He was conceived as nimble support character, passing crits with Butterfly Sting and paired wakizashis to a two handed bruiser.

I started with two levels of Lore Warden Fighter, to get extra feats, then I was planning on continuing with Ninja for the skills, sneak attack, and ninja tricks.

Here's his current stats
Half-Elf Lore Warden 2/Ninja 1
Str 10
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 14

My question is, would adding a level or two of (Master of Many Styles) Monk for Kirin Style and Crane Style improve my survivability or hurt it?
I know the AC bonus, flurry, and fast movement wouldn't apply while I was wearing light armor...

Lantern Lodge

Just got a copy of the module; are players allowed to create goblin PCs to use in place of the pr.egens as it states in one of the first sidebars?

Lantern Lodge

IIRC, detect evil, like detect magic, also takes 3 consecutive rounds of concentration to detect evil on a specific individual. There's always ring of mind shielding...

Lantern Lodge

Other than the Sun Temple Colony which I believe was detailed in the Lost Cities of Golarion, I don't think there's been anything else published by Paizo.

Lantern Lodge

Prd wrote:

Butterfly’s Sting (Critical)

You can forgo a critical hit in order to pass it on to an ally.
Prerequisite: Combat Expertise.
Benefit: When you confirm a critical hit against a creature, you can choose to forgo the effect of the critical hit and grant a critical hit to the next ally who hits the creature with a melee attack before the start of your next turn. Your attack only deals normal damage, and the next ally automatically confirms the hit as a critical.

I don't see a limitation on the number of crits you can pass.

If you confirm 3 crits, and your allies hit the creature three times, those hits crit. If they only hit twice, that crit is lost... so make sure your allies can hit!

Lantern Lodge

Is there any reason the Witch Patrons have not been added as legal PFS options?

Lantern Lodge

Check the rest of the actual text. Here, I'll bold and italicize for you!

Harrison wrote:
Lou Diamond wrote:
Sean, could you FAQ exactly what the resonace effect of the clear spindle Ioun stone does. In our lodge there is a geat deal of discusion on what the effect actualy does. Does the effect protect the wearer of the solted way finder 100% fro metal effects and posession?
Ioun Stone Resonance wrote:
Clear spindle: Protection from possession and mental control (as protection from evil).

Well, let's look up what Protection from Evil does.

Protection from Evil wrote:
Second, the subject immediately receives another saving throw (if one was allowed to begin with) against any spells or effects that possess or exercise mental control over the creature (including enchantment [charm] effects and enchantment [compulsion] effects, such as charm person, command, and dominate person). This saving throw is made with a +2 morale bonus, using the same DC as the original effect. If successful, such effects are suppressed for the duration of this spell. The effects resume when the duration of this spell expires. While under the effects of this spell, the target is immune to any new attempts to possess or exercise mental control over the target. This spell does not expel a controlling life force (such as a ghost or spellcaster using magic jar), but it does prevent them from controlling the target. This second effect only functions against spells and effects created by evil creatures or objects, subject to GM discretion.
Check the bold parts. That pretty much explains what the Clear Spindle Ioun Stone resonance does.

I remember the initial thread seeming like a tempest in a teacup because a cursory reading of the ability clearly states the resonance limitations, that protection from evil only works against evil. (who'da thunk?)

Lantern Lodge

Seconding tburke0's idea for more Goblins. Are we restricted to four player tables? Or will there be options to have 6?

Lantern Lodge

The best part about the setting (touching on what Gorbacz and Icyshadow were talking about) is that the "realm-shattering events" are all barely contained, and ready to break out at any moment. (just in time for your heroes to stop it!)

Dozens of instant adventure hooks, no matter your game, and when you want to play again, you're not suddenly in a setting where the rules have changed drastically (i.e. FR).

Want to play a group of crusading knights trying to stop a demonic invasion? Mendev and Worldwound.

