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Helaman's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 5,117 posts (20,390 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 20 Pathfinder Society characters. 30 aliases.

Current Campaigns

5E Deep Carbon Observatory


Castle Amber

HelamanBorden Read

Deep in the Ethereal Plane lurks a small demiplane, consisting of a large gothic manor house and its grounds. Lights flicker in its windows, fountains play in its carefully manicured gardens, and the sound of feasting and jollity comes from within.

At first it might seem like a welcome respite to planar travelers, but those few who have escaped describe a place of chaos and madness, where all times and places seem to converge, and yet nothing ever changes. Where the dust of millenia lies on flower that are still as fresh as the day they were picked, and where visitors from a thousand worlds and realities have reshaped the very fabric of the house to their wills.

They describe an ancient, powerful, inbred family of nobles, trapped by a timeless curse, who have existed so long that they are no longer sure which parts of their personalities are truly their own, which are masks they have adopted to break the boredom of endless eons, and which have been whispered in their ears by sinister manipulators in the shadows...

The West Wing

The Goat Bridge

Curse of Strand: Welcome to Barovia

HelamanRascal "Raz" Stormshadow

GM WhtKnt's Darkness Within: A Carrion Crown Adventure Path

HelamanAethorduil FaelaiienMathus Kohlheim

From the whispering shadows of haunted Ustalav an ancient evil rises to grip the world in a new age of horror!

Amid the mists of this land of dark superstition and dread secrets stand both those who would defy the return of evil and those who would seek its terrible favor. Can the heroes discern their allies from their enemies in time to save a tortured realm from a tyrant’s return? Pathfinder’s darkest and most frightening campaign ever sets the heroes against the agents of Golarion’s most notorious villain, the Whispering Tyrant, in a terrifying trek across a land of lurking horror and ancient mysteries.

Roll20 site

Cassiel Hawke: HP 12/12; AC 17/10/17; F+4 R+0 W+1; Init +2
Lorant Endronil: HP 8/8; AC 16/11/15; F+2 R+1 W+4; Init +3
Mathus Kohlheim: HP 9/9; AC 14/12/12; F+3 R+4 W+3; Init +2
Eleanora Olexina: HP 8/8; AC 13/12/11; F+2 R+2 W+5/+7; Init +2
Judah Locke HP 8/8; AC 15/12/13; F+0 R+2 W+3; Init +2

Greyhawk 5E: Shadows of the Sheldomar

Dragomir Vuk

It is Common Year 591 and shadows hang over the Sheldomar Valley. The Grand Duchy of Geoff is a shattered land, conquered by giants, its people refugees in surrounding kingdoms. To the north, south and east, evil stirs in dark corners once thought safe. And in the border town of Hochoch, knights and nobles squabble in their keeps while a handful of adventurers meet in the Poxy Doxie, intent on a more immediate goal: gold.

Threeshades's Tyranny of Dragons

Evendur "Grim" Greymantle

Previous Campaigns

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