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Count Lucinean Galdana

Joegoat's page

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Hey all,

Im looking for personal opinions, do you think P.C.'s can confuse undead into believing that they are also undead, as has been tried in so many zombie movies? Or do you think undead percieve other undead on a deeper level and cannot be fooled in that way?

Along the whole "lead lining" thing... would leaded paint work for that?

Wow, i am truely suprised no one else is as curious as i am and this wuestion hasnt come up sooner... why?

I cant speak of pfs legal because i dont play pfs, however, in the past ive gone sohei-1/kensei-X and its worked very well for me, using an aldori dueling sword and taking the related feats to add to ac. This may be a different option from your temple sword to look into but it is feat heavy

Yeah... or, a spell thats not 8th level and wouldn't cause you to be permanently shaken and sickened but could still gain you this particular spellblight is bestow curse, and since youre casting it on yourself you can choose what affliction to give so you wouldnt have to cast it multiple times.

Tameknight wrote:
johnlocke90 wrote:
Thymus Vulgaris wrote:
With danger of sounding judgmental, if you don't want to play the Vow of Poverty, why did you take it?
Because it gives him a massive ki pool
Because it seemed like a cool idea at the time and I did play for 7 levels and 6 months, the character concept was that the monk was sending all the money he earned back to his family. We have now got to the point that my monk makes an acrobatic check on the first turn to jump up somewhere high so he can have a good view of the fight and shout encouragement down. The gm even keeps sending the pc gifts from his family (equipment) in a not so subtle hint that a pc who can't hit his opponents on anything lower than a 15 (on his first attack of a flurry) isn't contributing much.

Talk to your DM about it instead of bringing it up on the boards, rarely if ever will you have the majority of people on here say "yes its ok to bend the rules this way" and thats really whats being asked isnt it? Even ifyou everyone on the board says its cool, that doesnt mean the dm will allow it.

If he agrees great, if not you still have a few options.

1. Your monk can see that he is causing more harm than good and retire, go back to the temple and (with his character level) become a leader. {Abandon the monk to the realm of npcs and if the group needs some advice while in the area they have a trusted friend to go talk to. Roll up a new character}

2. The monk can see that his vow is making things harder for everyone, he can take a sebatical (either played out in game or not) journey alone for a while to speak with his god (or sect leader or whatever) and drop the vow or find a way to improve on it {if done out of game try out a new character and keep the monk on the side, if you find you really enjoyed the monk more bring him back. Maybe this is the point in game where you can switch rulings from pf to BoED, maybe he comes back without the vow and retrained feats/skills/etc. Maybe the dm just decides that his god hears his call and "blesses" him with better numbers in the right places}

3. He can just decide to drop the vow, take the feat tax of a wasted early level feat and start gaining his share of the loot and carrying more than just one item. {No explination needed here}

One of my first games in 3.5 a player pumped performance to the max and built her bard character around the "traveling performer" idea, with circumstantial bonuses (playing on an actual stage instead of a corner of a bar) plus her skill bonuses and a natural roll of a 20 she had a 40ish total. The dm rolled low on percentage dice and decided her god heard her playing so magnificently that in avatar form she came down to listen to the music. Afterwards the god gifted her blessed strings with minor magic on them.

If he is playing these god like tunes regularly, good or bad some higher power should take notice. Im more on the side of good things hapening to him though, hes not only playing his character right, hes not a prick about it either. Reward him

Dragonamedrake wrote:

You can take Precocious Spellcaster to make shocking grasp do an extra 1d6 damage.

Furthermore, with Magical Lineage and Intensified Spell, at Level 5, it will, applying all three above, allow Shocking Grasp to do 6d6 damage as a first level spell. Note that it will still cap at 10d6 at 9th level.

On top of that, you can get Spell Specialization for +2 caster level to a single spell, and Variasian school for +1 caster level to a school of magic, both requires Spell Focus.

What's virisian school? I can't seem to find anything on it, is it a trait, feat, class feature? Are you talking about the thassilonian school specialty? Because I thought that only gave an extra spell

Ishpumalibu wrote:
Yeah if I have to go with older stuff they had up to cite critical, and 3.5 had blunt arrows for nonlethal damage, obviously I wouldn't want a strength rating...