Do you like elves? Want to play a dark Ferngully-esque campaign? Treerazer's trying to build a name for himself in Kyonin

Pirates and Sailors more your thing? There's a giant, 100 year old hurricane that's getting stronger. Can you uncover the secret of the Eye?

There are seven sleeping wizards in Varisia just waiting to be awakened by the right conditions.

How about a group of samurai loyalists holding off a hobgoblin invasion? Tian-Xia's got that (among other things!)

How about stopping ancient aberrations from the depths of the oceans from finishing what they started 10,000 years ago. The total destruction of humanity!

A scrappy survival game against hordes of undead to stop the resurrection of the most powerful evil Golarion has ever seen? Lastwall and Tar-Baphon's prison is just your thing.

Each one an EPIC campaign by itself, each one barely contained by the forces canonically in place to stop it.

Lantern Lodge

I thought Golarion, not its moon, was referred to as "The Cage"; A reference to the imprisoned Rough Beast Rovagug bound within its core...

But the wiki describes the crash of the Silver Mount as:
"None are certain when this happened some suspect it may even have occurred over ten thousand years ago before the Age of Darkness, the tribes remember that night as the Rain of Stars."
Rain of Stars certainly sounds like Earthfall to me.

Perhaps the Silver Mount was the ship used by the Aboleths to call down Earthfall, but did its job too well, pulled more/larger asteroids that pulled it down with them? And perhaps Kevoth-Kul, once a brash Kellid leader, has been replaced by a self-absorbed, teenage(or its equivalent) aboleth veiled master, the Black Sovereign?

Dun dun DUuUUUN!

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Bestiary art on the front, with monster name, type, and knowledge DCs on the back would be purchased in a heartbeat!!

I've got stat blocks. I don't need them on a card. Sometimes its hard to describe exactly what they PCs are facing, plus, Knowledge DCs are a real game slower for me, as I have to figure out how much to give them...

Lantern Lodge ** Venture-Lieutenant, New York—Syracuse aka SirGeshko

The gnome beams at the passers-by who have stopped to listen. Clearly he was not expecting anyone to take him seriously in so crowded a venue.

"Aha! A brother of the faith!" he replies to the halfling, "Mother Moon has cared for the Beast Master these past millenia, and for that, I give her praise! But it is time for Curchanus to regain his standing in the cosmos as Lord of the Animals!"

"I am Osbjörne, of the North, Lady Hellknight" he replies with a shaky and slightly exaggerated bow that nearly topples his wolverine from atop the crate. After a panicked moment of rebalancing, followed by a quick back and forth grumble-growl between the cranky mammal and the gnome, Osbjörne raises his head defiantly.
"And were I misinformed I would not be standing here today!"

"On my very first mission for the Pathfinder Society, I traveled to a dwarven ruin in the Aspodell Mountains. There, my comrades and I scattered a horrible derro cult led by an elf tainted by the foul powers of the nightmarish demon queen, Lamashtu herself! Despite wearing no more physical protection than this very armor, Ow!" he pounds his chest, accidentally jamming his hand on one of the many thorns studding the vines wrapped around the rough leather chestplate. Osbjörne licks the wound briefly, then continues.
"I engaged the abomination in single combat, frustrated her evil magic, and took the brunt of her anger, yet she was unable to land a single blow! I distracted her for nearly half a minute, before the others had finished with her minions and could assist in putting her down."

"Now tell me, Agent of the Inheritor, do you believe the Wanderer may yet live?"

Lantern Lodge

If anyone wants some quick inspiration, check out Neil Gaiman's Stardust, and the movie of that same name. Besides being fantastic, it opens in a market very similar to this... ^_^
Fantastic thread.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
TGMaxMaxer wrote:
After your 3rd XP merely retrain him for different feats at 1st level... get the bonus combat expertise at 2nd level, and pick up butterfly sting as the fighter bonus.

Unfortunately, Butterfly Sting is not a valid Fighter Bonus Feat, as it has the (Critical) tag, not the (Combat) tag.

