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Alviana Shadowsworn

DM_Euan's page

2,706 posts. Alias of Euan.

About DM_Euan

Curse of the Crimson Throne Players Guide
Pathfinder Chronicles Guide to Korvosa (please do not read chapter 5 or the Appendix)
Overhead map of the city
A nice elevation painting of the city
An EXCELLENT guide to PBP gaming

Game Master and Player Commitment:

As the GM I will post at least twice a day (likely a lot more). I also expect players to post at least daily. If you are going to use abilities that interrupt the action (i.e. the feat Step Up), be prepared to post even more often. Those players who do post more often (within reason now, let's not get carried away) will likely be more prominent in the campaign.

There will of course be exceptions caused by real life, but I will not hesitate to let your character get “left behind” or “lost” and “found” later if necessary - what occurs in the meantime will vary depending on the player’s attitude and consideration for others. If you know you are going to be gone, just let me know and we'll work around it.

If your character is absent during combat and you're holding us up, I will Delay your action, or chose an appropriate action for you - whatever seems to make the most sense. I will always try to leave plenty of time for folks to catch up - I know we all have other responsibilities.

Combat and Dice Rolling:

When combat begins I will roll initiative for all combatants including PC's. Actions will be resolved in order. Players are encouraged to post ahead of time (including options if you'd like). If a player has posted before their initiative and things change before their actual initiative comes up, they are free to change their action with a new post.

Attack modifiers
PC's should modify their die rolls as appropriate for cover, shooting into melee, flanking, attacking from prone, etc. While being prone is technically an AC modifier, feel free to calculate it in as long as you advise me. Make sure you note the modifications please.

Format for Posts 
You should post the round, your initiative, and your location as well as any movement during the round. Please also post your current status near the top of your post. Your status should include your current/max HP, any equipped weapons, current conditions, and any other pertinent topical information (like the spells you have memorized for instance). Please use spoilers for things that would scroll long (like your current status). Example

Dice rolling
Dice rolling is done via the message board dice roller (see BBCode tags below the text box when you post). Feel free to roll dice for a skill, attack, etc, anytime you think is appropriate. I appreciate it if you explain any situational modifiers that alter what the roll would be from your profile. Including at least situational modifiers keeps things like cover from being counted twice or not at all. If there are any questions, my rulings are binding so please be clear.

End of turn
Once you post and your initiative passes, your turn is done. A friend of mine says, "I play the villians perfectly and I expect you to play your characters perfectly." You have one chance to be perfect, please be careful. There is no going back - things are slow enough with Play by Post, I will not slow it further by covering the same ground twice.


Please be Active
Please plan on posting at least once a day if not more. If you have abilities that interrupt combat (like Step-up) plan on posting even more often.

Play your character
Have fun! Enjoy your creation. Listen to the advice of others, but do what you want. However, be sure to play your character as built. The 8 Intelligence fighter should probably not be figuring out the puzzles. The 7 Charisma dwarf should not be the lead diplomat. Feel free to assist (especially out of character), but remember who your PC is.

Play your own character
It's fine to make general requests, ask for a flank, suggest a tactic, beg for healing, but refrain from "Next turn you should cast bless, pull out your mace, and take a 5' step to the north to give me a flank." Just because the PC is an ignorant clueless snob doesn't mean the player is. Their motivations might not be the same as yours. They might not care at all about the law and/or the greater good.

Don't play NPC's or other characters
You control only your own actions. You might think your diplomacy roll of 20 will make the lady swoon, but maybe it won't. There are things going on behind the scenes and I will not reveal all of it. NPC's lie. I know this might be a shocker, but it's true. I will be honest with you as the GM, but NPC's might actually deceive you.

Try to advance the action
PbP is slower than desktop gaming and as such you should be active with nearly every post. Before pressing submit, consider whether or not your character is actually doing anything in your post. If not, you may want to reconsider. Naturally role play is doing something as surely as any action.

There are no real world rewards or prizes for winning. I'd much prefer to stab you in the heart with my sharp wit then kill you with a dragon. If your character dies, then they have more character. They'll make it back to the world somehow if you want them to, or we can try something new. If you're not having fun, don't cheat to fix it. Talk to me.

Experience and Leveling:
I am not tracking experience points. I have a sense of where you should be at various points in the AP and I'm going to do my best to slot you in correctly. That said I will be pushing you to second level almost immediately and then slowing down to match the AP.

Scribing Scrolls & Making Potions:
In both cases there is text that requires that The creator must have prepared the spell and that the spell is used when the creation process is finished. I do not enforce that in my campaign. You still need to use the spell components as normal, but you do not need to memorize the spell and you do not lose the slot when the item is made. This is to encourage the manufacture of these items with as little inconvenience as possible in this campaign.

I want to encourage crafting as per the crafting skill. As such I want to speed up the time it takes to accomplish tasks. Where it says 'week' substitute 'day' so all crafting is done 7x faster than the rules. As for crafting magics the standard rules apply except as noted for potions and scrolls above.

Cash and Accounting:
I am going to track your wealth for you on the Accounting Spreadsheet. I am NOT going to worry about a few gold here and there spent on things like bar food. I do want to track where you're sleeping, but the costs for such things will get rolled into the campaign and not specifically tracked. Until you buy property that is.

Harrow Points:
A Harrow Deck is a method of seeing into the future. At various points during the AP you will be receiving readings. Some of these readings are very powerful and will effect the outcome of your characters in subtle ways. These are represented in various ways which I will track, and as Harrow Points which you may use.

During this portion you may spend your Harrow Points in the following ways. Using a Harrow Point is an immediate action (though in most cases you may use Harrow Points more than once per round if you have that many to spend).

Strength Reroll
Spend a Harrow Point to reroll any one Strength-based skill check. You must abide by the new result (although if you have additional Harrow Points remaining, you can use them to attempt additional rerolls).

Mighty Thews
Spend a Harrow Point to be treated as a creature one size category larger than your normal category for the purposes of making grapple checks, lifting heavy objects, or determining if a hungry monster can swallow you whole; this adjustment lasts for one encounter (but no more than 10 minutes at the very most).

Brutal Strike
Spend a Harrow Point to gain a +5 bonus on all melee or natural weapons for the duration of one combat. Alternatively, brutal strike allows you to ignore an object’s hardness for 1 round.

Special thanks to GM_Chris and GM_Verdigris. I have, er, borrowed (yeah that's it), many good ideas from the both of them.

Starting level;
Starting wealth;
Ability generation system (eg. dice roll, point buy, etc);
Hit point generation system (eg. roll ‘em here, PFS-style);
Alignment restrictions;
Number / type of traits allowed;
Resources characters have access to;
Source material restrictions;
Any other custom rules or restrictions you’re introducing (eg. no technology, must be elven); and / or
Anything else essential creating a character in your game.

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