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Commander_Groo's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 10 posts (13 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


I'm new to pathfinder and rpg in general I'm almost done building a lvl 1 ranger When is this game starting? This would be my first game

OK, I'll wait for a new group to start.

Is there any room here for a Pathfinder beginner? i'm almost done building a Lvl 1 Human Ranger


I am new to pathfinder and just got the beginner box and I have been looking through the Core Rules as well and I have some questions about darkness.

When players are relying on a torch or lantern to see and they enter a room in which there are monsters, do I wait until the monsters are in view range of the players before telling them about the monsters and place the monster pieces on the map?

In the Core rules, if a player is blind, I don't quite understand how they can pinpoint the monster, do you roll a percentile die with a 50% chance of picking the correct square?


Thanks for the help and suggestions everyone. The heroes are just about to greet the arguing goblins as their quest continues tonight :)


I am running the Beginner Box campaign for the first time and I am a first time GM. How much information about monsters should the players know? should they know the Monsters AC or hitpoints?


Thanks for clearing things up everyone.

OK thanks, It looks like in the core rules a 1st level cleric starts with 3 Orisons? (3 level 0 spells) correct?


Thanks, but where do I see or calculate how any Orison slots I have?


Can the cleric cast any of the 4 Orison spells listed as many times per day, or can they only pick a certain number of the 4 spells they they can then unlimited cast that day? The Handbook doesn't seem to mention any limit on the number of spells but the pregen cleric only has Detect Magic as a spell that can be cast any number of times per day hence my confusion.


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