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Our Price: $18.75


It's the 3-D building game with a colorful twist. As players race to build towers using their Chameleon blocks, there's a surprise with every move-the Chameleon blocks magically change their colors. place one block on a tower, and the blocks below changes color. You'll need skill and luck to...

Our Price: $19.00


It begins with the tactical positioning of game pieces on the board. Then it's a race to be the first player to slide, separate, and remove all your pieces. Simple to learn, yet challenging enough for experienced competitors. Isolate is a great game for players of all ages. Grades 1+ Ages 6+

Our Price: $25.00


All hands on deck for a challenging pirate adventure! In this swashbuckling puzzle game, you hide and reveal pirates, ships, and secret riches on the high seas. Arrrr you ready to arrange the four island pieces on the game board so that only specific images remain uncovered? Aye, matey! You'll...

Our Price: $6.25


Remoldable Sculpting Beads Squish it, shape it, save it....or smoosh it and start all over again! With PlayFoam, you've got hours of creative fun on your hands! Unlike others, this lightweight, colorful foam sculpting material won't crumble, and it won't stick to skin or surfaces - no cleanup...

Our Price: $35.00


This accessory-packed PlayFoam craft kit is filled with fun: a rainbow of 9 assorted PlayFoam bricks (including Sparkle and Glow-in-the-Dark) and over 100 cool accessories! Includes everything you need to make your creations come alive: wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, feathers, glittery pom-poms,...

Our Price: $14.25


Command a colorful fleet in this dazzling game of pattern recognition. With 55 different races and two levels of exciting game play, Regatta is the ultimate single-player game for all ages. Pick a card, and place your crew in their boats and columns according to color and size of each boat, with...

Our Price: $25.00


Ready to embark on an undercover jungle safari? In each brain-teasing logic game, you must arrange the four jungle pieces on the animal-filled game board so that only specific animals remain out in the open. Sound easy? You'll need to stretch your spatial-reasoning and logical-thinking muscles...

Our Price: $27.50


Break through the grid block in this 3-D tunnel-making game. Your challenge is to create a twisting, turning (or straight) tunnel from one side of the cube to the other, while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Strategically insert blocks, constructing your tunnel while preventing your...

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