So my options are:
1st level retrain to other feats, wait for 3rd level and take Butterfly Sting then(Silly that a character would somehow forget how to pass criticals)
Suffer with a dead feat slot until Fighter 4.

Isn't there a rule somewhere saying if you get a feat you already have, you can choose another feat you meet the prerequisites for?

Lantern Lodge

::Geshko casts raise thread!::
I'm in a similar pickle now... But this is for PFS, so DM fiat is not an option.

My Lore Warden fighter took Combat Expertise(fighter bonus) and Butterfly Sting(general feat) at 1st level.
At second level, he gains Combat Expertise as a bonus feat in place of the Bravery class feature, and the normal bonus feat (let's say Weapon Finesse) at 2nd level.

Can he immediately retrain that first Combat Expertise into another Combat feat? Or does he wait for another two levels with a dead feat slot until the 4th level of fighter allows him to retrain?

Lantern Lodge

So its your opinion that the teamwork feats are just not worth it?

Just to clarify, I don't need to do damage. I'm going to be handing all my crits off to a ridiculously high strength x4 raging barbarian. That's all that character will do. I'm there to set up and give the support in combat and cover as many skills as possible.

If I take a 4th level of fighter, I'll be picking up Improved Critical as my 9th level feat.

Lantern Lodge

A friend of mine expressed interest in making a bruiser melee character for PFS, so I was on the hunt for a concept that could complement. I ran across Butterfly Sting (When you confirm a critical you can forgo the extra damage to make the next ally who hits that target with a melee attack an automatic critical) and thought it was perfect!

Now how to implement it? I came up with three options:

1) Rogue or Ninja- I'd be using kukri or wakizashi and TWF to gain as many attacks (and possibilities to crit) relying on sneak attack to do damage, while being a skill monkey.

2) Cavalier or Tactician Fighter for the tactician ability. Teamwork feats are awesome if I can give them out. Limited use outside of combat.

3) Holy Tactician Paladin for the battlefield presence ability, giving a teamwork feat to all of my allies as an aura

I don't know how this would work, but would it be feasible to combine concepts 1 and 3? A sneaky Paladin? Here's a temporary build:

Half-Elf Holy Tactician/Ninja of Shizuru from Jinin or Minkai
Anatomist +1 to confirm Criticals
Str 10
Dex 14+2
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 14

1 Paladin 1 Half Elf-Skill Focus (Acrobatics), Combat Expertise
2 Ninja 1 +1d6 sneak attack, using a wakizashi
3 Ninja 2 Combat Trick- Weapon Finesse, Butterfly Sting
4 Paladin 2
5 Paladin 3 Tactical Acumen: Outflank, Two Weapon Fighting paired wakizashis
6 Ninja 3 +2d6 sneak attack
7 Ninja 4 Combat Trick- Combat Reflexes, Gang Up
8 Ninja 5 +3d6 sneak attack
9 Ninja 6 ???
10 Ninja 7 +4d6 sneak attack
11 Ninja 8 Improved Critical
12 Ninja 9 +5d6 sneak
13 Ninja 10 Critical Focus

I realize another level of Paladin (or fighter?) would give me more BAB, which would let me get Improved Critical and Critical Focus a few levels earlier...

Would this build be useless? Any ideas on improvements to make it more effective would be welcomed, including scrapping the multiclass, changing race (human? tengu?) or weapon choice (rapier? aldori dueling sword?)
Many thanks!

Lantern Lodge Dedicated Voter 2013, Star Voter 2014

I thought I had a shot this year, but didn't even see it when voting. Any feedback is appreciated! ^_^

Condensing Alembic
Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 400 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
This alchemical still evaporates two identical alchemical liquids and condenses a more potent substance into single flask. Using the condensing alembic requires a source of flame, 10 minutes, and a DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check. Failing the check means both liquids are destroyed. Failing by 5 or more, or trying to condense dissimilar items, causes the liquids to become volatile, creating an explosion that destroys the condensing alembic and does 2d6 fire damage to the user (no save). Success means the liquids have been successfully distilled. Damaging liquids, like acid or alchemist's fire, deal twice the normal damage. Beneficial liquids, like antiplague or antitoxin, bestow an additional +2 to the alchemical bonus to saves. The concentrated liquid becomes inert after 24 hours. The alembic does not work with extracts, potions, oils, or other materials. A condensed liquid cannot be distilled again, but it can be mixed (as with a hybridization funnel) with other substances as normal.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, fabricate or targeted bomb admixture extract; Cost 200 gp

