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Saronian's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 131 posts (160 including aliases). 8 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.

Greetings all. I have this concept submited for a RotRL (New) campaign and figured it can use a critique on here.

The idea is a Elf Spellbinder that will be going into Cyphermage PRC. Mostly, it'll be more of a diviner (foresight) path, using scrolls to augment the spellcasting.

Strength: 7
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 12

Fort: +1, Reflex: +2, Will: +4
Dilettante Artist (Racial): +1 Bonus to Diplomacy and +1 to a Perfom Category. One becomes a class skill.

Scholar of the Ancients (Campaign): +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks and Knowledge (History)

Cosmopolitan: Perception and Sense Motive are class Skills. Know Dwarven and Varisian

Skills (Those with points in, all others don't):
Diplomacy: +6 (Mostly to provide help to the party face while not being hamstrung if I'm by myself)
Knowledge( Arcana): +9
Knowledge(Geography): +8
Knowledge(History): +9
Linguistics: +8
Spellcraft: +8

I'm thinking about getting Cypher Magic and Cypher Script at 3 and 5 (Probably Script before Magic) in order to get teh prerequisites for Cyphermage

Also, the Familiar is something nice, so I'm thinking of getting Skill Focus in in one of the Knowledge Skills, then get Eldritch Heritage (Arcane) to get the familiar (since it goes with character level -2, it'll continue to get better than just going regular wizard).

What do you all think?

Just wondering, it seems like these items are ther just for random stuff. Is there any benefit to these?

Ok, I'm looking through the various rogue Archetypes and noticed a very disturbing pattern: almost every other archtype that is somewhat useful replaces Trapfinding. This includes those that ideally would be only affecting just combat and not trapfinding, but their abilities get replaced by some poorly thought out ability that would really only be used by an NPC.

Is this just me? Because if not, the Archetypes for the rogue class, and probably several others, needs to be rethought out as.

Also, because I'm tired of looking at these bland trap-finding replacing abilties, is there an Archetype that can help a combat rogue out with out replacing the trapfinding ability?

Ok, I just recieved some boxes from storage and one fo the first ones to open had my copy of the Beta Playtest in it. So it brings to mind: Did you buy a copy of the Beta Playtest? Where is it now?

I'm also thinking about doing a look back and have a comparison of the Beta Test, the Core Rolebook, and, if/when they come out wih it, the second iteration of the Core.

Ok, I'm thinking about running a CC campaign and I want to add the various other adventure books (Carrion Hill, Feast at Ravenmoor) as well as the background books (Night Harrowers from Rivals is something I'm really considering).

Has any one used any of the above in their campaign, or drew inspiration from them?

I was wondering, since the Magus is basically the Edlritch Knight as a base class, if any one thought about Mystic Theurge type base class?

Just wondering if any one thought about it and have ideas about it.

Hey all.

I was just reading the Undead Revisited and it occured to me that based on the way Gorum was created and the way Graveknights are created got me thinking that Gorum was a Graveknight first. So the question I have is, what caused Gorum to go from Chaotic EVIL to Chaotic Meh?

From what I have read, it seems he doesn't want either good or evil to be vanquished. With out good, evil will just tear Gorum apart since they will be after his abilities. By the same token, without good, Gorum will be banished or weakened since the Good dieties will try to rein him in and lock him up.

Has any one else gotten the same feeling or am I the only one to think this way?

Ok, this is a call out to all GMs with a hypothetical situation. I somewhat understand the rules, but I just want to hear what you all say so if I ask a GM (I know, they will have final say), I won't be too crushed if they said no or try to go by the rules. I'm also trying to see something like "Rule of Cool" can be invoked at times (though not abused). Any way, here it is:

The scenario calls small opponents (like a kobold, sprigg, goblin, or the like) to run around causing havoc. The DM decides, to try to show the lack of coordination as well as the inattention of the creatures, that one will run by each character, provoking an AoO.

My character is a Half Orc with decent strength/CMB. I also have a good Charisma score and I put a skill point in Intimidation, bring it to about 10.

Here's what I would like to do: Instead of just attacking, I want to grab the creature, pull it up to my face, open my mouth, and pull a Shrek (Scream really loud, food, gunk and bad breath hitting the creature that I'm holding).

I would, if I score high enough, to get the attention of the marauding creatures, with the thought going through their minds of "Oh, crap, (creature in question) is about to die horribly!" and have them either flee or shaken if they fail will save or something. The creature in my hands, I would like to either faint, or fill it's drawers.

GMs: What's your call? What is your reasoning behind it?

(Like I mentioned, rules don't really allow it, but at the same time, that's cool.)

Hey all. I'm working on a Half Orc Oracle of Battle was checking out the Adept Channel. Looks like a great feat except for the Summon Familiar ability prerequisite. Is there way to get that feat without being a Multi-classing character? Or has anyone houseruled that you don't need the Summon Familiar ability so it will be attractive to players?

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