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The Stuff of Legend

The Stuff of Legend Tuesday, November 9, 2010You've head the rumors. Now learn the truth from the journal of Howell, Tim Nightengale's character in James Jacobs's legendary Shadows Under Sandpoint campaign. Entry from the travel journal of Howell B. Talbot III, Servant of Abadar ... 18 Pharast (late morning) ... All praise the might and justice of Abadar! ... A quick missive here, as we have met and vanquished the object of Styrian's obsession: the Sandpoint Devil! ... I must say that the...
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Tags: James Jacobs Sandpoint Devil Shadow Under Sandpoint

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The Sandpoint Devil: Slain?

... The Sandpoint Devil: Slain? Tuesday, November 2, 2010Reports are coming in of a doughty band of adventurers facing off against the legendary Sandpoint Devil in bloody battle beneath the stones of western Varisia. Could it be true that the infamous beast, cow killer and hermit spooker, has been slain? Tune back in next week for the full report. ... Until then, gird your sanity as we page through the journal of that chronicler of terrors and outrages, Styrian Kindler. ... Wes Schneider ......
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Tags: Goblins Monsters Playtest Sandpoint Devil Shadow Under Sandpoint Stirges

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The Shadow Under Sandpoint Campaign Begins!

... The Shadow Under Sandpoint Campaign Begins! Monday, April 6, 2009Last Thursday an unlikely group of strangers gathered on the docks of Sandpoint, beginning what will doubtlessly be one of the most unfortunate misadventures in the usually peaceful town's history. This marks the beginning of the Paizo editorial pit's new biweekly Pathfinder RPG Campaign: James Jacobs's The Shadow Under Sandpoint! Watch the calamity unfold with ongoing character reports, missives, comments, journal entries,...
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Tags: Monsters Playtest Sandpoint Sandpoint Devil Shadow Under Sandpoint
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The Sandpoint Devil

The Sandpoint Devil Wednesday, June 13, 2007The real world is a great resource for monsters. Many of the game's critters come from real-world myth and legend, but one venue that seems to have been largely ignored are cryptozoological accounts. I'm talking about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, of course, but also about more obscure creatures like the hodag, Mokele-Mbembe, and the Yowie. And, of course, the Jersey Devil, the inspiration for one of Pathfinder's first new monsters. Rumors and...
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Tags: Monsters Rise of the Runelords Sandpoint Sandpoint Devil
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Monsters Are to Pathfinder What Icing Is to Cake—Attic Whisperer

Monsters Are to Pathfinder What Icing Is to Cake Monday, April 23, 2007I've made no secret of my obsession for new monsters. I love them. I can never get enough of them. Will I ever use all the monsters I've collected through my decades of RPG enthusiasm? Absolutely not. But I wouldn't give up any of them. ... Unlike magic items or spells, new monsters are things that a GM can introduce into a game without fear that they'll disrupt a campaign. If they prove too lame (as was the case of my...
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Tags: Goblins Monsters Sandpoint Devil Wallpapers
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