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EATherrian's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 57 posts (68 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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During an enjoyable re-read of Rule of Fear and I noticed that in the chapter on haunted areas that Bastardhall was given a great deal of detail. Is there a module or something I'm missing?


Hi there,

All of my items for this month are still in the side-cart, not even in the orders section yet or I would have used that number. I saw in an earlier thread that there was a hold up with some dice, but I wondered if anything in my order was holding it up.



Hi all! I'm at work so no character sheet until later this afternoon, but I wanted to gauge what class or classes are needed. I'm open to playing any class so if there's a niche to fill I'm all for it. How are we doing the character sheets, the old online program I used to use is gone now.

Hi, this sounds like an interesting campaign. Are there currently any openings?

Are there still any openings for this?

Callum Finlayson wrote:

Not related to the "Princes of Darkness" book, but prompted by it.

Is there an in-world equivalent of the Demonomicon of Iggwilv?

An infamous big black book o' baddies that all the necromancers & demonologists in Golarion would love to get their hands on.

Well, there is the Bright Book of Smiling Kittens. You don't even want to know what dark mysteries Sunshine, Lollipops and Puppies will reveal. I shiver to even imagine.

Vigil wrote:
I'd peg her at 16. Which means for now she's also jailbait.

Royalty is immune to our silly laws and mores. I mean look at how the Targaryens live if you want an extreme example.

Thanks for the help. LOL, I totally forgot about doing a search.

I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I can't seem to find this game anywhere on your site. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get an entire company's listings. Could you help me?

CourtFool wrote:
EATherrian wrote:
How do you measure the female gamers here?


By their tracks of land.

I meant by the scale he was providing.

I've been a DM since the old Red Box, but haven't really DM'd 4th Edition, but I'll give some of the things I enjoy and some I don't:


1) I like the new monster creation (not completely new); 3.x was annoying with all the little bits that you supposedly needed to know in a monster build. True I ignored them, but published adventures needed them. 4e is heading back in the right direction here.

2) I like that they seem dedicated to re-balancing the classes. I don't think I've played / DMd it enough to judge their success, but I think it's a smart move.

3) I like the new cosmology. I still like the Great Wheel, but I think this one is neat too. I just wish they wouldn't tie so much of the small amount of fluff they give into it.

Don't Enjoy:

1) There's no real guidance for creating new powers or feats in the books as is. If I wanted to create a new deity (or all new deities since I homebrew) I don't have a nice template for the feats and powers tied to the deities. This is also the down-side of the new monster creation. I'm hoping we get more guidance here.

2) I don't like how samey the classes are. Instead of killing off Vancian magic, we now have Vancian everything. I liked to play fighters who just ran up and hit. Now that's not as easy, especially not useful.

3) I don't like them retconning worlds to use their new cosmology. I like the new cosmology, but established worlds shouldn't be forced into it. Create new worlds!

4) As above, I don't like the further requirement for mats / minis. It's one of the main reasons I also didn't like 3.x.

Scott Betts wrote:
Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
I can understand that some people like playing with miniatures, and I can understand even more that some people really like people to buy miniatures, but requiring miniatures for someone to play a game is annoying.
You must not be a big fan of board games, huh?

How many boardgames don't come with all of the necessary pieces?

drjones wrote:
Stefan Hill wrote:

I would be interested to know the age bracket of those who like/dislike 4th Ed. I am wondering if us older GM's (GMing for some 24 years now) feel 4th ed. is a board-game/RPG hybrid and newer GM's feel that 4th ed. helps control their game by having the clear cut "game board" combat system?

I would be interested to know the average penile girth of those who like/dislike 4e. I am wondering if less well endowed GMs (unlike myself) are more prone to enjoy the "board game" combat system?


How do you measure the female gamers here?

Russ Taylor wrote:
Stefan Hill wrote:
TSR's old byline was "products of the imagination" - I still play that way. If I want to move plastic/metal figures around on some squares I'll break out my chess set.
The game grew out of miniatures-based wargaming, so it's really not odd that miniatures are a significant part of many people's way of playing it. Little figures are just part of the imagining.

For me they remove the imagination. Instead of everyone having their own idea of how things look the miniature gets the focus. It's also a problem with movies made from books, the movie images tend to overtake your original vision of characters and places. For the record I didn't play with miniatures until 3e, since before then we were too poor to afford them and in retrospect our combats were too crazy. I like them from the tactical standpoint, don't like them from the imagination standpoint.

Stop teasing me. I think Martin is a performance artist involved in some sort of sadistic rite. :)

I'm on the last book(s) of Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy. I picked it up because I'd read it was quite an influence on Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, and you can really see it. Still it is quite an interesting series in itself, and I love how Williams reimagined the traditional fantasy races. I'd recommend it, especially as it is a Finished Series! So few of those around, and the waiting for Dance of Dragons is painful.

I don't like the idea of Ravenloft's Domain of Dread being piecemeal bits of the Shadowfell. I'm making it its own special plane if and when I use the 4E cosmology.

