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Mute hag

Green Left Eye's page

109 posts. 67 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists.

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This forum has pictures disabled because the last time I talked about my fighting skills which you cannot be taught because I made them myself and they come from my personal power someone asked me to prove it so I posted a picture of the time I punched through three ninjas who were also robots and the picture was so awesome that a bunch of the users went blind from looking at it so you're all really very lucky that they disabled pictures because otherwise you would be reading this with your blind eyes.

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
I'm seeing two nosferatu. (Nosferati? Nosferatodes?)
We just ran into this for the first time yesterday... We hate irregular plurals, so you might be seeing "nosferatus," but we've got kaiju in here as well, and "kaijus" doesn't seem right at all. Ooof. Well, we'll got a few weeks before the editing starts to figure it all out!

As an old-school V:tM player, I vote that the plural of "Nosferatu" is "Nosferatu". Ex: "There are a half-dozen nosferatu about to stomp your sorry butt into next week."

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Fiendship is Magic.

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Meh. LucasArts hasn't been making much in the way of decent gaming output in a while; most of the best SW games of late have been by BioWare. While I would love to see a resurrection of Grim Fandango or Maniac Mansion, it wasn't as though LucasArts was doing anything with those franchises before the Disney acquisition.

Maybe know Disney can contract out those properties to companies that are actually interested in making quality games. I don't see this as a loss (although I do hope that the displaced LucasArts staff members find new jobs quickly).

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I'm iffy on the naga (pointing out a concern before it is raised does not invalidate that concern); I'll need to check out the stats for that particular character before making up my mind whether or not a Young Naga is a worthwhile addition to my collection.

I'm intrigued by the Shimerae, although that multitude of snakey protrusions only reinforces my concerns about packaging. It's a nice looking mini, but man do those things look like they could snap right off.

I'm excited about Endymion; he's a good looking pirate, but I think that he could also make a good stand-in for an Andoran in uniform.

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Oh. Oh my.

I'll be in my bunk.

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  • The feasibility of crossbreeding owls and bears.
  • Ribald Poetry of the Age of Fallen Kings.
  • The Circles of Hell: Concise Traveller's Edition
  • The Joy of Cooking Potions
  • How to Animate Friends and Influence Zombies
  • Fifty Shades of the Gray Wastes of Hades

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I assume that it's because the comic book Amazons were, unlike the creators of the myths referenced, smart enough to realize that having breasts does not prevent a person from shooting a bow or throwing a spear.

I wonder: If ancient Greek society had been dominated by women, would they have come up with an equally laughable story about a society of warrior men that castrated themselves so that they could ride horses?

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Scott Betts wrote:
You have got to be kidding me.

If only. I'm getting tired of living in a society that has gone so far off the rails that I need to check the banner of every news site that I visit, because headlines for actual news and The Onion have become indistinguishable from one another.

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If people are going to request that we wait a "respectful period of time" after a tragedy before discussing gun control, I'm going to request that gun owners stop stacking tragedies so close together.

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Saw it Friday night at the El Capitan in Hollywood. Absolutely fantastic. If you're wondering if you should see it, I'm telling you that you should see it.

I intentionally went to the last showing of the night, in order to get a movie theater full of excited adults rather than kid/parent combos. That was a good move on my part, I think.

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Also, while I'm on the topic of Face Cards, will you be releasing sets for your back catalogue of APs, as well? Rise of the Runelords is already out, but I would love to get my hands on the sets for Curse of the Crimson Throne and Carrion Crown, specifically.

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Paladins are not champions of good and law. They are lawful champions of good. Paladins do not get Smite Chaos, they cannot Detect Chaos at will, and they are allowed to freely associate with chaotic characters. They tend to support law because they are lawful characters, but they are not law's champions the way that they are good's.

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You can't build the Doctor without the Run feat. Running down hallways is like 70% of what he does in any given episode.

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I'd say that killing an intelligent being in order to eat his or her flesh is evil, but eating the flesh of a fallen foe who died at your hands for purposes unrelated to eating them is not necessarily evil. It's worth noting that Lizardfolk are mentioned as being cannibalistic in the Bestiary, and their alignment is given as Neutral.

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