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Medical Drone

DM_aka_Dudemeister's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter, 2014 Star Voter, 2015 Star Voter. Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 5,717 posts (5,802 including aliases). 7 reviews. 1 list. 4 wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 16 aliases.

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Silver Crusade

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And is it available somewhere I can get it?

Silver Crusade

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This is a GM thread, and as such contains spoilers. So if I put spoiler tags on anything it'll be for length, expect to get spoiled.

I've just gotten through reading all of the Iron Gods books, and there's a lot that I love. The authors, editors, developers, artists and Paizo staff have done a fantastic job and I have no doubt that as written the Iron Gods AP is going to be a fantastic campaign.

There's a good chance that when I finish my Kingmaker campaign (perhaps sometime this year) that I'll be running Iron Gods.

But perhaps on Golarion I'd be a Brigh worshipper, because I always have such a powerful urge to tinker. So I'm posting this here as another of my GM notepads as I consider things I'd like to change or themes I'd like to explore more heavily or stuff I'd like to add.

Why is the final battle not in a launching rocket or spaceship?

This was the thing that I kept thinking as I read The Divinity Drive, you fight Unity in Silver Mount, and then inside The Godmind but all I could think was: Her plan is to launch herself into space and become a satellite deity. That's the cool thing. We never get to witness the cool thing. We stop the cool thing, but if the campaign ends with the final boss, we never see the cool thing. Rocket launches are cool! Fighting in a rocket ship as it hurtles into space and you mess around with gravity is even cooler.

The players would finish the battle and see Golarion from space. They'd have time if they want to upload Casandalee to become a more benevolent goddess of robits while they're up there and could then use escape pods to fall back to Golarion.

Why walk when you can drive?

So much of what occurs between books in Iron Gods seems to be traipsing through the blasted post-apocalyptic wasteland that conveniently ignores the high CR creatures that inhabit its encounter tables. This is a situation of not enough space in the books so the GM should handle it.

For some reason though when I think of the scrap-building nature of Numeria's inhabitants, I think a lot about Mad Max and Full Throttle.

I'd like for the players to be able to design, build and use their own battlewagons and crazy motorcycles to traverse the terrain of Numeria faster and help them fight (or escape) the random encounters they face. Since most of the locations they visit aren't really very hospitable to vehicles it's mostly a thing that happens between adventures. Still I think it'd be rad.

Unity and Casandalee need more face time

The problem with AP final villains is that the players rarely get to know and hate them. Unity is a fantastic villain, with a clear and awful goal that the players honestly just don't have enough opportunity to learn and interact with.

As written Unity has a problem, she can't extend her influence beyond the hull of Silver Mount, at least not until book 5 when we discover she can directly control the leader of the Technic League. Her whole goal is to extend her reach. So I'd like to make her a little more successful at that. Essentially converting some robots and NPCs into Unity remotes. In my version Unity has been spreading her influence outwards by a slow and laborious process of building scrap iron towers, these signal boosters allow her to send her signal further outwards, and control those who have been modified by her and her minions. This is an inefficient process and that's why she still wants to escape into space in order to beam her satellite signal across Golarion. The Smoking Tower will be one such signal booster. There will be others in between books. When the players encounter such locations Unity will assume direct control. This will give her minion or worshipper a mythic power boost, but because they can't handle the divine power being directly sent into them burns out the host body in a relatively brief span of time.

This will allow the players and Unity to interact multiple times throughout the campaign and make it clear that Unity is an active threat.

As for Casandalee, we see a hint of her in book 2 thanks to Hellion's ranting. We find her corpse in book 3 and we don't really rescue her until what we assume is the end of Book 4. When we do meet her, she has dozens and dozens of personalities that will pop in and out randomly. For such an important NPC she is very hard to connect with.

My proposal is thus. If there is a PC android, that character is Casandalee (feel free to change Casandalee's gender to suit the PC). Much of the campaign will focus on going back through that PCs previous life and figuring out who they were and where they come from. Hellion will recognize the PC as a brother or sister. "I thought your signal faded in Iandeveigh. I am so glad I can snuff you out for good myself!" In the Smoking tower instead of Casandalee's corpse there is perhaps a journal or a video diary telling the PC where their memory back-up is. When finally the PCs retrieve the AI core they realize that they might "rewrite" themselves with their older version in order to regain important knowledge.

If however there are no android PCs in the party, then I recommend the following:
Meyanda is Casandalee's next incarnation. Hellion took perverse pleasure into turning his "sister" into his high priestess. When the PCs defeat her perhaps when she reaches 0 hp Meyanda has a bizarre seizure. Her eyes glow a strange purple and lines of data scroll across them: "Please help me. My memories are trapped in here. You're in grave danger. My designation is not this designation."

The PCs will have to try and redeem Meyanda, and again the moral quandary of whether taking all of Casandalee's memories will "overwrite" the Meyanda they come to know.

Valley of the Brain Collectors. Why aren't you a Hex Map?
I really wish Paizo would stick to hex maps for overland sandboxes, that's something I need to tinker with.

Repercussions of Irovetti's Clockwork Kingdom
This is specific to people who are running Iron Gods after my Kingmaker conversions. I have some ideas.

More to come...

In any case these are my ideas for now. More to come at some point in the future. Happy to hear the thoughts of other GMs who are currently running or planning to run Iron Gods.

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Sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed by the not so good items, and fall into making cynical jokes. There's plenty of first timers this year, and seeing a thread where people can express their happiness at items can be a real boon.

The rules are clear that you can't name or be too specific about items, but vague responses about items you enjoy or even just keeping a tally of items in your keep folder or expressions you might use an item in your home game can be encouraging and keep energy up for voting.

I'll go first:

I just saw a staff that was legitimately beautiful in description and design. I want one in my campaign ASAP!

Silver Crusade

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Behold a little something to give your Osirion wizard some flavour.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

Just noticed the locked threads are still being posted to.

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Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

Very useful thanks!

Silver Crusade

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So in the adventure the first thing the PCs do is defeat a bunch of thugs and potentially put a ghost to rest.

I think there needs to be a little bit more in Aldronard's Grave so that the PCs can figure out how to put the ghost to rest.

Here's my ideas for giving the PCs enough information that they can figure out how to put the ghost to rest.

A2: Searching the Camp (Perception DC 20): Searching through the scraps of tents and broken stuff the PCs come upon a steel footlocker. Stamped with the symbol of Sarenrae, the Smilers were unable to get the heavy thing open and opted to leave it with the rest of the Sarenites busted up tents.
Opening the Footlocker: (Disable Device DC 20 or getting the key from a Sarenite with a successful DC 10 Diplomacy Check)
Inside the Footlocker is Aldronard's personal affects,
a suit of +1 Splint Mail, a Cold Iron Scimitar and a Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield. Note: Due to the personal connection these items have with Aldronard they are treated as Ghost Touch items when used against Aldronard.
Furthermore there is two letters.
The first is an unfinished note from Aldronard to Justinia, it reads:

My Dearest Justinia wrote:

After these long years I am finally on my way home to you. On angels wings I fly from this blighted place, ready to build that cottage by the creek that we dreamed of.

Your fair skin has been my beacon these past years, your flaxen hair my banner, your green eyes the land I have fought for these long years, your sweet voice singing the Morning Cant of Harmony a bell that calls me home.

I ca

A letter arrives! I must read it and reply, perhaps this messenger can take this love note to you faster than my new steed Mandrake can!

The other letter is the letter from Eredian that blames Aldronard for his daughter's death.

Before committing suicide Aldronard prayed for answers and when none were forthcoming he lost his faith. This long dark night of the soul was a test of Aldronard's faith, as Sarenrae believes that in order to be forgiven first one must be able to forgive themselves. Aldronard failed but Sarenrae captured a psychic "portrait" of Aldronard's soul at the moment before he lost his faith which manifests in the Last Prayer.

