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Kieran Markavien's page

334 posts. Alias of F. Castor.

Full Name

Kieran Markavien






5 ft. 10 in., 162 lb.



About Kieran Markavien

PFRPG Fighter/Rogue:
Senses: Low-light vision; Perception +10

Initiative: +6 (+8 with Aldori dueling sword in hand)

Hit Points: 9/29 (2d10+2d8+4)

Melee: +1 adamantine Aldori dueling sword, +9 (1d8+3, 19-20/x2)
Melee: Alchemical silver dagger, +7 (1d4+1, 19-20/x2)
Melee: Cold iron dagger, +7 (1d4+2, 19-20/x2)
Melee: Dagger, +7 (1d4+2, 19-20/x2)
Melee: Light mace, +7 (1d6+2, 20/x2)
Ranged: Alchemical silver dagger, +7 (1d4+1, 19-20/x2, 10 ft.)
Ranged: Cold iron dagger, +7 (1d4+2, 19-20/x2, 10 ft.)
Ranged: Dagger, +7 (1d4+2, 19-20/x2, 10 ft.)

Armor Class: 22, flat-footed 17, touch 15 (+4 Dex, +5 armor, +2 shield, +1 dodge)
Saves: Fortitude +4, Reflex +7, Will +1
Defenses: Evasion
Resistances: +2 on saves against enchantment
Immunities: Sleep
Weaknesses: None

Base Attack Bonus: +3
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +5 (+6 to disarm)
Combat Maneuver Defense: 20 (21 vs. disarm)

Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft.

Half-Elf Racial Traits:
Ancestral Arms (Aldori dueling sword)
Elf Blood
Elven Immunities
Keen Senses
Low-Light Vision

Fighter Class Features:
Weapons Proficiency (simple, martial)
Armor Proficiency (all)
Shield Proficiency (all)
Deceptive Strike +1
Bonus Feats (Aldori Dueling Mastery, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword))

Rogue Class Features:
Weapons Proficiency (simple weapons, hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, short sword)
Armor Proficiency (light armor)
Martial Training (Longsword)
Sneak Attack +1d6
Rogue Talents (Combat Trick)

Favored Class:
Fighter, rogue (+1 skill rank/level)

Alternate Class Features:
Free Hand Fighter - Kieran has trained to fight while wielding a single weapon in one hand and using his free hand to balance, block, tip and distract his opponents. He gains Deceptive Strike, Elusive, Singleton, Timely Tip, Interference and Reversal instead of Bravery, Armor Training, Weapon Training and Armor Mastery.
Swashbuckler - Kieran focuses almost exclusively on honing his skill at arms and perfecting daring acrobatic moves and elaborate flourishes that border on performance. He gains Martial Training and Daring instead of Trapfinding and Trap Sense.

Campaign Background:
Crown's End Smuggler - Kieran has enjoyed a fairly lucrative career as a smuggler in Crown's End, which came to an abrupt end he rarely speaks of, before joining up with his adventuring company. He gains a +1 bonus on Sleight of Hand, which is always treated as a class skill for him, and also starts with 500 gold pieces worth of non-magical gear and coins and a free masterwork simple weapon.

Character Traits:
Reactionary (Combat) - Kieran has become adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly. He gains a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Acrobatics +13 (4 ranks, +3 class, +4 Dex, +2 competence)
Bluff +6 (2 ranks, +3 class, +1 Cha), +7 to feint or create diversion to hide
Climb +11 (4 ranks, +3 class, +2 Str, +2 competence)
Diplomacy +6 (2 ranks, +3 class, +1 Cha)
Disable Device +13 (4 ranks, +3 class, +4 Dex, +2 circumstance)
Knowledge (Local) +7 (2 ranks, +3 class, +2 Int)
Perception +10 (4 ranks, +3 class, +2 racial, +1 Wis)
Perform (Dance) +6 (2 ranks, +3 class, +1 Cha)
Sense Motive +6 (2 ranks, +3 class, +1 Wis)
Sleight of Hand +10 (2 ranks, +3 class, +1 background, +4 Dex)
Stealth +13 (4 ranks, +3 class, +4 Dex, +2 competence)

Aldori Dueling Mastery, Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword)

Rogue Talents:
Combat Trick - Kieran gains Dodge as a bonus feat.