This makes me think of a cleric type running around with one of those old nerf bow and arrows lol

Well it looks like you have two sides here, one that says the gnolls are too stupid or are too under prepared to deal with this plague and the other that says they would catch on soon enough and be able to counteract the disease so it wouldn't be detrimental to their ranks, which type of gnoll are you running in your game? Intelligence wise Are they not much different from the goblins or are they more advanced?

the David wrote:
Txn Templar wrote:

OHHH! I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS...I was looking over some old character sheets remembered this encounter. A good friend of mine is known to be vicious, but can run some great adventures. This was a 3.5 campaign and we got an offer from some local nobles to kill a red dragon marauding the lands. So we figured, "sure why not?"

He was easy to find and we approached the base of these mountains through some woods. But the closer we got to the entrance of the lair - the trees were burned and had no branches - just massive tree trunks. Strange, but really nothing to catch our interest.

Well at the mouth of the cave the six of us split up in a semi circle. All fully buffed with fire resist, fire protection, etc, etc, etc. Y'all know the drill.

As we got close enough the dragon comes soaring out of the cave - at an angle. He buzzed us - just out of our reach and went sky ward. On his way he grabbed two tree trunks! This got our attention! After some more spot checks it was noticed that the base of the tree was carved and cut into a point - the ranger noticed that all the base of the trees surrounding us were without branches, carved at the base and basically rammed into the ground.

Then the dragon acts, yeah these were his personal javelins. He threw both at the wizard huge tree trunks being thrown with the strength of a dragon - it was not pretty. Wizard is dead. Well the shock of losing the wizard and this entirely new strategy spooked all of us.....The dragon acts again and flys down grabbing two more tree / javelins, and flys back up. We asked if the cleric had air walk to combat the dragon in the air, but no. After a second volley from the dragon we ran screaming like little girls, and the dragon claimed three more people - including my Warblade.

How much damage would a colossal javelin do?

Enough to kill kill a wizard win two apparently lol

So apparently I have the most disturbing group on the board.... yAy Me?(sarcasm font) Lol

Charrend wrote:
All good points. Maybe he wouldn't automatically kill them, but give them the oppurtunity to free their slaves first and spare them should they comply. Or just say CN and have him go with the most direct method of freeing slaves. "No masters makes them free," is how he could put it.

This would then be CG

RP question though, would a barbarian that goes bezerk when he sees slavery in action have the self control to stop himself and give the owner the chance?

Id say chaotic neutral, he has "good" intentions, just not "good" methods unless you're the type that says the ends justifies the means. Keep in mind though that not all slave owners are evil. Someone.e can technically own another person and still treat them with human decency and respect. Killing this type of slave owner would definitely be an evil act

Yeah I think id decline both and go to the next tavern/town and inquire again

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I'll start,
I DMed a game a little while back, one player was running a druid, I thought as a cool story twist they would find a long extinct animal that was turned to stone. The druid rolled high on his knowledge check AND spell craft check to know what the animal was and that it was a flesh to stone spell. They brought the animal to a wizard who cast stone to flesh waking the creature from its long rest and the druid took the animal as his animal companion. All of this was planned from the start, I have never been able to correctly guess the events and actions pc's would take before but this was falling right in line... until the druid decided he wasn't happy with just the one... he decided he would polymorph into the creature, only a female version of it, do the nasty with his animal companion in hopes to get pregnant, carry the offspring then polymorph back into his original form. I admit this was beyond what I wanted to try dming so I hand waved that it worked and after approval of the other players fast forwarded a year to allow for all this to occur, they ran through one more mission as a whole group after that and the character decided he wanted to retire the druid so that he and his animal companion could start to repopulate the species. It just struck me as odd but I allowed it and now this species is rare but spreading anytime we play a game.

Arkwright wrote:

-Kalridian Actually, how about this- chug say 6 doses of Oil of Taggit, which give 1d3 hours of unconsciousness each, with the duration stacking. But your poison idea is great.

-Joegoat Huh; my reading of the Lycanthrope template was that there was only an uncontrollable episode the first time after you were afflicted. Afterwards you could shift between each form- after you make the DC check- and be fully in control the entire time. Have I missed something? Your basement idea is interesting but sadly my character's lycanthropy is secret and he doesn't have the resources to make a safehouse like that.

Lycanthrope Rules

What you're looking at is the inherited rules for lycanthropy, what you're explaining is you were bitten right?

The rules for being bitten are a little deeper in, if you click on the werewolf link in the lycanthropy section (or click here and scroll down to the "curse of lycanthropy (su)" section you'll see this

Onset the next full moon; Frequency on the night of every full moon or whenever the target is injured

Its not a stretch that your lawful character doesn't want to loose control.