The Last Prayer CR 3
800 XP
Alignment: Lawful Good Area: 15 foot Cone Centered on the Statue of Sarenrae.
Caster Level: 3rd
Notice: DC 13 (Dust rises from the ground in the shape of a penitent man, and the statue of Sarenrae Weeps)
hp 13.5
Weakness: Saying a prayer to Sarenrae with a successful DC 15 Knowledge (Religion) check deals 1d6 damage to the haunt. Multiple people praying increases the damage by 1. Saying this prayer at Dawn
Trigger: Proximity
Reset: Once per day at Dawn
Effect: Everyone in the area is effected by the spell overwhelming grief which lasts 1 minute/level (Will DC 13 negates) any Divine caster who fails the Will Save feels shaken in their faith and must make a concentration check to cast spells. The DC is 13 + Spell Level of spell being cast.
Destruction: A Sarenite Priest must remind the haunt that forgiveness from the goddess begins with forgiveness of the self. A non-Sarenite Priest can also attempt this with a DC 23 Diplomacy Check or DC 18 Knowledge (Religion) Check.
Development: If the haunt is permanently destroyed the dust coalesces into one spot glows and forms a Holy Symbol of Sarenrae. This was Aldronard's Holy Symbol. If used as part of a Turn Undead attempt, Aldronard may not add his Turn Resistance to the spell. Furthermore any character holding the Holy Symbol has a ghostly image of an old but upright man with gray hair and a short well-kept mustache (an illusion of Eredian as disguise self CL 30).

I figure with these items and moments the PCs will be able to piece together Aldronard's last days and have enough clues to figure out the solution without resorting to coincidence.

Silver Crusade

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An interesting discussion about summoners of more specific kinds of outsiders, perhaps with the ability to summon outsiders beyond their own alignments came up in the Pathfinder Unchained thread.

This thread is to continue that discussion, and perhaps offer some requests to Paizo about some archetypes for such options, or even suggestions for GMs who want to homebrew their own.

Here's a quick summary of that particular thread below:

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
However, that does open up room for an archetype that allows an eidolon with a different alignment, so that you can play up a non-evil character than signed an infernal pact for a devil. Or a neutral or evil character with a 'guardian angel' trying to redeem him. Or whatever.
That's a pretty cool idea. Makes me wonder what kind of class abilities such an archetype would have in place of its regular features.

Not sure it would have to give anything up. Just picking an outsider subtype and a corresponding alignment isn't a power boost in and of itself.

Maybe link it to the 'eidolon models' somehow so that if you've decided you want a LE devil for an eidolon, you have to buy evolutions listed for devils. Maybe reduced evolution points in exchange for certain free evolutions at various levels (especially if it's a racial power not normally available via normal evolutions, like maybe Genie eidolons could get wish 1/week at 17th level or something.)

But that's mostly to prevent characters that pick Angel and then make it a multi-tentacled horror with poison attacks. It could be left on the honor system.

Genie Bound Noble

This was a summoner archetype I created a while back that did this specifically for genies. I could imagine something similar could be done for Devils (with free curses) and Angels (free healings/miracles).

But I suspect the summoner talk might be a slight threadjack as there's more to the product then the one class.

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I've been flagging 'em as I see them, but he's a persistent bugger. Thought I might put a heads up here.

Silver Crusade

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I've set a deadline for Saturday to get my first batch of notes up here.



New Cavalier Order: Order of the Cog

The Rushlight Festival (or the River Kingdoms Faire)

Clockwork Wonders of Pitax (Bestiary bookmarks and new stats)

Pitax Clockwork'd (Changes to the Pitax Gazetteer)

Posting here to make that deadline public so I can be shamed for failure to get it here. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as my players currently are. Remember these are my GM notes, and while I try to make them as reader friendly as possible at level 12+ I'm not concerned with accuracy.

Your friendly neighbourhood,


Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

Reign of Winter/Mummy's Mask Crossover?

Those winter portals are dropping everywhere.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

Tonight we playtested:

Dhampyr Swashbuckler
Elf Slayer
Dwarf Battle Priest


Valeros and Merisiel (PFS pregens).

Characters were level 7, 20 point buy with average APL for their level.

Encounter 1: Drow on the Giant Steps

A group of 6 Drow stepped out and threw boomerangs at the PCs while they tried to climb the stairs. The Battle Cleric and the Swashbuckler headed up the normal steps, while the Fighter and Rogue used their Climb Skills to climb the giant's steps.

The Slayer moved around the side of the temple in an attempt to use a rope and grappling hook to climb up and surprise the Drow from the side.

Merisiel was the first to draw blood, between her high stealth roll and a great sneak attack killing a Drow. The Drow, now aware of the rogue focused their attacks on her (but rolled poorly).

This is when the Bullette showed up. It used its leap ability and damn near killed the Slayer. The Battle Priest jumped off the side of the temple to try and draw its attention. No luck, the Slayer was slain the next round.

During this fight the Swashbuckler took down a Drow every turn alongside Merisiel and Valeros. In situations with single attacks (and PCs unable to get a full-round thanks to the mobile drow) the Swashbuckler shined. Didn't use a single Panache though.

Encounter 2: Ettins

The PCs heard some Ettins arguing, so they headed to their room and picked a fight with them. They found the Slayer's twin sister slowly roasting over an open flame. Merisiel rescued this new Slayer who immediately set Ettin killing.

The Battle Cleric's AC was near untouchable at 29 for most monsters. Stuck in a cramped room Valeros' two-weapon fighting easily outshone the Swashbuckler, and the Swashbuckler still hadn't spent any Panache (starting the day with only 3 caused the player to hoard them somewhat).

The Slayer ended the fight with two well placed arrows.

Encounter 3: Drider and Barghest

This fight was brutal and frustrating. The Drider's ability to scale walls meant that it could cast lightning bolt with impunity and the narrow corridor granted that at least half the party would be struck by lightning. Swashbuckler was reduced to -8 due to a failed Reflex save and a high damage roll.

The Battle Cleric once again shone thanks to his amazing AC. The Slayer rarely missed (other than through blink and deeper darkness) thanks to her study ability and high BaB.

This is where we had to end it.

Player Impressions:

Battle Cleric: Right now the Battle Cleric feels like a cleric with Heavy Armour proficiency, the added feats don't completely mitigate the loss of spell-casting. A fun tank, but lacks an interesting hook the way a Paladin's smite evil is an interesting hook.

Slayer Despite a poor showing against a Bullette, the Slayer works fairly well once the studied target is set, it doesn't take long for a Slayer to get slaying. The player felt that there needed to be more choice as levelling the character to seven he felt he was already stretched for interesting Slayer talents.

Swashbuckler She enjoyed the concept, but didn't feel competitive with the other PCs. Her AC was about on par with Valeros', but Opportune Parry/Riposte got ignored entirely to preserve points for doing cool things on her turn. Interestingly a Swashbuckler is better off being sent on "mook sweeping", killing off opponents of CR 3 less than the party's APL, in order to restore Panache. Players might also leave the killing blow for the Swashbuckler so she can restore Panache. There needs to be a different method for its regeneration.

Valeros and Merisiel These players didn't feel outshined by the other PCs and had their own moments in the sun.

Final Thoughts:

Slayer is good, but dull to build.
Swashbuckler feels pigeonholed and the Swashbuckler's finesse needs to count as Weapon Finesse.
Battle Priest is still second fiddle to a cleric who takes Heavy Armor Proficiency.

Thank you for your time,


Silver Crusade

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Hi all,

Tonight me and my players got together to play a first level dungeon with some of the new Hybrid classes. Our party consisted of five characters, using 15 point buy and the average gold listed for each class.


Elf Slayer
Tiefling Swashbuckler
Human Investigator
Human Brawler
Human Arcanist

Adventure flavor text

A plague runs rampant in the city, and the only clue are rats with strange sigils carved into their bodies. Five heroes brave a sewer dungeon to find the source of the virulent plague.

Encounter 1: Sewer Entrance (CR 1)

A trio of ratfolk are hidden behind a curtain of sticky vines and moss inside a sewer pipe. The Investigator spots them and combat begins (nobody is surprised).

The ratfolk use their swarming ability but don't really land any hits against the party. Once two are dead the third flees into the sewers closing a portcullis behind him.

Verdict: At this point not much besides basic attack rolls are exchanged. Nothing to really differentiate any characters at this point.

Encounter 2: Skill Challenge Portcullis

Despite an alternate route our PCs decide to give chase and come to the portcullis. The Brawler holds up the portcullis so the others can squeeze through, it's the Slayer who spots the lever to pull the thing up.

