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Hi All,

I picked up an Aasimar boon at a recent convention and an thinking about what to use it for.

In Blood of Angels it tells you how to make an Aasimar from a non-human base race (you basically change nothing except for the size).

Additional resources doesn't say you can't do this, but neither does it say you can.

I'd really like to play a small Aasimar from Gnome heritage - would this be allowed in PFS?



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Hi All,

Looking for a consensus on improved familiar...

The text of the feat says "Elemental, Small (any type)" does that stretch to Mud/Ice/Magma/Lightning or just the 4 oh-so-boring standard elements.

Personally I think it should be allowed. The small elementals (any of the eight) are still far below strength compared to other improved familiars, so not game breaking. Opening it out gives far more flavour (winter witch with ice familiar etc)

Related question - how about the same in PFS.



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Hi All,

Can I have a Hostelling Buckler?

The text (from srd20) states "A suit of light armor, medium armor, or a light shield or heavy shield can store one animal up to the wearer's size."

Does a buckler count as a light shield, or is it only things with the word "light shield" in the name?

All help gratefully received!


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Hi All,

Question about he liquid blade from Ultimate Equipment (which I think is the coolest idea ever!)

Can you have a small sized one??

I think you probably can but as its for a PFS character I'd like to get the communities thoughts.

Ultimate Equipment says that the liquid solidifies into a medium short sword, and doesn't mention small at all, but it is a weapon and there are rules to apply a small template.

I imagine it would be 1d4damage and weigh 1lb?

What do you guys think?

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Hi all,

My first post!

I was searching the forums to see if the was an answer to what level the ranger falcon companion is in the Falconer archetype.

You get the falcon at lvl 1 with 1/2 hit points - does it level with you using your ranger level rather than -3 like other rangers?

What about when you hit lvl 4 and get natures bond? Does it then take the -3 hit to effective level when it gets the hit points boost?

Cheers for any help!!