Weapons: +1 adamantine Aldori dueling sword, alchemical silver dagger (in wrist sheath), cold iron dagger (in wrist sheath), dagger, light mace
Armor: +1 mithral shirt
Tools and Skill Kits: Masterwork thieves' tools (in cat burglar's boots)
Special Substances and Items: Vial of antiplague x3, vial of antitoxin x3
Mundane Gear: Bedroll, belt pouch x2, caltrops, flint and steel, masterwork backpack, pickpocket's outfit, silk rope (50 ft.), torch x2, trail rations (4 days), waterskin, wrist sheath x2
Magical Gear: Cat burglar's boots
Potions: Potion of cure light wounds x3
Scrolls: None

Money and Treasure: 2105 gold pieces, 3 silver pieces, 7 copper pieces

Experience Points: 0

Appearance and Personality:
Raven-haired and silver-eyed, Kieran stands five feet and ten inches tall, his slender build and somewhat pointed ears serving as proof of his elven heritage. He usually keeps his long hair arranged into a half ponytail, with the exception of a tightly braided strand falling down the left side of his face. He tends to dress in comfortable fitted clothes of black, midnight blue and light gray, complemented with short gloves and knee-high boots made of soft black leather. Showing a preference towards light armor that allows for as much freedom of movement as possible, the half-elf is more often than not seen in just a suit of studded leather. A well-crafted sword of Aldori make is kept in its scabbard by his left hip and a dagger is sheathed in the small of his back, while he also has a hand crossbow and several bolts on his person almost at all times for when a target is a bit too far to reach.

Kieran is calm and easy-going, the smile gracing his features more often than not a clear enough indication of his nature. A well-spoken, even charming, man, he is quick with a joke or a witty retort, a trait that seems to stay with him even during a fight, as much a weapon sometimes as the Aldori blade in his hand. Even his fighting stance seems like an extension of his carefree attitude: relaxed and with feet somewhat apart, he keeps his left arm and his body between his opponent and his sword-arm, wielding the slightly curved sword in his right hand with the tip towards the ground. There is a reason behind it, however, as his free left hand is used to both defend and distract, while his blade stays in the background until he strikes or deflects a blow for the first time, all the while trusting his agility and reflexes to see him through.

Motivations and Aspirations
The thrill and challenges of adventure and the promise of honing one's skills that comes with it would seem good enough motives for the free-spirited half-elf, and indeed they are. They are not the only things spurring him onward, however. A certain falling out with a group of smugglers, people who would gladly cause him considerable harm were their paths to cross, definitely plays its part to his desire to travel and, if circumstances would allow it, surround himself with comrades who will support him if -or when- a 'meeting' with his former 'associates' occurs.

Although not a particularly ambitious person, Kieran is not one to say no to material rewards. However, becoming a swordsman of considerable skill and renown, preferably after having his fill of adventure, is probably as close to a goal as the half-elven duelist and scoundrel will ever admit to having.

Born the bastard son of a minor noble from Brevoy and an elven dancer and part-time thief from Varisia, Kieran was raised by his mother. Unlike the way such a story usually goes, however, with the noble parent staying as far away from his illegitimate offspring as possible, in this case the man proved to be the exception. He kept in touch with both the elven woman and her son, sending her money and visiting the pair as often as possible; that is not to say, of course, that he went so far as to speak about them to his family and he did manage to keep them a secret for quite some time. Like most secrets, though, this one too eventually remained a secret no longer.

Once the half-elven boy was old enough, his father visited once again, this time with a proposition. He asked to take Kieran with him to Brevoy, not as his son, but as a squire of sorts. He wished to spend some time with his son, play a more active role in his upbringing. One might say that his feelings had clouded his judgement and, considering what followed, one would be correct. At first, everything seemed to be going well. The noble did indeed succeed in spending time with his son, even if he could not call him that, and started training the boy, now old enough to use a sword, in the art of dueling with an Aldori blade, something the young half-elf seemed to enjoy immensely. It was a good time. And, like most good times, it did not last very long. Soon enough people started noticing how alike the two of them looked and remembering how often the man would travel away from his home on unknown errands. Thus, as is often the case, it did not take long before thoughts and ideas turned to rumors and rumors turned into a scandal. Kieran had no choice but to leave and return to Varisia, a decision made by the young man in an attempt to at least spare his father, who still stood by his intention to care for his son, further disgrace. There was no warm welcome waiting for him when he reached his home, though. His mother was nowhere to be found and the young half-elf's search for her or for clues as to what had happened to her met with failure again and again. After a while, with nothing keeping him there anymore and thinking his mother gone one way or the other, Kieran decided to leave, to start a new life, even if he was not sure how to go about doing such a thing.

His travels eventually led him to Crown's End, where he found himself as the newest member of a smugglers ring. Alone and down on his luck, this seemed like a good way to earn both money and reputation, while at the same time training skills the basics of which had been taught to him by his parents. After all, what was the harm in moving some contraband now and then? And so he thought and so it went for some time. Until the items being smuggled started leaving a sour taste in his mouth, until his 'associates' started trading in weapons and drugs and people. That was that for him. Unfortunately, one cannot simply resign from such a 'business', especially when one knows a bit too much about its comings and goings and has told certain people of authority about them. Anonymously, of course, but there are ways to find out the names of even the anonymous, especially when a lot of money is involved. Unwilling to stay and just wait for such an inevitable event to take place, Kieran chose to leave, taking with him some of his earnings and putting some distance between himself and his former comrades.

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