Encounter 3: Dire Rat Kennels (CR 1)

Creatures: Ratfolk. Dire Rat (x3)

Another exchange of attack rolls. This time the Brawler focuses on grappling the Ratfolk who has been sniping the PCs. At this point the slayer has used his Favoured Target ability almost every round with his shortbow.

Some Dire rats get some lucky strikes against the Slayer, but this fight is more or less a foregone conclusion.

[b]Encounter 4: Horned Rat Trap (CR 1)

The Brawler tries to kick a statue of a horned rat, but before he can do so the statue charges forth and knocks him down for 7 damage. He uses a potion to heal up while the Investigator completely disables the trap (DC 16 Perception/Disable Device. Mechanical Trap. Attack roll +10. 1d6+1 damage). Springing the trap makes the next room aware of the party's approach.

Encounter 5: Congregation of Rats (CR 3)
Creatures: Ratfolk x3. Ratfolk Shaman 1 (x1)
With the foes aware and given a few rounds to prepare when the Swashbuckler walks in she gets turned into a crossbow bolt cushion. The Brawler uses his Martial Maneuvers to deflect a bolt but the Shaman manages to cast cause fear and he's running away for 4 rounds.
Too scared to approach the morass of ratfolk the swashbuckler starts throwing daggers (and hitting more often with that tactic than close combat).
The Investigator heads into combat, misses, tries to use inspiration (needs 3+ and rolls a 1) and still misses (disappointment), then drops prone when the Shaman casts Command. The Rat Shaman is slain by the Slayer (who has been doing well using Favoured Target EVERY turn at level 1).
The Arcanist wins this fight with a magic missile to the Shaman's head. The Swashbuckler is knocked unconscious by another crossbow bolt (ranged attacks are the bane of Swashbuckler). The other ratfolk are quickly mopped up by the slayer and investigator.
When the Brawler comes back the party is desperately trying to stabilize the swashbuckler so that the Investigator can spend 10 minutes preparing an extract of Cure Light Wounds (I rule as long as the Investigator pours the potion then it's legal - wondering what the rule is on that?)

The players discover a scroll detailing a terrible ritual that gives a small aspect of Murnath to normal rats via an unspeakable ritual. This is what they need to give to the temple to solve the problem. Time to leave.

Encounter 6: ZOMBIES! (CR 2)

Creatures: 8 x Kobold Zombies (With further -2 Str, no armour bonus, but ratling swarming ability)

The PCs decide to explore the one unexplored room on the upper level and it almost spells their DOOM. The Swashbuckler still very weak from the previous fight refuses to go near the zombies and throws daggers at them. The Arcanist ENLARGES the Brawler who immediately grabs a zombie and starts tanking. Drawing ALL their attention.
The other PCs have a string of the most dismal rolls I've ever seen. One by one they slowly drop unconscious. First the Brawler (who laments using his martial maneuvers on Deflect Arrows). Then the Swashbuckler. Then the Investigator. In the end the Slayer and the Arcanist are the only ones left standing between the Slayer's Longsword and "Favoured Target" and the Arcanist's Acid Splash the pair manage to kill their foes and drag their unconscious friends back to the temple for healsies and the quest completion.

Players Thoughts:

Arcanist (Destined Universalist) - Never played a prepared caster before and only realized near the end she could play spells in any combination. Liked the blood power, but was wary of spending that last point (she wanted to be able to RUN from those zombies) Also the party was surprised to discover the Arcanist didn't have Use Magic Device, they felt it would be a great fit for the class but it's just not available.

Swashbuckler - Liked Panache and that it could come back, but felt that parry and riposte were too expensive to use considering she only has 3 panache to start with. (Two Panache and TWO attacks of Opportunity!) She also missed a lot of attacks because her build is DEX focused and Swashbuckler's Finesse doesn't arrive until 2nd level (and doesn't seem to qualify the Swashbuckler for any feats in the finesse tree). It means Combat Reflexes becomes the MUST HAVE option at level 1. Perhaps triggering Riposte just whenever the enemy misses might be a more economic way of doing it.

Slayer - Player enjoyed the class, but felt it didn't have a lot of variety in actions. Every round seemed to be "Favoured Target, Attack". Even reading higher levels the player felt that an actual Ranger/Rogue had more interesting options (due to archetypes).

Brawler - Felt that it was a great monk fix, but would still play a monk for ki abilities.

Investigator - Felt that the Inspiration mechanic didn't do enough, that perhaps a flat bonus being added to the die roll (perhaps Intelligence Mod) would be a better way to model the ability, as spending TWO points of inspiration on an attack roll and STILL missing felt flat. As a GM I felt the Investigator plunders too much from the rogue (9d6 sneak attack, trap finding AND can pick rogue talents, AND 6 skill points per level AND all the rogue's key skills, PLUS extracts and alchemy and poison use AND better at skill rolls thanks to Inspiration? It steals what tiny shred of niche protection the rogue had left). I feel the Investigator should maybe drop Sneak attack down to 5d6 to 6d6 maximum (levels 4, 8, 12, 16, 20). A hybrid class can freely borrow from the vocabulary of other classes, but probably shouldn't be more fluent in their language (so to speak).

Over all everyone had a fun time, and though the dice weren't with our party much of the night there was something learned by all.

Next week we hope to try a level 7 one-shot titled: "Lair of the Wererat King".

Kind Regards,

(Full stats for the characters will be available sometime tomorrow as I have to scan and upload some of the sheets).

Silver Crusade

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Hey folks,

A while back I did a bit of work for GM_Solspiral, which he has kindly posted on his blog for free.

Without further ado: The Genie-Bound Noble.

Let me know what you all think. I had a lot of fun putting together this archetype, and feel it could fit in any setting with a strong Arabian Nights feel.

Peace and tranquility,


Silver Crusade

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Good stuff! Can't wait for next week's installment.

Required reading for Curse of the Crimson Throne GMs.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Tales Subscriber

Hey all, so due to some life issues I had to put my Skull & Shackles game on hold.

One of my players is keen to run the campaign with me as a player. He has given us a stat array of 17, 15, 13, 12, 11, 9 (roughly a 25 point buy)

"Lucky" Jim Kidd

Jimetheon Turbulence Kidd was born into slavery in the Thrice Damned Empire of Cheliax. Even as a child Jim Kidd was a rabble rouser, a born liar and a trouble-maker. Enslaved to a particularly cruel captain of the Chelish Navy, Jim won his freedom by signalling to nearby pirates the ship’s location. Since then he’s wandered the Shackles as a talespinner, con-man and gun for hire. He wears the devil’s skull tattoo that marks him as Chelish property as a badge and a reminder that he would not be anyone’s thing again.

Comments, suggestions and critiques are welcome particularly for when I start leveling him up.

I know the plot of Skull & Shackles (as I was to GM it once) but I don't plan to metagame.

Silver Crusade

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Sigh, a year too late for me. I hope the next ones appear more quickly. Still I'm glad this has finally seen release.

Silver Crusade

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In a sudden and shocking reversal of WotC policy, a huge selection of older edition PDFs go on sale: Check it out at Drive Thru RPG.

Silver Crusade

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The Article. Really brilliant but the TL;DR version the best viewing order for Star Wars that still includes prequels is


After Empire Episodes II & III are an extended flashback and episode I is omitted entirely.

What are your opinions? Will you introduce your younglings to Star Wars Universe with this order?

Silver Crusade

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just thought I'd drop a line to mention the messageboard is being slow, just wanted to check whether it was just me. Using Safari on mobile, and IE as well.


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So I'm fleshing out Chapter 2 of book 1, and I decided I want the climax to be a fight against the Son of the Sandpoint Devil. Now I have two choices.
The idea is that the Devil attacks the Caravan and once reduced to half hit points flies off to lick its wounds. Shalelu wants to hunt it down once and for all, to put her mind at ease that Sandpoint will be safe for a time:

Here's my options

1) The Son of the Sandpoint Devil is a Sandpoint Devil with the Young Template applied (along with some other adjustments) to bring him down to CR 7. With both the party and the key NPCs (Ameiko, Koya, Sandru and Shalelu) together fight the creature. With 9 characters I'm looking at an APL 4.25 party which against CR 7 puts it at the high end of its range. Furthermore the Devil will be at half hp. Should I give the Sandpoint Devil an extra half-action per round in order to balance the action economy slightly, or is it already a bit too dangerous for the party?