Lantern Lodge

Also, PFS Field Guide has a second level extract called Aram Zey's Focus
Gives you 1/2 level of trapfinding, or a +5 Disable Device competence bonus if you already have trapfinding.

Lantern Lodge Dedicated Voter 2013, Star Voter 2014

Wow! That's impressive! Congrats to everyone who voted!

Lantern Lodge

Keep in mind the item creation rules are not so much rules, and more... guidelines.
A doo-dad of true strike would follow a similar pricing formula, but I don't know any GM who would allow +20 to every attack, or even every other attack.

PRD wrote:
Not all items adhere to these formulas. First and foremost, these few formulas aren't enough to truly gauge the exact differences between items. The price of a magic item may be modified based on its actual worth. The formulas only provide a starting point. The pricing of scrolls assumes that, whenever possible, a wizard or cleric created it. Potions and wands follow the formulas exactly. Staves follow the formulas closely, and other items require at least some judgment calls.

Lantern Lodge

You could always use a rhyming dictionary...
If you have a phone or tablet, you could keep it open to that page, and use it when you need a hint.

Lantern Lodge

Pendagast wrote:

Temple is a place and a term before christianity.

Jesus visited a Temple when he was 12.

Solomon's Temple is the most famous in Judaism/Christianity

Both existed before the christian faith.

I don't think he was claiming the word 'temple' as Christian, merely attempting to explain how the meaning of that word was intermingled with the newer word 'church'.

As far as the OP, I tend to let the lawfulness of the faith decide the type of holy sites.
In my Golarion...
You will *always* find a temple of Iomedae with an attendant and a structure with a roof. You can tell how long a priest has been at a particular temple by their rank.
Conversely, you will rarely find a full on temple to Desna. I think the only one I've detailed so far is the one in the Ascendant Court in Absalom, and the attendants vary from acolytes to powerful clerics, changing at random. Most of Desna's sites are little roadside shrines littered throughout the world, and I roll percentile dice whenever the party approaches one to see what support they might find.
Gorum's holy places are not structures at all, they are elaborate banners on great wooden stakes, laden with trinkets of previous victories and carried into battle.
Zon-Kuthon has secret, dark torture chambers where rites are performed.
In the desert or equatorial regions, temples of Sarenrae tend to be grand affairs, but in colder, darker regions of the world they tend to be small, sunlit altars.
Erastil tends to have small living quarters for the priest's family near the center of town, but most of the rites are performed in the square itself.
Abadar's temples double as banks and trading halls, and are typically made with the best materials and tend to be showy.
Nethys' temples are (or are in) libraries and universities, where arcane knowledge is shared freely.
Asmodeous' temples also tend to have extensive libraries, but they are very strictly organized by access levels and obfuscated by a byzantine card catalog. In Cheliax, most buildings have a shrine to Asmodeous in the entryway.
Temples of Pharasma are typically on the edge of town, between the citizens and the graveyard.

Lantern Lodge Dedicated Voter 2013, Star Voter 2014

I just saw a really nifty item that was interesting, different, flavorful...

And I had to vote it down. The name of the item was blatantly Inconceivable! (as in, "You keep using dat word. I do not think it means what you think it means.") The first time I've had to downvote something based purely on a single aspect.

Lantern Lodge

You may want to use the Universal Monster Rules Table of Natural Attacks by Size
It doesn't have all the sizes, but its a start.

