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Darius Silverbolt's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Modules Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Agent. 624 posts (668 including aliases). 7 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 23 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.

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Solid and with real options


I am going to steal Mr. Case Review format.

Overall 4.5/5:

This was a fun scenario with role playing. I always preferred scenarios where combat, diplomacy, or the art of subterfuge can be used. I can't wait to run this for my local players.


From a players point of view

Story 4.0:
I enjoyed the story and it had a touch of railroad that you find in many scenario's but that is more to keep you on the path more than just going point A->B->C.

Setting : 5.0

Irrisen man we don't get to go out there much so it was great so have a area that was foreign to me for the most part as a player (and GM). I think we made it out to this area of the world once in PFS in season 0.

Role-play-ability : 5.0

Loads of good RP which has a direct outcome to how things play out which is something missing in many scenario's. The author was able to work in the culture of Irrisen plus the political climate and it was all apart of the story. Bravo.

Combat : 4.0

Our group didn't murder-hobo our way through which cost us encounters which to me a rare success. It nice to see a non-combat option even it is hard to accomplish. The fights we did have were very scary to our lower level party members (We ran Tier 4-5 w/ 6 PC's) but we won the day.

Was a great time and this scenario is what the Pathfinders is all about. Action, adventure, excitement is what we crave and we got it. Also the time completed was about four hours which is what I like to see as a standard game time. Long enough to get a story across and friendly to the convention timing.

I would like to see more of what Mr. Andrew Hoskins has to offer.

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My New Halloween Scenario


Once again Mike Shel deliver's a seriously fun scenario for GenCon and at this point I would like to see a Mike Shel scenario at Gen Con next year.

The level of detail in this scenario is high. Many of the room descriptions are written to make this dungeon crawl style adventure down right spooky.

My only issue with this scenario is working the back story on page three into the game so the players can feel more integrated.

I would rate this one of the more difficult scenario's for the 3-7 Tier. As it can be easy to kill an under prepared party.

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Fun Fun Fun


I ran this module three times at GENCON 2011 and even had Mr. Shel sitting at the table to watch the mayhem ensue.

The balance of combat, puzzle / trap solving, and role-playing was excellent for a tier 5-9 scenario.

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Now we are cooking

****( )

I have always liked the Map Pack product line myself. I use them to complement my own hand drawn or support other flip maps or other various maps.

This new format now allows for dry/wet makers to be used on the this product and that is VERY useful for me and my gaming groups.

Ambush sites map pack is solid support map pack for various ambush's as the name suggest and I am very happy with this product. It works very well to support my Kingmaker campaign.

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Truly Epic


There is a time in every pathfinder career that they will recall overcoming impossible odds to save the day. This Scenario is that time. This module can terrify the players and the action never stops! I had a lot of fun running this one for many groups at home and GENCON. Players will forever remember this one.

Your parties actions or lack there of from Beyond the Dawn Part one will weigh heavily on what happens here. I high advise run part one before running part two as the story will make much more sense.

GM's must fully understand this scenario and be very prepared to run this successfully. This module is responsible from my one and only TPK in PFS.

Good Job Mr. Frost for writing this one.

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