Son of Sandpoint Devil
This mangy pony-like beast walks perversely upright. Wings, a dragon’s tail, and a fanged mouth complete its vile appearance.

(Young Sandpoint Devil)
XP 3,200
NE Medium outsider (native)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Perception +16
AC 23, touch 14, flat-footed 19 (+3 Dex, +1 dodge, +9 natural)
hp 68 (9d10+18)
Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +10
DR 5/cold iron; Immune fire, fear effects; SR 14
Speed 40 ft., fly 60 ft. (poor)
Melee bite +13 (1d10+2/19–20), 2 hooves +13 (1d6+2)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks bay, hellfire breath, kick, trample (2d4+3, DC 19)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 9th; concentration +11)
At will—fog cloud, gust of wind, pyrotechnics (DC 13)
3/day—dimension door (DC 15)
Str 18, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 17, Cha 16
Base Atk +9; CMB +13; CMD 27 (31 vs. trip)
Feats Dodge, Hover, Mobility, Spring Attack, Vital Strike
Skills Fly +9, Intimidate +9, Knowledge (geography) +2, Perception +15,Stealth +11, Survival +15
Languages Abyssal, Varisian
Bay (Su)
When the Sandpoint Devil screams as a standard action, all creatures within a 300-foot-radius spread must succeed on a DC 17 Will save or become frightened for 2d4 rounds, or shaken for 1 round on a successful save. This is a sonic, mind-affecting fear effect. Whether or not the save is successful, creatures within the effect are immune to the Sandpoint Devil’s bay for 24 hours thereafter. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Hellfire Breath (Su)
Once every 1d4 rounds, the Sandpoint devil can unleash a blast of infernal flame from its mouth as a standard action. This hellfire fills a 30-foot cone and causes 7d6 points of fire damage (Reflex DC 17 half). Anyone who takes damage from this breath weapon must also make a DC 17 Will save to avoid becoming cursed by the infernal flames—those who become cursed take a –4 penalty on all attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks for a number of days equal to the damage taken—during this time, the victim’s skin appears to be horribly burned in places regardless of any healing applied. This curse effect functions at caster level 9th. The save DC for both saves is Constitution-based.

Kick (Ex)
The Sandpoint Devil’s hoof attacks are primary attacks that deal bludgeoning and slashing damage.

Caravan Battle Statistics:
CR 7 AC 17 hp 69, Attack: +8 Damage:4d6+4 Note: The statistics are treated as CR 3 lower to account for there only being one caravan attack a turn. The caravan's damage also increases by 1d6 every level.

The idea is that the players who each took a trait to link them to an NPC can control them for a combat, to make the NPCs feel more useful and part of the group as they take on a mighty beast together. My worry is that this could be the deadlier option.

2) Alternatively, a safer option is to use the Red Mountain Devil from Serpent's Skull #1 (altered slightly). This is a CR 5 monster, so a challenge for the APL 2 party (APL 3 if they bring along Shalelu). While still dangerous far less punishing.


The Son of the Sandpoint Devil CR 5
XP 1,600
Giant winged chupacabra (Pathfinder Adventure Path #19 78)
CE Medium magical beast
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision;
Perception +7
AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12 (+2 Dex, +1 dodge, +2 natural)
hp 51 (6d10+18)
Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +4
Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (average)
Melee bite +9 (1d6+3), 2 hooves +9 (1d4+3)
Special Attacks chupar, pounce
Str 17, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 3, Wis 15, Cha 16
Base Atk +6; CMB +9; CMD 22
Feats Dodge, Flyby Attack, Improved Initiative
Skills Acrobatics +10, Fly +7, Perception +7, Stealth +10
Languages Abyssal, Varisian
Special Abilities
Bay(Su): When the Sandpoint Devil screams as a standard action, all creatures within a 300-foot-radius spread must succeed on a DC 15 Will save or become frightened for 2d4 rounds, or shaken for 1 round on a successful save. This is a sonic, mind-affecting fear effect. Whether or not the save is successful, creatures within the effect are immune to the Sandpoint Devil’s bay for 24 hours thereafter. The save DC is Charisma-based.
Breath Weapon: Once every 1d4 rounds as a standard action the Sandpoint Devil can unleash a 20 ft. cone of flame, dealing 5d4 damage, Reflex DC 15 for half. In addition a character must make a Will Save (DC 15) or take a -2 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks for a number of days equal to the damage taken. This is a curse effect that functions at Caster Level 6th.

Son of Sandpoint Devil II (Caravan Statistics)
AC 15, hp 25, Attack:+6, Damage: 3d6+3

In any case I'm honestly not sure which way to go. What do you folks think?

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Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Jonathan Tweet and Danny O'Neil team up to build a trickster god's Megadungeon.

The Grande Temple of Jing.

I backed this at the $175, so there will be one level co-written by me. So you know that's an incentive to back.

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Too excited, and wanted to get to work early on my archetype, so I could playtest it.

Anyone else drafted their Archetype?

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Traps are a problematic in Pathfinder. They are mostly a nuisance rather than an obstacle or an encounter. It's a problem that needs some rectification. At the same time, completely rewriting the trap rules will require rewriting the rogue, and the trap stat-block. Troublesome.

So I've come up with a solution that uses some existing rules but also still lets trap-finders shine, while keeping other characters invested.

The Rule

When a trap activates, everyone in the area gets a Perception check vs the Perception DC of the trap, characters with Trap Sense may add this as a bonus to the Perception check. Those that succeed may act in the surprise round (roll initiative as normal characters with Trap Sense add their Trap Sense bonus to this Initiative Roll). The trap always acts on an initiative count of 10 + CR.

The players who succeeded on the Perception check now have a surprise round to act before the trap activates. Characters who passed the perception check know where the trap was triggered, and where the trap is likely to effect.

A character with Disable Device can attempt to Disable the trap in this surprise round by taking a -5 penalty to do the action hastily. A particularly complex trap may require a -10 penalty at the GM's discretion. A character with the Fast Disable talent may ignore this penalty (or take only a -5 penalty for particularly complex traps at the GM's discretion).

The Rule in Play

Merisiel, Amiri, Kyra and Seoni are exploring the Catacombs of Whut in Osirion (they are 5th level). They come across a chest, with weird writing on it which Seoni translates as the treasure of Keftet, the Quartz Prince.
The chest is trapped with a Falling Block Trap (CR 5).

Merisiel takes a 10 on her Perception Check, and identifies the trap, and the trigger (opening the Sarcophagus). She decides to Disable the Trap, except now horrid scarabs are crawling through cracks in the wall and floors (distracting the Rogue). Unable to take 10, she needs to roll, and sadly gets a natural 1, even with her bonus she has failed the check by 5 or more accidentally activating the trap.

Perception checks are rolled: Amiri, Merisiel and Kyra all succeed vs DC 20. Seoni, still distracted by the crawling scarabs does not realize the danger she's in.
Initiative is rolled:
Amiri rolls a 20 for a total of 23 (including her Trap Sense bonus of +1)
Merisiel rolls a 10 for a total of 19 (including her Trap sense bonus of +1).
Kyra also rolls a 10 for a total of 9.
Seoni does not get to act in the Surprise Round.
The Falling Block goes on initiative 15.

Amiri goes first, with Seoni oblivious she tackles the sorcerer out of the danger zone.
Merisiel tries to disable the device, knowing the noise of a falling rock might attract attention (taking a -5 penalty), she needs an 11 plus. She rolls 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19, poorly.

The Block has its turn:

It attacks the two targets - Merisiel (Not flat-footed thanks to Uncanny Dodge, and having acted in the surprise round: AC = 19). Falling Block 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (6) + 15 = 21 and Kyra (heavily armoured as she is she has an AC of 20), the falling block rolls 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (10) + 15 = 25.

Ouch! Both girls take 6d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 6, 2, 2, 5) = 23 damage, and the Mummies in the next room get a Perception check to hear the commotion.

Compare that to Regular Play

A trap gets triggered, the GM makes a couple of attack rolls, then some damage rolls and that's that. The players get pinged for damage due to one bad roll and we move on to the next encounter.

The party doesn't get to make any decisions of their own. This rule adds gameplay, and choice and that's the heart of good role-playing and exciting encounters.