Is your dm playing the rules by the book? If so that could be more trouble for your melee character than what you're prepared for, because after the first full moon any time another full moon occurs or anytime you take damage you must make a will save or loose control.

In the past I've had a dm run a game that us contracting lycanthropy was part of the story, as such he relaxed the rules to where we only lost control the first full moon, afterwards we had full control. In that game we were able to find a tavern that going by clues was run by lycanthropes and had a history (in the underground that is) with helping new lycanthropes through their initial "loose control phase". It was set up with an entire room in the basement dedicated to keeping a lycanthrope in one place, silvered masterwork manacles chained to a wall inside of a cage with silver bars and a removable ladder leading up 20 feet to the only way in or out, a hatch in the ceiling of the basement lockable from the outside.

Maybe you might be able to find out about a place like this through some nice perception checks. I mean, curse or not there are always two sides of the fence right? Some people enjoy being lycans, some don't, but maybe there's a few that do enjoy it out to help others of their kind. Or maybe you can just rent a place with a basement and recreate the room yourself

Wait make that 5, I completely forgot about oozes

I'd like to play an illusionist, preferabilly a gnome illusionist, my thoughts are for him to be that old guy that has a solution for EVERYTHING because he's come across it atleast once before (and tells about that time before while taking care of the problem now)

The problem with playing an illusionist is what I call, the big four; vermin, undead, plants, and constructs. I know with sorcerers you can affect vermin by taking the pestilence bloodline and undead can be effected by both the metamagic feat and the sorcerer undead bloodline. Anyone have any ways (feats, classes, items, anything) to effect the other two? I've heard that the verdant bloodline allows you to affect plants but I looked and don't see that in there at all so if im over looking it please point it out for me, and is there anything that allows you to affect constructs?

My thoughts are to go sorc./oracle (oracle for the awesome display ability ofcourse) and then to help the two classes synergise go into mystic theurge, but I hold no aligence to anyone class that's just my first idea to beadle to affect the most and have powerful illusions. Any other ideas are appreciated my main thing I want to stick to is the character idea listed in the first section.

Half elf summoner with the trait that trades adaptable for a weapon proficiency, and go the route of a mounted combatant wielding a lance, pump nearly all your eidolons points into fly and fly speed, if done right your flying mount should have a movement of something like 120 feet/round at 7th level effectively putting you 60 ft away from a retaliation if you make your attack mid way through the movement

I think it would be a fun character at lower levels but at higher levels when you almost need a magical weapon to get past DR for you have a plan to keep up? Im not trying to punch holes in the build, intact its interesting to me, enough so that I would try it in an upcoming campaign but that's the only concern I would have with this build

LazarX wrote:
Joegoat wrote:
You're fighting a loosing battle, to try and stat any of the OOTS gang out will be near impossible, the artist himself does not stat them out so if he has a great joke in mind or thinks of a good twist in a story somewhere but it requires one specific feat, or one specific spell the character can have it. So yes at one point Roy may have had what seems like a high (16or more) wis. Later on he may make choices of someone with a wis. Score no higher than an 8. And its all the stats that are like this, feats and skills as well. If you would go back through each comic and write down everytime he seems to use a feat it would probably be well over a 20th level fighter, all of the characters are like this. You cant follow a rules set to recreate something that was created without rules in mind and expect 100% accuracy, you will always be short somewhere.

My intention is not so much to stat out Roy, although I think he is the modern D20 trope namer, but explore different variations around that specific character type.

The challenge here is not to replicate Roy Greenhilt but build your own variation of a fighter who actually uses his brain while staying within the class.

Ah, well in that case an intelligence of 13 to meet the requirement for combat expertise is still an intelligent fighter (10 being average) so that would be a great place to start although I think you're wanting a bit more than that.

At any rate maybe if the fighter class (or classes if looking into the archetypes) would be better suited to intelligent builds if they had more than 10 skills or a way to add their int. Into their fighting prowess somehow, as is now it seems that if you want an intelligent fighter then its best to look at other classes and try to be melee heavy

You're fighting a loosing battle, to try and stat any of the OOTS gang out will be near impossible, the artist himself does not stat them out so if he has a great joke in mind or thinks of a good twist in a story somewhere but it requires one specific feat, or one specific spell the character can have it. So yes at one point Roy may have had what seems like a high (16or more) wis. Later on he may make choices of someone with a wis. Score no higher than an 8. And its all the stats that are like this, feats and skills as well. If you would go back through each comic and write down everytime he seems to use a feat it would probably be well over a 20th level fighter, all of the characters are like this. You cant follow a rules set to recreate something that was created without rules in mind and expect 100% accuracy, you will always be short somewhere.