Andrew Crossett wrote:

I think she has beautiful legs. Shapely.

I find it hilarious that she feels the need to cover up her breasts. I'd think modesty would be rather beside the point in her case.

I noticed that as well. Maybe we should add humility to her domains?

I'd be interested in joining this.

Cuchulainn wrote:

Hi, my name is Cuchulainn, and I am an even more annoying type of bad roleplayer.

I come up with character concepts that are somehow not supported by the rules very well. As a result, my characters have interesting backstories, charming personalities, but are nearly useless in combat.

Too make it worse, I prefer playing bards.

Wow, were we separated at birth? I've done this 3 times, all bards. Great characters, awful PCs. My mages and wizards were always oddly utilitarian in bent also, I don't think I even memorized combat spells.

Man, that's a really well done costume. Those cakes and cookies were pretty nice looking too. ;) I think you can see all of the Zon-Kuthon adherents at the next Hellraiser con. :)

I'll give my opinions for the Red Mantis question:


I take it that their contracts are considered a holy charge, so I would say that Ileosa's death does not change anything. In fact they might be more willing to kill the PCs for all the trouble the PCs have given them.

Sharoth wrote:
Shem wrote:

I for one do will always be a subscriber. I do not want to lose my

Charter status.... :)
Me either!

LOL, me either! I'm in horrid financial straits but one thing that can't be canceled is my Pathfinder stuff.

I don't even run published adventures and I buy every AP. Just for the Golarion stuff in the back they are worth it.

If I was there I'd offer to hold on to any unpublished items you want guarded. You know, to be nice and all. ;)

I arrived home to a much anticipated sight today. Stuffed into my mailbox was an over sized box. Huzzah Hurrah! My Paizo shipment has arrived, now only to extrude it. Hmmm, how did the mailman get this in here I asked myself as I pulled the whole mailbox from the porch. What cruel fate is this, to hold my Paizo shipment but not be able to read it. After several Pooh-like pulls against the mailbox, my treasure was gained. Oh, my precious. I rushed inside like a kid on Christmas, pausing just a moment to hastily hang the mailbox by one nail and leave it swinging. The box opened I saw the prize within and I must say that even though I read them in digital form I read each item again from cover to cover. I am using this purplish prose to thank the Paizo crew for such great items, especially the Campaign Setting. Perusing Golarion hastens me back to those olden days looking at the Flanaess; there's so much wonder to be had in this land. I might be an old-time Greyhawk fan, but everything I see of Golarion really sets my creative juices to a boil. You guys and your creations are just sublime, and I hope to see much, much more. Thanks for all the hard work and allowing me and your other customers to enjoy your creation.

The first one had some good points but it felt like there was a lot missing. I'll keep my eye on this though, it is a good concept.

Vic Wertz wrote:

[moved to Pathfinder General forum]

Many of us would love to see a rolled poster map, but they're really hard to sell. Gauging demand is tough, shipping costs are high, and—i know this seems minor, but it's actually very important to us—rolled posters take up a ludicrous amount of space in the warehouse.

I have one of Westeros that a specialty place made up. It is one of my prized possessions. I'd love to get it framed up. If you could find someone to do it as a sort of boutique item I'd buy one for sure. By the way, Westeros is the main continent in George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series for those who don't know.

I've always pronounced it as Kos Chet See myself. Sometimes I put a little extra Russian in the Chet making it more like ZChet.

I've played this just to get an idea of how 4th Edition works since I'm one of the honest souls who's waiting for the books and I have to agree with Sebastian. They really should have tried to blow us away for the introduction to the new edition and they didn't. It could count as an homage to Keep on the Borderlands, but I doubt that :). I do like the ideas you put up Sebastian and wish I'd read them before I did my run through.

JoelF847 wrote:
I always through that the Al'mir'aj (likely spelling error) were pretty dumb, to combine the theme of bunny monsters and the original fiend folio. These were basically unicorn horned rabbits.

I give those a pass since they are actually from mythology though. As for the topic I think I must have blocked out any dumb creatures. I know I've seen them but I really only pay attention to creatures I like.

Aberzombie wrote:
According to Pathfinder #8, in the Leukodaemon entry (pg 81), in the "bleeding wastes of Abaddon" Apollyon sits on the "Throne of Files".

So should we add bureaucracy to his domain?

I'm not sure if I'm in this boat myself. According to my order, number 943107, it looks like they were shipped together. If they were packaged together, then I did not receive my Gazetteer either. If not, then I am mistaken.

Thanks, I just noticed.

Cosmo wrote:
EATherrian wrote:

Hi there,

This has been pending for over a week and it has disappeared from my bank account pending. Is there a problem I can help with?

Nope! No problem!

In fact, your order shipped out this morning.


Hi there,

This has been pending for over a week and it has disappeared from my bank account pending. Is there a problem I can help with?

SargonX wrote:

If you're talking about the Red Sails (Dark Ages Eastern Europe) campaign setting, it's in Dragon #290.