Taking 10 and Taking 20

Another useful thing is the Take 10 and Take 20 rules. Rather than making your player roll (or roll in secret) insist that they can either take 10 or take 20 to search for or disable traps. Now whenever the player chooses to take 20, warn them that there is a chance of a Random Encounter (I say 25%, increasing by 20% every time the player takes 20). The more time players take in the dungeon the more of a chance a monster might stumble across them. Again this is about choice, do you take a cursory look over everything and risk failing against a particularly nasty trap, or do you take your time and risk alerting the dungeon to your presence?

Now for this to work it means you occasionally need to throw in traps of a much higher CR (APL +2 or +3) at the party. That way the players don't automatically spot every trap they stumble across. If the Rogue player has thrown everything they have into Perception (racial bonus, plus skill focus and alertness etc) then don't punish that player. They have spent resources to be great at the trap finding niche, let them take their 10s to find traps even beyond the normal range. Disabling such traps are still a tricky endeavour.

The only time you want the PCs to roll is if they are stressed or distracted. Disabling a trap to continue down a corridor because you're being chased by a raging ogre requires a roll. Disabling a trap while holding your breath underwater requires a roll.

Otherwise the character should take 10 or take 20.

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Hi all, just thought I'd take time to post feedback on a game I ran tonight. Home modem conked out so this is posted from my iPhone. Excuse typos/poor formatting.

Encounter 1- Blue Eyed White Dragon

Riding a flying sleigh to the First World North Pole the PCs were deputized by an elf as official "helpers" and were given ambrosia laced Sugar Plums granting each 3 Mythic tiers.
Party was all iconics:
Half-Elf Gunslinger 7/Marshal 3
Human Barbarian 7/Champion 3
Human Paladin 7/Guardian 3
Elf Rogue 7/Trickster 3.

The sleigh is attacked by an Invincible Young Adult White Dragon. Amiri uses leaping attack to wrestle it down with a spectacular grapple check. Lirianne takes control of the sleigh and crashes it into the dragon. Merisiel takes no AoO flanks and sneak attacks.
Dragon takes a smite. Flies away. LOTS of mythic points spent.

Skill Challenge
Trek through the snowstorm. Cumulative Survival Target 100. Each check 1 hour's travel and 2d6 cold damage. At the edge they face an arcane Yuki-Onna. Paladin drops due to incorporeal touch. Rogue uses a healing potion. Paladin is super effective Yuki dies. Storm abates. Party makes a snow cave to camp in.

Dragon Returns
Healed of some damage due to a stash of magic items it digs the PCs out of the snow cave. Combat ensues, Barbarian drops from a dragon full-attack. This time the Rogue is super effective.
"Invincible" template isn't.

Santa's Village
Skipped Ice golem encounter.

Toy Store Collapse, Bleached Snipers
Players are caught in a collapsing toy store. A pair of gnomes snipe from a nearby clock tower with Cold Iron arrows (the PC's weakness) deal a little damage.


The villain himself steps out Vital Strikes Lirianne for 50+ damage. Promptly murdered next turn. Mythic Vital strike seems deadly in monster hands.

More tomorrow. Am sleepy.

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I will definitely weep manly tears if my item doesn't make it through.

I've been pondering it for a long time. I forced myself to move away from the idea and look elsewhere to make sure it was the best. Yet it came in a flash of inspiration and has seen many hours of perspiration. Figuratively because of all the time I put in, and literally it's really hot down in Australia at the moment.

It's an exciting item that does something I haven't seen before. It has a really great visual appeal and is something I could see many adventurers wanting to have handy.

I'm waiting for it to be proof read before I look over it again one more time. Then it's submission O'Clock.

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An idea I always wanted to try was giving players traits for completing chapters of the AP (not books, discrete chapters of the books). These relatively minor perks reflect the PC's experiences throughout the campaign and help shape the characters and their relationships with the NPCs around them.

At the end of each Chapter of the AP you'll earn Chapter Traits. Chapter traits are small perks that give your characters small bonuses that will a) increase your relationship scores with your allies and b) provide a perk for your character. At the end of each chapter you may choose one Chapter Trait.

Chapter 1 - The Brinestump Marsh


Walthus' Gratitude
In thanks for your help with the imposter Walthus helps you raise a hatchling viper from birth.
Benefit: You have a viper except the poison deals Dex damage. The viper is trained for Performance and knows the following tricks (come, fetch, heel, perform, and stay). Furthermore your training with the viper has given you a resistance to venom and gain a +1 trait bonus to saves vs. poison.

Shalelu's Goblin Slaying Tips
You spend some time talking to Shalelu about your pitched battle against the Brinestump Marsh goblins. She is impressed by your story but provides some advice that might prove useful in future encounters against goblinoids.
Benefit: Your relationship score with Shalelu increases by 1. Furthermore you gain a +1 Trait Bonus to either attacks or AC against goblins, she also translates some of the goblin speech for you and you slowly learn the goblin language. You gain one rank in Linguistics learning the Goblin language.

Koya's Cartography
You share the maps of the Brinestump with Koya, she is fascinated with the unexplored place and together your work on an official map of the Brinestump to present to the Sheriff of Sandpoint for the guard to use as an aid for patrols entering the trecherous swamp.
Benefit: Your time spent helping Koya map the Brinestump increases your relationship score by 1. Furthermore you gain a skill rank in Survival or Knowledge (Geography), or a rank in Craft (Cartography).

Sandru's Fencing Lessons
You fence the jewellery you found in the Brinestump with Sandru learning about the verbal sparring needed for good negotiation.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on any checks made to haggle, or make a deal and 1 rank in Knowledge (local) or Appraise. Your relationship score with Sandru increases by 1.

Ameiko's Tian Lessons
Intrigued by the Tian artifacts you spend some time with Ameiko trying to decipher their meaning and history.
Benefit: Your relationship with Ameiko increases by 1 point, furthermore you gain 1 rank in either Linguistics (language learned must be Tien) or Knowledge (History).

Rat Bitten Twice Shy
The attack by the rats give you a terrible sickness (filth fever) that lasts a few days after leaving the swamp. Your system managed to bounce back ready and more able than ever.
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus vs. disease and gain a +1 bonus to AC vs. Vermin.

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and you get THE NUNCHUKS!.

Seriously though, awesome clip of a Bruce Lee look-a-like.

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Great stuff Kevin, so we have an Oracle and an Alchemist aiming to pull off a heist. Interesting.

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XP 51,200


Male Human Mythic Vampire (nosferatu) fighter 11
N Medium humanoid
Init +5; Senses Perception +22, Darkvision 60 ft., Low-light vision, scent

AC 39, touch 15, flat-footed 35 (+10 armor, +1 deflection, +2 Dex, +2 dodge, +14 Natural)
hp 169 (11d10+44+60)
Fort +11, Ref +10, Will +8; +3 vs. fear
Defensive Abilities bravery +3, channel resistance +12, DR 15/epic wood and piercing, resistance cold 10, electricity 10, sonic 10, fast healing 5. Overcome Weakness (Sunlight, Garlic, Mirrors & Holy Symbols), Undead Immunities
Weaknesses Vampire Weaknesses

Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft.
Melee +1 glaive +22/+17/+12 (1d10+13 plus energy bleed 2 levels DC 20) or armor spikes +18/+13/+8 (1d6+7) or claws +18 and +18 (1d6+7 plus energy bleed 2 levels DC 20) or scabrous claws +18 and +18 (1d8+7 plus 1d6 bleed and energy bleed 2 levels DC 20)
Ranged composite longbow +14/+9/+4 (1d8+5/x3)
Special Attacks blood drain, dominate, energy bleed, telekinesis, weapon training (polearms +2, bows +1), scabrous claws, children of the eclipse, mist shapes, mastermind
Str 24, Dex 14, Con -, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 20
Base Atk +11; CMB +18; CMD 32
Feats Alertness, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Disruptive, Dodge, Dodge (Mythic), Improved Initiative, Improved Vital Strike, Lightning Reflexes, Lunge, Mobility, Skill Focus (Stealth), Skill Focus (Intimidate), Spellbreaker, Spring Attack, Spring Attack (Mythic) Vital Strike, Vital Strike (Mythic), Weapon Focus (glaive), Weapon Specialization (glaive), Whirlwind Attack
Skills Diplomacy +8, Handle Animal +8, Intimidate +21, Knowledge(dungeoneering) +7, Knowledge (engineering) +11, Knowledge (history) +5,Knowledge (local) +5, Knowledge (nobility) +10, Perception +22, Profession(soldier) +17, Ride +9, Sense Motive +23, Survival +7, Stealth +12
Languages Common, Elven, Orc
SQ armor training 3, spider climb, swarm form, telepathy, mythic power 1d8 (6/day),
Combat Gear potion of inflict light wounds, potion of expeditious retreat;Other Gear +1 mithril full plate with cold iron armor spikes, +1 glaive, composite longbow (+4 Str) with 20 arrows, belt of giant strength +2, cloak of resistance +2, ring of protection +1, heavy horse (combat trained) with chain shirt barding and military saddle