Well yeah heighten spell would work but I was looking at other ways to raise the dc and keep the spell level the same or use the above mentioned and heighten spell for an even harder dc to hit. But it looks like heighten spell and spell focus illusion is gonna be the way to go. Any other way to raise the dc of the spell? I mean aside from the usual means of raising the casting stat via magic items and level ability boosts. I.E. other feats or items?

I concede to the rest of your post, it was just a long shot if a thought, and thank you for the response, but I didn't think there was an issue to pcs taking monster feats as long as you qualified for them

ability focus will it work with the heavens oracle revelation awesome display (su) in regards to color spray?

If going the urban barb. Route then I would definitely grab extra rage for 6the more rounds/day instead of just the 4+con of 1st level

Killstring wrote:

Eh, I'd worry less about that. Selling the ring could be more trouble than it's worth - after all, an item is only worth what the market will pay for it. Just because it's expensive to make doesn't mean that it will necessarily sell for full theoretical value.

And if it does, it's probably because your buyer is looking for the character, not the ring. Maybe I'm letting my Shadowrun sneak into my Pathfinder, but I'd be really suspicious of anybody who'd pay me market price for that particular ring.

Any time you play around with market value of an item you're also playing around with the wealth by level. If you can't expect a shop to pay market value or half market value on things you sell then why would items you buy be at market value?

The main problem I see is that it is "usable 1/week" but doesn't give a duration, is that intentional or an oversight? I.E. can you only use it once/week but it can stay up all week as long as you don't end the effects? And does that week start over at the becoming of the transformation or end? Like if I use the power to change form and keep that form for 10 days can I deactivate the power and two min. Later (since its been over a week that I activated the power already) use it again.

I have to throw my vote into the "too expensive, circumstantial (has to be male human), and unreliable" pile. If purchasing something like this I would easily buy a hat of disguise and something to boost cha. Over the ring, and if given the ring I would sell it and buy a hat of disguise. Player excitement aside, looking at these two items side by side why would a character choose this ring over the other choice?

One TWF with keen rapiers, one THF with a scythe, and the feat butterfly sting

I think if you wanted to teach your party to stay out of melee this is the way to do it. You are gonna KO anyone you hit with this combo and probably kill the character in one hit. Maybe if they heard a rumor in town that there were a pair of super deadly gouls in this tower, that might prepare them ahead of time for this combat a little but if your players are like mine it wont matter, they're gonna test the waters a little by mixing it up melee style especially if they have a melee character. And they're gonna go down hard.

I've dep't with this situation alot, one guy in our group loves to dm, comes up with great plot lines, but then gets bored of it, or doesn't have everything worked out, he's not our only dm but we let him try from time to time. Other times the person running the game just gets burned out of dming and we switch to someone else. Anyway you can try talking to the dm to see if he will tell you the remainder of the story or see if you can keep your old character in the new campaign

d20pfsrd wrote:


Type: curse,injury; Save: Fortitude DC 15 negates, Will DC 15 to avoid effects

Onset: the next full moon; Frequency: on the night of every full moon or whenever the target is injured.

Effect: target transforms into a wolf under the GM's control until the next morning

here's a link to the page if you need to look over it d20pfsrd

Ah ok so you will always have that 5% chance of loosing control but that's better than the 55% chance you have now (+2 from your wisdom and +3 from your class if I added it right) with a 25k purchase of a +5 cloak of resistance you could knock that down to a 30% chance (again if I've done my math right) but as a lvl 4 character that's a big hit to your expenses.

Hawktitan wrote:
Lycanthropy is meant to be a curse, so make sure you play it like it is, because if you are always in full control then all that really happened is your character got a significant buff.