Lantern Lodge

Rule of cool.
If my players want to CDG an unconscious enemy with a scorching ray or even magic missile, I'll let them. Provided they are adjacent to their target.
I'd fluff it like the spell was going off in their mouth or eyes. Its cool, and not the optimal use of resources (ie not broken). What's not to like?

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ssalarn wrote:
Is it like that terrible old movie "Space Mutiny"? That movie was hilarious, it was like an old porn flick where they completely forgot to include the porn. I think the MST3K version is on Netflix....

"Put your helmets on men, we'll be reaching speeds of THREE!"

And I'll just leave two entirely appropriate Jayne quotes here:
"That's why I never kiss 'em on the mouth!"
"I'll be in my bunk."

Lantern Lodge ** Venture-Lieutenant, New York—Syracuse aka SirGeshko

Keep in mind that season 4 scenarios are designed for 6 PCs, not 4. There are typically rules in the Mod describing how to play down for fewer PCs.

Most of the PKs I've witnessed have been from GMs not pre-paring the module, and using their own tactics, rather than what is written in the scenario.
For instance, in First Steps 1: In Service to Lore:

The PCs are ambushed by a group of bandits. If you look at their stat blocks and play them optimally, its very easy to perform a TPK (Color Spray in a narrow alley, anyone?). As written, however, the group lacks cohesiveness and trust in each other, and they open with questionable tactics (obscuring mist 20% miss chance for EVERYONE!), the spellcaster saving the color spray to escape if her buddies get killed.

By playing the baddies as living beings rather than combat automatons you can inject realism, convey plot points (talking is a free action!), and avoid unnecessary party wipes.

Lantern Lodge

One thing you've not taken into account is the Alternate Favored Class options available to humans.
Yes, all PCs can choose from the skill point or hit point. Some races excel at specific class roles. But the Alternate Human Favored Class bonus is almost ALWAYS worth taking. Regardless of class or concept.
That's huge.

Lantern Lodge

Its legal.

Additional Resources wrote:

Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide

Equipment: all equipment on pages 12–13 (except hide shirt); Feats: Acadamae Graduate, Crossbow Mastery

Makes me want to play a Korvosan summoner...

Make sure the divine caster hits you with guidance for an extra +1 to your save. Or hang out with a paladin with the remove fatigue mercy.

Lantern Lodge ** Venture-Lieutenant, New York—Syracuse aka SirGeshko

I know Myles Crocker usually runs games at Toy City in Keene, NH. I think they're on hiatus for the holiday season.
Depending on where in North Central MA, there's a monthly game in Bennington, VT at the Gamer's Grotto that I organize.

Lantern Lodge

"The mount is always considered combat trained and begins play with Light Armor Proficiency as a bonus feat."
He's got an extra feat to play with. Might I suggest Improved Natural Attack (Bite)?

And no, the x4 cost only applies to the cost of the armor. The enchantments cost the same regardless of the size.

Lantern Lodge

An Antimagic field will hose all spells (cleric, ranger, and bard), and most of a paladin's iconic abilities, like Smite, Lay on Hands, Divine Bond, and Auras. Essentially abilities marked with a (Sp) or (Su) do not function in an AMF.

If you're worried about golems and other constructs, try the Crypt Breaker Alchemist Archetype. Trapfinding and potions, with bombs that do extra damage against constructs. Alchemists are very versatile, but limited in group buffing, as a wizard, sorcerer, or summoner would be.

Lantern Lodge

I assume you mean PC? (Player Character)

How far does the 'no arcane caster' rule extend? You mention Summoners specifically, and allow Bards. What about Alchemists? Magus? Witch?

If you want a character with some arcane-like abilities, perhaps a Quinggong Monk?

Lantern Lodge


Lantern Lodge ** Venture-Lieutenant, New York—Syracuse aka SirGeshko

I actually killed my first PC in this adventure.
Ironically, it was the ranger, who not only correctly identified the harpies, he took precautions against their song (earplugs), and was one of only two who made his saves against the initial song. After plinking another harpy with a few arrows, it decided it wanted him gone, and sang.
The rest of the party couldn't do anything as it performed a CDG. He had a decent chance to survive, needing a 9 or better on the d20.
He rolled a 4.