So this is my first attempt at creating a mythic monster, and I decided to start with Count Dracula. I took the General NPC from the GMG, added the Nosferatu Template and the Mythic Vampire template. It took me about 1 hour to put this together (and I double checked the math but I could be wrong). Some things to note:

A CR 12/MR 6 creature should be roughly equivalent to a CR 18 monster, but Dracula's damage and hp are paltry when compared to the Monster Statistics table. Damage and hit-point wise he's closer to a CR 13 creature although the DR 15, Channel Resistance +12 and fast healing 5 might mitigate that.

He also has a BOATLOAD of special abilities to keep track of:

He has 6 mythic points to spend, either on adding to rolls, or on his three mythic feats (Dodge, Vital Strike and Spring Attack). His treasure is for a CR 12 NPC. With his Children of the Eclipse ability he should never be found alone, although I doubt ghouls would be much of a danger to higher level PCs, Shadows are a problem at any level with their incorporeal touch attacks and strength drain.

Anyway please critique, double check my maths and feel free to use in your own playtests.

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I just realised there's no mythic NPC statblocks in the Playtest document. Is there any examples of NPC statblocks we can use to check against format?

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Mythic Setting Ideas:

So before I jump into the Mythic Playtest I feel I can't do Golarion justice with mythic quests before book 6 of any AP. It's an old world mentality but there it is. So I've decided I'll run adventures in one of the following settings. Mythic from the ground up.

A dark faery-tale forest, wherein the anthropomorphic animal denizens try to build an existence between the monster haunted forest. The Silver Lanterns keep the roads safe for travellers, and hunt down the worst of the worst. With spirits everywhere you never know where the next adventure will lurk.
Inspirations: Lookouts, Thornwatch, Mouseguard, Redwall, Samurai Jack.
Can it Fit on Golarion? Absolutely, perhaps as a First World analogue of the Forest of Spirits (North of Minkai) where animals are all anthropomorphic, and spirits and magic are more prevalent.

The afterlife ain't what you thought it was. The goddess of death pronounces judgement on the dead, but her backlog is centuries long so while souls wait for their final destination they gotta live in the city of Purgatoria. Where devils tempt souls one last time, where angels guard their flocks and where djinn rub shoulders with ghosts. When someone's number is up before Pharasma calls its up to the Watch to get it solved.
Inspirations: Planescape, Ghostwalk, Grim Fandango, Eberron, Noir Films, Sandman.
Can it Fit on Golarion? Sort of. Conceivably Purgatoria could stand in for Pharasma's Realm or Axis below it.

Bad Blood:

The Church of the Martyr keeps their flock safe from heresies such as vampires, werewolves, mummies and Sasquatches. Most assume through their Inquisitorial arm. But there is a secret dagger the Church keeps tucked away, a group tainted by creatures of the night, dhampyr, shifters, changelings, doppels, gillmen, tieflings. Creatures with enough humanity to care for the innocents, but enough monstrousness to be damned. When all else has failed, when all is lost Bad Blood is called to deal rescue the innocent.

Inspirations: BPRD, Hellboy, Van Helsing, Angel, Buffy, Monster Squad!
Can it fit in Golarion? Flavourwise this might fit in Ustalav, but the religion aspect doesn't quite work. This one would need to be its own setting methinks.

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At 52 pages this is a tricky one to print, any chance of a lite version to make it a little easier on my old printer?

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Can't say enough good things about this book.

You know weirdly I'd like to see Telltale Games do an adventure game starring the pair. The combination of humor and puzzle solving would be a blast.

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This is easily the best podcast to ever be cast into the crazy ether. I hope you folks are all listening while you wile away your work hours. You should check them out


They've also got a Kickstarter for a Graphic Novel & Concert Film going at the moment. You can check that out HERE.

I can't get enough of Beyond Belief! I JUST CAN'T OKAY!

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Anyone else playing this?

Easily the most heart wrenching, emotional experience I've had in a video game.

Anyone else playing? I just finished Episode 4 and I'm freaking out about episode 5!

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A harsh voice booms from the smoke and darkness in the Imperial Palace of Minkai.

"When does a story begin? Does it begin Eon's ago when the gods chose mortals over great and noble spirit kind? Does it begin a century ago when those noble beings who rebelled escaped their unjust prison? Does it begin decades ago when my evil became LAW? Does it begin years ago when a ship lost in a storm crashed into a murky swamp? Does it begin weeks ago when pathetic goblins discovered the explosive secrets inside? Or did it begin days ago when a band of friends escorted a caravan down a lonely coastal road?"


12 Rova 4712

The ride down Lonely Coast Road was relatively uneventful and the trade of goods with the Magnimar merchant went smoothly. Ameiko Kaijutsu was beginning to suspect the rumours of violent goblins from Brinestump were exaggerations. She was about to proclaim as much when suddenly a firework exploded!

The horses were spooked, and the guards and friends she had hired were about to earn their pay. Goblins burst forth from bushes and trees, firing arrows and attacking with their scrap metal weapons.

While Sandru Vhisky and Ameiko Kaijutsu tried to get the wagon horses under control, and Koya Mvashti complained about the bumpy ride. The party had problems of its own.

A goblin leapt out of the tree (with a natural 20 on it's acrobatics check) doing a sweet backflip and landing behind Darktread the exiled ninja of the dragon clan. The goblin and the ninja exchanged blows back and forth.

The Half-Elf Druid Mordred worried about his foster mother, rushed towards the wagon horses and attempted to soothe them. Ordering his battle-cat Avalon to kill as many goblins as she could. The horses' panic was great and so Mordred leapt atop one of the steeds and with the aid of Ameiko & Sandru managed to stop the caravan before it careened off the path. Avalon crushed a goblin skull in its jaws with ease.

Garfaz Starclaw's horse had panicked. The Tengu Samurai was cool under pressure using his reigns to calm the horse and steer it towards the goblin menaces to the East. The goblins, despite being under attack from a giant cat decided to team up against their dreaded horsy enemy. Garfaz's blade destroyed any goblin it could reach.

Brando "Little Cat" Tormir another of Koya's wards, and a ranger to boot charged in sword-first killing a goblin with skill and ease.

Shalelu was under assault by a small pack of goblins who recognized her as a slayer of their kind. Hoping to return the favour she had once done him, Cale Anders charged into the fray destroying a goblin with one swift strike. While Ameiko's younger half-elf brother Rorrin Kaijutsu used minor magics to attack the goblins.

The battle was a tricky thing, but the skill of the caravan guards won out. Two pieces of treasure stuck out:
The firework husk, with an obviously Tian design, and a strange lamp bearing odd symbols of ancient Minkai. The party finished their quest, escorting the caravan back to the town and a drink at the Rusty Dragon.

The party spent the evening at the Rusty Dragon talking to their allies. Darktread's legendary bar-tab growing even larger. As Ameiko and her younger brother Rorrin tried their hardest to puzzle out the ancient Lantern. Rorrin's arcane studies served him well as he came to the realization that the Lantern could generate magical light, and magic items with a certain Arcane Kanji would glow if the light covered them. Curious Ameiko charged the PCs with dealing with the Goblin Problem, and perhaps discovering the source of their strange magic items. The mark read Amatatsu, but whatever the word meant seemed to have lost meaning for the characters, as if the knowledge was a song they once knew but could no longer even hum the tune to.