I respectfully disagree, yes its supposed to be a curse BUT there are many that enjoy the power it gives them, at the expense of possibly unwillingly changing and loosing control. So you raise your will save as much as possible (its a dc 15 save during every full moon and any time you take damage) sleep in silvered masterwork manacles during a full moon, what ever it takes until you can get your base will save up to a 14 (cause even if you roll a 1 you still make the dc) if you really want to go into barbarian then that's up to you but every time you are damaged in battle you run the risk of loosing control so I would suggest investing in a cloak of resistance to give you a better chance. At any rate your character doesn't have to look at it as a curse if he would prefer to see it as the silver lining of an otherwise dark cloud of loosing his friends. Maybe this give you power to take revenge on those enemies. Maybe this new party are a group of people you have searched out specifically for this goal and in that respect they are ok with your "curse"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would definitely get the determination enhancement to armor, that's one of the best gems I found in equipment guide and now get it every chance I can with a melee character. And you might want to think about upgrading your +2 cloak to a +5, buying one straight off the shelf only costs 25k and you already have a +2 version. Maybe I am being too careful but maxing out the cloak of resistance is an extremely important thing to do when I play barbarian, I cringe at the thought of the enemy taking control of my character via failed will save and turning that raw power back on the group

No more than a blind person walks slower in game I would suppose. Normally when a new type of movement is gained but the speed isn't listed, its speed matches your base land speed

Step up and following step for the win, cast AND melee against the casters while keeping them on the defensive

Dervish dancer is a great option for magus, another weapon to look intowould be the aldori sword and feat tree although I think it requires 3 feats which you may not like so much. And as far as the stats go it all depends on what is more important to you, to hit or to damage, the magus ability to do weapon damage and touch spell damage doesn't really leave him hurting too much in the damage department IMHO and while using shocking grasp I believe you get a +3 to hit against anyone with metal armor, that will be your bread and butter for a while.

Or you can make your flight magical with perfect maneuverability or skip that and add 40 ft per round to its fly speed

My problem with super high level games? Its over too quick, every one can do a s~~! ton of damage and kill their enemies in one full round. Its a whole lot of work for quick kills

Also an evilesque character in a good group can add other options tothe some situations... think of the lovable but evil halfling ranger in oots, or of artimis entreri or jarlaxle in salvatores books...

Turning on the party and killing everyone is more of a chaotic evil thing IMO. Lawful evil isn't so bad as far as watching your back and as long as there is no paladin I don't see why it would be a problem. If everyone in the party likes chocolate what's wrong with one of them liking devils food cake ya know?

You're probably going to be fighting lucifer if I had to guess but even if not that would be a great example of the worst that is down there. At any rate going into hell, being something built to fight evil would be a good idea, so might I suggest an asimir paladin for your 32 levels? And I think the point that the last person was trying to make is if you're going up to 32 levels in one class how are you determining the class features you will get after level 20? Oh and for the other class I would suggest wizard or sorcerer, if you don't gain any new class powers past 20 then maybe your dm will be open to letting you take a prestige class like mystic theurge? Sorry I can't comment on 3rd party classes, my group disallows them except for very special occasions, maybe look into godlings?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Behold, bear pelt of the bonebreaker

1 person marked this as a favorite.
3.5 Loyalist wrote:
Use him to find traps, mourn, move on.

Ouch, a little harsh huh?

You could awaken it and then give it to the kid, it would be a nifty npcs to have in that town and if I were dming and you decided to do this with the dog I wouldn't have the druid charge you for the spell, or at the most have the druid want to trade a spell for a quest of his. Along those same lines if something were to happen to your character giving levels to this kid as say a ranger and playing him and his dog companion wouldn't be a bad idea either, you would already have ties to the party and it would make sense that the boy would want to learn to protect himself after what happened, even taking goblin as a favored enemy...

Edit: sorry I just saw that the animal couldn't serve as a companion but no reason the kid couldn't take leadership and the dog be a cohort if the level was at the right spot. And would make sense that the dog would be loyal to the kid enough to serve as a cohort

I apologize if this has already been referenced as I don't have the time to look over all the pages of this discussion but comeliness (physical attractiveness) is not something new to role playing games, and was addressed as far back as 1st ed. D&dhere is a explination of how str. Con. And cha. Are all factored into a still different chart

Aelryinth wrote:

Dragon Breath is explictly called out as something blocked by an A-M shell, it's magical.

likewise, it's DR is magical and suppressed in an AM shell. DR /x, and /blud-slash-pierce and /adamantine are the only non-supernatural DR's.


Sorry you're right, I had to dig deeper into the rules to find it

And note to the OP,
Your saying you will go with some type of golem, iron golems are cr13, immune to magic, AND healed by fire, sick one on the caster and have the dragon breathe on the whole lot of them, hurt the pc's and heal the golem 1point for every 3 points of damage that would normally be done

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