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Open Call Submissions Close in One Week!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey there future scenario authors! Don't forget that the open call for Pathfinder Society Organized Play closes on Friday, October 2 at 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time. Below are the details. Good luck!

Rules for submitting Pathfinder Society scenario outlines are as follows:

1. Based on the guidelines for the current round, write a 750-word outline that includes the following:

a. A title (if necessary, some times they are already titled)
b. A brief introduction that acts as a prologue for the scenario
c. A brief summary of how the PCs proceed through each encounter
d. A brief summary of each encounter—minimum six encounters with one encounter detailed as optional
e. A brief conclusion—what happens if the PCs fail or succeed

2. By the due date, email your outline to with the subject line SCENARIO NAME_SCENARIO#_ YOURLASTNAME. Your summary must be in a MS Word document, or a Plain Text or Rich Text Format file—these are files ending in .doc, .txt, or .rtf. Your file must be titled SCENARIO NAME_SCENARIO#_LAST NAME, i.e., PerilsofthePiratePact_17_Dayon.

3. Include your full legal name, email address, physical mailing address, and a contact phone number at the top of your submission—this text does not count toward your word count.

4. Please allow 72 hours for a response before resending your submission.

The current open call is for Pathfinder Society scenario 43—one of the February 2010 releases. The full schedule for this submission period is as follows:

  • 9/17/09—Open call begins
  • 10/2/09—Submissions due by 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time
  • 10/12/09 through 10/16/09—Submissions review completed—selections and rejections notified


**SPOILER ALERT: Do not read the guidelines below if you wish to avoid spoilers for upcoming scenarios.**

Pathfinder Society Scenario 43
Title: none; up to the author
Setting: Falcon's Hollow, Andoran
Level Range: Tier 1–7; Tiers 1–2, 3–4, and 6–7

Joshua J. Frost
Events Manager

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