The night ended with a Fortune Reading by Koya, the cards predicted danger in the coming days particularly mentioning the players should "beware the dead". That much would be lost, before much could be gained, and a land freed from bondage and slavery. Ameiko extracted a promise from Darktread to make sure Rorrin returned home safe, she had already lost her father, and her older brother the previous year. She didn't want to lose the last member of her family to goblins or worse things that might reside in the Brinestump. She entrusted the lamp to Rorrin, in the hopes that he might be able to use it to track down further Tian artifacts in the Swamp.

13 Rova 4712

The party spent the next morning buying some supplies with the payment they had earned guarding Ameiko's caravan, and arming themselves with knowledge about the Brinestump swamp (what little there was to learn). Shalelu warned Cale of a creature that stalked the swamps. A Soggy River Monster had been spotted by farmers, with a face that opens sideways. Koya gifted her wards with potions, telling them to be careful and to visit an old friend of hers, a halfling named Wolthus who knew the swamps passing well who might be able to lead them to the Goblins. She recommended a gift of tea, to make him more likely to share his aid. While Cale learned from a shopkeep that Wolthus was fond of snakes, keeping many as pets.

They travelled overland by foot, reaching the New Fishing Trail by mid-afternoon. The swamp itself was dark, wet and creepy. The first bridge they crossed revealed an ambush predator, a Belostomatid. The creature's paralytic venom, and mighty claws nearly killed Mordred's faithful kitty Avalon. Fortunately some lucky strikes from Brando and Garfaz ended the creature before it could make a meal of the cat. Darktread and Rorrin barely entered the fray. "It's too dangerous! For my bar tab!"

The rest of the old road was easy enough to traverse, and it wasn't long before Walthus' shack came into view. Rorrin and Cale volunteered to speak to the halfling, after a protracted period of knocking the halfling finally answered the door. Haggard and exhausted, he appeared to suffer from many snake bites, and he seemed completely uninterested in tea. Perplexed, Cale asked the others to scout the perimeter of the house for anything unusual, while he knocked a second time.
"You appear to have taken some injury. Trouble with snakes?"
"Trouble? Yeah! Actually, some snakes somehow got in my garden. You wouldn't happen to be able to deal with them would you?"
"Sure, lead the way."
As the pair approached the garden, Cale, Paladin of Sarenrae drew his blade and turned on their "host".
"Okay, where's the real Walthus?"
"Walthus" surprised at the accusation slammed the door and proceeded to hide in the house. The party poured in, but "Wolthus" rapidly stabbed Cale in the kidneys, and took the bleeding PC hostage.
Mordred didn't have any patience for that and conked the shape shifting monster in the head, while Darktread wreslted Cale's unconscious form out of danger.

Realizing he was outnumbered the imposter attempted to make a dash for it, but the kiss of Galfaz's razor-sharp katana meant the Faceless Stalker was dead within half a dozen paces, landing in two clean halves before he realized he was dead. After a search of the home, the party discovered the real Walthus hiding within. Though he had no specific knowledge of the Brinestump Goblins, he knew someone who did. Old Megus, a witch of some skill who resided at the end of The Witches' Walk. He offered the party his hospitality, and a cloak of resistance as payment for his rescue.

Quotes of the Night:
Rorrik's Player: "So it's just the one goblin and Darktread fighting?"
Rorrick: "Anyone want to make a wager on who wins?"
Shalelu: *sizes up Darktread* "I put three gold on the Goblin."
Darktread: "In the old country we call this one the curbstomp!" *Kills Goblin*.
Shalelu: "Well that was fast. Your three gold sir."

Mordred: "I use all my potions and healing magics to heal my kitty to full health."
Darktread: "Uh, I've got an injury over he-"
Mordred: *Death Glare*
Darktread: "Never mind."
Mordred: ""You left my kitty to die! No heals for you."

Walthus: "Where's that thing! That imposter?"
Rorrin: "He had to split."

MVP: Cale Anders, for using great tactics against the bug, and realizing the imposter.

Funniest Player: Darktread for refusing to allow Rorrin to get into any danger whatsoever.

Honorable Mention: Galfaz, for killing things with style.

Current XP: 468
Treasure Found: Cloak of Resistance +1 (Rorrik)
Goblins Killed: 8

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Finished it today, it's a really great side-scrolling stealth 'em up. Providing perfect visual cues for sound travel and lighting.

This game makes you feel like a ninja in a way no other game has.

Grab it for Xbox Live if you're into that kind of thing.

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Adventure Building Tools in Neverwinter Nights.

I know this is a future issue for this game, but looks like Neverwinter Nights is going to let players build their own rides :-)

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Okay so I'm running Jade Regent in about a month. I'm going to run We Be Goblins as a Prequel, and use Clark Peterson's excellent introductory prologue.

But this game is going to be running in 6 hour sessions only once or maybe twice a month, so that means I'm going to need to put together a more focused experience than the AP assumes.

If I changed JR to the Fast XP track, what encounters/story elements would you cut to keep things going?

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Hey gang,

The website seems to be timing out a lot when I try to browse it on my iPhone. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this trouble? Running iOS 5.1.1.

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Ahoy there!

Hey all, with the great big Seabox that Skull & Shackles is there's an opportunity to insert a bunch of great 3.5 era Dungeon Magazine adventures.

Be aware that even if you don't want the adventures there's some great maps to be found in these issues and many of them can be downloaded FREE.

Also I'm putting stars on the titles I'm most likely to convert and use myself (keep an eye on my various Dudemeister's S&S threads for those conversions). The others are here for GM inspiration.

With Paizo's big sale on here's some adventures I'll be using adapting and borrowing:

Dungeon 104* - Dragon Hunters (Level Range 5-10)

I just really like this adventure

Dungeon 105* - The Stink (Level Range 2-7)
Could easily be set in one of the larger ports around The Shackles.

Dungeon 106* - Tammeraut's Fate& Pirate Seacave Stronghold Map (Level Range 6-10)
Possible Sequel to Cracking the Rock in Book 2

Dungeon 107* - Freeport: Dead Man's Quest (Level Range 1-5)
The Return of Captain Morgan!

Dungeon 111* - Strike On the Rabid Dawn (Level Range 15-20)
Secret Asmodean Cultists among the pirates and the PCs must stop Asmodeus' Herald from being called to the fray. This fits so perfectly I might spit.

Dungeon 114 - Torrents of Dread (Level Range 6-10), Backdrop: Isle of Dread
If you're going to drop the Isle of Dread anywhere, the Shackles is the place to do it.

Dungeon 118* - Box of Flumph (Level Range 1-5)
FLUMPHS! 'Nuff Said... oh alright, another great ship map, a great map of a port town and probably something I'll use to expand Rickety's Squibs.

Dungeon 121* - The Styes (Level Range 7-12)
An incredibly popular adventure that could be placed anywhere in the Shackles.

Dungeon 123* - Salvage Operation (Level Range 1-5)

Dungeon 125 - Seekers of the Silver Forge (Level Range 15-20)
Replace Gith with Gillmen, add some Aboleths, and Gol-Ghan references to taste.

Dungeon 130 - Map: Jungle Trading Port
Within the Circle is a great low-level adventure, and if you plan on running Jade Regent then Palace of Plenty should give you more bang for your buck.

Dungeon 137 - The Spider Eaters (Level Range 1-5)
A Pirate Island, and some sexy spiders.

Dungeon 138* - The Weavers (Level 9-11)
Highly regarded Sequel to the Styes

All of the following have bits for the Savage Tide Adventure Path: A great AP and you should collect everything from 139-150 anyway it'd make a great Sequel to Skull & Shackles you can force one of your players to run (or make 'em walk the plank).

Dungeon 139** - There is no Honor (Level Range 1-5)

Great maps, Parrot Island!, Pirate Ship Map

Dungeon 140 - The Bullywug Gambit (Level Range 1-5)
Great Maps, awesome encounters

Dungeon 141 - The Sea Wyvern's Wake (Level Range 1-5)
(Great for Random Sailing Encounters)

Dungeon 142 - Here there be Monsters (Level range 7-11)
Nothing particularly piratey about this one, but some great island exploration encounters.

Dungeon 143 - Tides of Dread (Level Range 8-11) Backdrop: Farshore
Steal some encounters

Dungeon 144 - The Lightless Depths (Level Range 9-13)
Some neat Aquatic Encounters

Dungeon 145 - The City of Broken Idols (Level Range 14-16)
Taboo Island works well as a Gol-Ghan ruin.