Lantern Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

The Quick Draw knife thrower build is now financially feasible with the Blinkback Belt (p211). 5,000 gp to have up to four thrown weapons return to your belt immediately after the attack is resolved. Infinitely cheaper than the +1/weapon Returning quality with the added bonus of having your weapons readied for AoOs when its not your turn!

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Small gear also weighs half as much as the equivalent medium gear.
So the halflings and gnomes actually get a 50% bump in their gear capacity, relative to a similarly equipped Medium character.

Lantern Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nirmathas or Northern Varisia.
You've got more freedom with Nirmathas, as less has been published...

Lantern Lodge

Its moving North?
Nex would be all over that, as its encroaching on its territory. Since most of Nex is a wasteland anyway, The Council of Three and Nine would probably research until it approached a warded city.
The Church of Nethys would be all over this, as it represents a threat to Magic in general, and because of the creatures' resemblance to their god.
Pathfinders would definitely be dispatched, to find out what's going on. The Aspis Consortium would probably try to orchestrate a Geb/Nex conflict, both to jack up food prices in troubled Nex, and lowering food prices from now overproducing Geb.
The people of Alkenstar would feel the uptick of monsters and probably wall up in their cities.
Geb or (less likely) Katapesh might take advantage of Nex's state and attempt to annex bits of territory.

Nex could send a crusade to Mendev, to modify the Wardstones to hold back the encroaching Wastes.

As far as theories...
Geb has created a necromantic ritual to harness the souls of those killed in the Mana Wastes when they were formed, and is pushing its collective will into Nex.

Someone in the Wastes has discovered an abandon Nexian Fleshforge and turned it on. Its powered by the magic of the land around it (that used to exist when it was built) and since that's no longer there, it has to siphon it by further increasing the Wastes. Someone is recalibrating the knobs to create perfect soldier for their personal army, and the Half-formed monsters are being spewed out because the forges were damaged.

Lantern Lodge

I think it was Ben Franklin who, when explaining the difference between a Democracy and a Republic said:

"Democracy is like two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner."

Or something to that effect...

I honestly don't see what the BFD is with same sex marriage. Bruce and Steve getting married doesn't infringe on my rights, any more than Bruce and Linda getting married. So why not allow it?

Honestly, most of the arguments against have been used before.
In the Fifties.
When interracial marriage was illegal.

Lantern Lodge

I don't know of any gamers in Brattleboro per say, but my group is just over the Green Mountains in Bennington, based in the Gamer's Grotto.

From what I understand, Carnage on the Mountain at Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, is pretty big for VT gamers. Games thrive when the community sticks together, drop me an e-mail sometime, and perhaps we can work on cross mountain events.

Lantern Lodge

Thanks Vic!
Populations, however, are not?

Lantern Lodge

I was beginning to work on something I remember from the road map Atlas (Back before we had a newfangled device that could pinpoint our location by satellite and store detailed roadmaps for an entire country in a box no bigger than a calculator!)
I'm talking about a Distance Table, showing the mileages between major Golarion Cities.

I started pulling a list of settlements out of the ISWG, when I realized I might not be able to share my work with fellow gamers, due to the Community Use Policy.

Would something so innocuous as a list of settlements, their populations, and the approximate distances between them along trade routes be prohibited?

Lantern Lodge

That is awesomesauce! I LOVE PAIZO! ^_^

Are there any plans to describe Remesiana in the near future?

I was thinking it would be a city built atop and into the cliffs, above the natural gorge created by the River Iseld crashing into the Bay of Solva in a glorious waterfall. Shipments would come out of the river barges at the massive docks upstream, in a pool created by a weir. They're transported through the city by carts and lowered onto oceangoing vessels in the bay by way of a series of pulleys and cranes for shipment around Golarion.

Lantern Lodge

Huh. I assume the most recent information should be taken?

Thanks for the update! ^_^

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