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Keasar's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 2 posts (179 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

I would probably buy this but I saw a review and it said no maps. Does this come with maps? If it does can we get pictures?


My players would like to take over and run a castle with a samll town. I am looking for any products for encounters or adventure hooks and such.


I so want these but in 16MM

So some of us started our new pathfinder society characters. We played 2 mods.

Party consisted of
Bard 2
Cavalier 1
2 clerics 2,3
Summoner 1
witch 1

We played both mods in the 4-5 tier

Creations problems for the Bipedal form.

Both claw attacks being secondary attacks limits what you can do on your Eidolon. I was pretty much forced to take multiattack as my feat or my attacks would have been +0 1d4+1, With multiattacks they were +3 to hit. Still not very good so I took Bite attack and Trip to further help my claws attacks. I also took natural armor since my ac was pretty low to be a tank.

I took Mage armor and Protection for my 1st level spells. I played human with augment summoning. I also took 2 PFS traits to give me acrobatics class skill and intimidate so I would have some more useful skills. The lack of skill points were offset by being human with 12 int.

Here is the basic run down of how the characters played.

Bard did little damage but was very effective buffing the party, doing skill checks and disabling enemies with fascinate.

Cavalier was very strong damage wise and easily did the most damage. He has 18 str, 2 handed weapon. I was sorta surprised because the guy playing the Cavalier also has a paladin character and I think the Cavalier is much more effective because his paladins stats are so spread out. The vows or oaths whatever they are called seemed to be much more useful then smite evil because he was able to use them to better effect because they weren't 1/day. He played the Cavalier very aggressive and dropped a couple times. First combat the Cavalier 1 rounded the bandit leader on horse back. He vowed, charged up and did almost max damage around 22 point on a hit. It was funny cause after the bandit leader dropped her 6 friends dropped him.

Clerics did what clerics do they effective healed, disabled , did some damage and were able to take hits and set up flanking.

The summoner himself really didn't do much damage. I buffed my Eidolon and mostly did acid splash/daze. Only having 2 spells a day really limited my options. My stats were spread out and I focused my feats on summoning. I probably could have taken point blank shot and precise shot with a focus on dex and been more effective damage wise with a crossbow but I am a summoner dammit!. The mage armor was a great choice and really helped my Eidolon out. The summoning was not very useful as I only had 1 encounter where I could use it but I did chain cast it 3 times in a row since there really wasn't anything else I could do. The DM didn't focus on the summons because they are a minor threat that the vanishes after a round. I did drop a couple times in the mods. Playing up and being level 1 can be rough :).

The Eidolon was good and did the second most damage but was probably pretty far behind the cavalier. The bite was the most effective attack and did a lot more damage then the claws. I did get in a few trips and they were helpful to the party. I think if I had the quad of serpent form my Eidolon would have been much more effective damage but those forms didn't fit the concept I wanted. I didn't want to crazy crack out the Eidolon with 3 extra tentacles or bunch of claws. With the mage armor the AC was on line with the druids animal companion with barding.

The witch did no damage but was crazy effective with his eye hex/curse. The guys was running around cursing everybody with his fox and witch. I was sorta surprised but that class is pretty darn good and the -2 to attacks or ac or stats helped the party a lot. He was able to use the -2 to great effect by hitting the monsters where it hurts. For example we fought a shadow and some zombies, he would take -2 off its attack and that really hurts a monster with low base attack. He did a couple heals but really the hex was the big show for his class. Witch dropped 1 time.

Nothing really stood out overpowered by any of the classes, I would say damage wise the Cavalier is on par with a 20 strength barbarian another player plays but has better ac. The summoner class pretty much how I suspected with the Eidolon being the body guard and the summoner being his support. Everyone had a blast with the Bard and witch probably having the most fun. I think everyone liked the new classes and I expect to see them played more in the future.

it reads


Magical Lineage: One of your parents was a gifted

spellcaster who not only used metamagic often, but developed
many magical items and perhaps even a new
spell or two—and you have inherited a fragment of this
greatness. Pick one spell when you choose this trait.
When you apply metamagic feats to this spell, treat its
actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell’s final
adjusted level.

The way it reads you can pick ANY spell even one that you can't currently cast? Is that a correct interpretation of this trail?

Hypothetically speaking lets say an air elemental has weapon proficiency longbow could the elemental feasibly use it?

What about earth Elemental and a great sword?

According to the pathfinder Core book At 4th level you can stat bump your animal companions intelligence to 3 and then pick linguistics skill and give them the ability to speak and understand common. At that point you don't need handle animal anymore? Is this correct?

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