Dungeon 146 - Serpents of Scuttlecove (Levels 13-20); Backdrop: Scuttlecove
Again some good maps and great encounter ideas.

Dungeon 147 - Into the Maw (Levels 16-19)
A little Piraty, and a good way to expand beyond the campaign as written.

Dungeon 148 - Wells of Darkness (Level 17-20)
Nothing particularly piraty about this one, useful for expanding beyond the AP.[/spoiler
Dungeon 149 - Twisted Night, Enemies of my Enemy (Levels 8-12 & 19-20) [spoiler]A nice Varnhold Vanishingesque adventure, and a little something to help you continue the campaign.

Dungeon 150 - Prince of Demons (Levels 20-21) [spoiler]Extraplanar Piracy![/url]

BONUS: Dragon Issues - More support and inspiration for Players and GMs.

Dragon 305 - Learn to Fight with Flair!
Dragon 315 - Shark Cultist prestige class.
Dragon 318 - Pirate Equipment and a great write up of the historical pirate city of Port Royal.
Dragon 334 - The Kraken, 6 Serious Spells for Seafarers and Booze in D&D
Dragon 345 - 3 Sinister Sea Serpents
Dragon 349 - Dagon Arises!
Dragon 353 - Savage Tidings: Advancing the Wyvern (More ship upgrades)

If there's any others you can think of or other adventures from 3pp, PFS adventures or Modules line modules that you think would make a good fit, post them below.

Yoho me hearties,

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Anyone else picked up the first issue?

It's 99c at Comixology. I love that setting so much I want to run an RPG in it.

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Prologue: One Misty Mourning

Rain spattered upon the deck of the Misty Mourner, the sailors eyed the Chelish Captain with wary suspicion. The Chelish Navy was powerful even in the free waters of the Shackles, and with the secret of gunpowder stolen from Alkenstar many a ship in the Chelish navy had found itself fitted with a powerful compliment of cannons.

"Everything seems to be in order, and I hope you find yourself sailing with fairer winds than these. Captain..."
"Ackles," spake Captain Morgan, "Captain Shamus Ackles."

The Chelish Captain walked up the gangplank back onto his boat. The crew breathed a sigh of relief.

Yet, just as the Captain Morgan was about to give the order to release the grapnels from his ship words could be heard over the patter of rain.
"Fire all cannons men! Burn that ship to the waterline! If that man isn't a pirate, he once was and I'll be damned to the deepest of hells if I'll let him free to commit another act of devil-blasted piracy!"
The Thrune's Fang opened up her cannon ports:
"Blast it all!" Yells Captain Morgan, "The Misty Mourner won't last a minute under this assault! ALL HANDS TO THE BOATS! ABANDON SHIP YOU SCABROUS DOGS, AND THAT'S AN ORDER!

Four members of Morgan's crew leapt to, and needed little convincing to man the emergency boat. Lowering themselves down into the ocean the mighty half-orc woman, and an imperious looking Tengu began rowing with all their might. The hull of the Misty Mourner shattering to splinters in their wake. Then after less than a minute of bombardment. A mighty explosion caused the dinghy to bob from the waves. The Misty Mourner's powder had gone up, lit by Morgan no doubt, to give the boats more time to escape. Whether by luck or Besmara's blessing the sails of the Thrune's Fang II were burning and torn. Morgan's Crew had a small chance of survival.

The four aboard the dinghy were:

Peter Backbeard - Male Dwarf Witch: Hunting for the ancient secrets of Ghol-Gan, Peter signed on to the Misty Mourner under Captain Jonas Morgan in the hopes of meeting a contact in Port Peril about a map. A tiny dinosaur rests atop his shoulder, and his long back-hairs seem to move of their own accord.

Sally Dread-Morgan - Female Half Elf Buccaneer (Bard): A storyteller from Port Peril, Sally signed on to Captain Morgan's ship in order to learn the Captain's life story, and to learn if they were indeed related.

Buttons - Female Half-Orc Juju Oracle: Called by the wendifa to the ocean, Buttons is named so for the bizarre collection of buttons she keeps, some of which she sews onto raggedy dolls for her own inscrutable reasons. Captain Morgan took her aboard the ship believing "Having juju sea spirits on your side might be worth a button or two."

Samrow Seaspirit - Male Tengu Corsair (Fighter) - Signed on to Captain Morgan's ship in the hopes of becoming an officer, Captain Morgan hired Seaspirit to absorb the bad-luck aboard the ship (a job he is still doing aboard his new boat).

The days were long, and while they told stories over rum, to keep down the boredom, soon the rum was almost gone. They rolled the bones to determine who would get the last swig, and though Sally Dread-Morgan lost many of her fine possessions to her fellow boatmembers, the taste of rum was oh-so-sweet.

But then another day passes in the heat, without shade. Even watered, the unrelenting heat caused each to pass out in turn. First Samrow, insulated by his fine black feathers, then Sally, with her slight elf-blooded frame, and then Buttons passed out mumbling about the wendifa. Peter Backbeard was last, but upon the horizon he spotted a sea serpent?


Chapter 1: Welcome to the Sweet Trade

The crew of the Mourner found themselves rudely awoken by a savage looking man with a long black beard, and cracking a whip to punctuate his points.
"Still abed with the sun over the yardarm? On your feet, ye filthy swabs! Get up on deck and report for duty before Captain Harrigan flays the flesh into sausages and has Fishguts fry you up for breakfast!"

Half-dazed the crew realized that they had been rescued from death by a crew of pirates, and there would be no illusions they had been press-ganged onto the crew.

The Mourners raced upstairs to the Main Deck where they learned that they served on The Wormwood under Captain Barnabas Harrigan, not that they would be speaking to the man. They were given to Mr. Plugg to shape into pirates as he saw fit. He quickly made it clear to the party that they were to obey without question and the smartmouthed Backbeard earned his first lash for insubordination at that point. Ordered to climb the rigging to determine who had the skill to serve as a Rigger on the ship, Buttons proved herself more than able to perform the task (rolling two twenties in a row to make the accelerated climb checks).

Plugg then asked for a volunteer to serve as cook. Backbeard volunteered, if only to get out from Scourge's zealous punishments. "If I find even one hair in my soup, I'll flay you alive got it." Threatened Plugg.

Sally Dread-Morgan, and the Tengu Samrow were made swabbies, their first task to catch rats below decks. Samrow tried to use the opportunity to look around, letting his work suffer severely (rolled a 2). Sally on the other hand worked diligently at her task to catch as many rats as possible.

Meanwhile in the rigging Buttons was having the time of her life making the repairs needed to keep the ship in sailing trim (rolled a 19 on her Dex check. Button's dex mod is -1.)

In the kitchen Backbeard bluffed Kroop telling the old cook that he was in charge. Kroop found that hilarious, and said: "Well then Master Cook, if you're so smart then you'll at the very least know how to fish for turtles. So why don't you go and do that." Working diligently Backbeard managed to catch enough Sea-Turtles to make stew that night.

The day seemed to pass quickly as the clock struck its terrible tone. Samnell was brought up for shirking his duties and received 3 lashes from the whip-happy Master Scourge. Then came the main event. A sailor by the name of Jakes Magpie was keelhauled, dragged beneath the ship on a terrifying deadly trip. The price paid for stealing from his crew-mates, by the end all that was left of him was a messed up mass of pulped flesh.

That evening Sally Dread-Morgan and Buttons drank deeply of their rum ration. Buttons fell almost immediately ill and rushed to a hammock to sleep off the booze. Sally slurred her way through their origin tale, drawing a few interested listeners among the crew, but no new friends. Samnell and Backbeard sipped their ration, and while Samnell went straight to his hammock in the hopes of sleeping off some of his wounds, Backbeard challenged the only other dwarf on the crew "Narwhal" Tate to an arm wrestling match. He used a touch of fatigue in the hopes of weakening Narwhal, but the Dwarf sailor seemed resistant to the magic. His strength though was no match for the mighty Backbeard, and the dwarf with the animated back hair one a pouch of gold and silver for his troubles. Still though, he was beginning to grow worried about the whereabouts of his familiar.

Thus ended the first day upon the Wormwood, the first of many to come.

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