The adventure is "Rivers of Blood" and is in Dungeon #89.

I think they both predate Paizo.

Thanks. I'll check those out and see if they are what I'm remembering.

I'm trying to find out which issue of Dragon had several articles and an adventure based on a Medieval Russia. I'm not sure if this is pre-Paizo or not, but I'm hoping the learned members of this forum could direct me to the correct issue I'd be in your debt.

Vic Wertz wrote:
EATherrian wrote:


I was wondering when would be the best time to subscribe to avoid the Harrow Deck (which I already purchased separately) but receive the April items?

When you subscribe, you get to choose to start with either the most recent release (right now, that's the Harrow Deck) or the next release (that's Classic Monsters). So now is the time!

Very good, thanks for the quick response!


I was wondering when would be the best time to subscribe to avoid the Harrow Deck (which I already purchased separately) but receive the April items?

James Jacobs wrote:

If you DO want to introduce this element into the game, I suggest focusing on the fact that the poison used was extremely unusual, like "nothing the priest has ever seen," and that while it was a poison, it acted like a disease, which made it very difficult to cure and fix. This gets the word out to the PCs that there was poison involved, but more importantly, it helps to foreshadow the Red Mantis, who play an increasingly strong role in the campaign as it progresses.

I think it would work better as just part of the background noise of the chaos. This could be one of the things the angry crowds and firebrands are yelling about. It would be fun to have a true answer in there with the madness. ;)

Curse you, curse you to the great beyond! This first book was so good it has made me purchase both the Harrow Deck and the Guide to Korvosa. The amount of quality I'm seeing here is upsetting, and may cause me to keep my subscription going forever. I warn you, I'm willing to do it!

I was actually starting to move towards the 4e camp, but the news from the D&D Experience is making me think of cancelling my pre-orders. The power levels seem way too high; and we're talking 1st level here and it's way too high. I'd hate to see higher level play. I need to know if it's possible to power it down. I know some might say I should play a different game, but I've been playing about the same power level since the Red Box; so if I can't still play me game then it's not my D&D anymore.

edit: I also agree with DMcCoy, this whole edition seems to be geared towards selling the minis than in being a game in itself.

Erik Mona wrote:

1) Do you plan to convert to the new edition of D&D?

2) If Paizo converts its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?

3) If Paizo does not convert its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?

I may be late to the thread but here goes:

1) Yes, more than likely I do. I've already pre-ordered the books and unless they are unplayable I see myself converting.

2) It will make it easier to do. I love Paizo products, and having them for 4th edition would be quite a boon.

3) Not really, I'll just have to work to convert them. As I said before, I love Paizo products, and the quality alone is worth the buy.

Hip hip hurrah! I'd like to thank all the competitors, I've enjoyed most of the submissions. Still, I enjoyed Christine's the most and am glad she won.

Razz wrote:

Angels to be fought by the PCs...


Apparently, they didn't like the fact a DM couldn't use angels in D&D to fight the PCs without the DM using the stereotypical "fallen angel" can think of PLENTY of reasons why angels would fight PCs, even good ones. While, yes, still rare occurences, something like that SHOULDN'T be common occurences. The stats to angels are only good for two things really: knowing how well it can defend itself, and summoning purposes. That's IT!

Now they have it where ALL deities, good&evil, have their own host of "angels". There's the Harbinger Angel, the Angel of Murder, Angel of Fury, Angel of Darkness, Dark Jedi Angel, whatever else you can think of that's angelic and also bad to the bone, for the PCs to battle against.

Then I don't think you'd like my game world. I've always had angels as the servants of the gods. All of them, not just the good ones. It made it easier for me to figure out how demons/devils/evil gods fit in with one another. Plus not much causes panic in a party like discovering that the Archon you are aiding is actually pure evil.

Just when I was about to do a total revamp of my home-brew world you guys come out with a setting that has just hooked me. I admit I was so upset when those venerable institutions left your purview that I hadn't been paying much attention to Pathfinder. When I received it though, I was simply blown away. I can really feel the back-story here, and feel that we have very similar world building influences including Howard, Lovecraft, Smith, Dunsany and the early greats. Now I'm torn on whether to continue my own world or just allow you to do the hard work while I enjoy the fruits. Kudos to you gentlemen and ladies of Paizo, this is superlative work, and for the first time in a long time, I can barely wait to see each new tidbit as it comes out.

As a cartophile I certainly can not wait for this. I'm enjoying this world much more than I expected I would. It might even supplant my 20+ year home-brew and even Greyhawk. First I need the maps though, the beautiful, silky colorful maps.

A wonderful REH background. I'd expect nothing less from the luminary scribes of Paizo! I do note that they only assume he's dead. There might be more involved here, like he and eight other deities have been trapped somewhere... ;)

I just want to say this is an awesome thread. It is great to see people really looking at the mechanics of various languages. And I for one really appreciate the name generator that the OP gave for us.

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