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Wolves of The Weirwood (Inactive)

Game Master Ryuko

How will the tiny village of Laniel survive an infection of Werewolves!

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Dr. Lugwaude upon hearing a rapping at the door of the temporary room he's rented at the village inn. Opens his door looking ragged as his single blue eye heavy with dark bags it appears he has stayed up all night a tattering of notes and beakers are littered along his table behind him. "V'hat is it? V'here my calculations of der rope lenght sufficient for deh mornings hangings? No trouble, yes?" he asks as he chews a wad of coca leaves still in his mouth.

When confronted with any the picture his eyes widen in shock "V'well yes zat is a rather old sketch of me. You see I still zee two eyes in it, before well unfortunate accident " pointing to his eye-patch.

Owning up to it he remarks "Vie won't pretend in my younger years I was less concerned about ethics dan I was about the advancement of science, but the bounty is boot a clever ruse by my government. You see the stark truth of the matter they funded, vell some experiments der and the nature of their involvement in them would be most troubling. Branding me a criminal is most elegant solution for them, less pleasant one vah me."

Upon any insinuation that the Doctor might have known of Sir Keinly's affliction or might have wanted to learn it's scientific natures he perks up with rather quickly "V'yes yes it would be very interesting, v'well scientifically to study such transformation. However, the for zee same reason I'm not too keen on experimenting on bears of large predatory animals. Too violent, makes thins difficult. Had I been involved I suppose a sedative and heavy restraint v'ould be in order." he rubs his eye-patch "I've already lost un eye once to glossing over lab safety. Repeating such mistake would be sloppy. My lack of adequate depth perception is a constant reminder of such thing."

Turning to the rest of the villagers he asks "Is anyone afraid of needles? I was wondering if I could draw samples of all of your blood. Determining who is doing anything of note would take months, but should wulf-men peaceably come forwards I could start the processes of introducing various strains of bacteria or enzymes to a full sample size. With any luck I could try and fashion an elixir to suppress primal urges if not work towards cure, yes? Is long-shot, but might be more pleasant for everyone involved. Plus it's good distraction from dwelling on deaths, would be pleasant for me at least."

The Exchange

"So first wowbagger appearing different and now the doctor being foriegn is suddenly the person of interest. By all means we should all answer these questions."

Male Human Blood Sucking Barrister / Lvl 5

Tristen sticks to the back of the group, frowning softly in thought. 'The Doctor is quite open about his past but the Professor... She had that book for a good while, if she can be believed. Why bring it out now? To take the light off of her own misdealings? Possibly. I can not really approach her, and say it outright... But. I must!'

Tristen steps forward, clearing his throat softly. "Madame, why ould you bring this forward now, if you had it for so long? Does the fact that you are now the Werewolf in the village, mean that the Doctor must be lynched too? Perhaps you do not like competition, for who is the biggest monster, hmm?" Tristen stares at the ground, but slowly looks up at the woman.

"I can not believe I am saying this but... Professor... Uhm... What does that lovely dress hide? A bite mark perhaps?"

Vote for Professor Devries

Gentleman Adventurer

Vorian rubs the back of his neck, evidently more sober than earlier. Taraz and Wowbagger's deaths still weighed on him heavily, but the prospect of digging what could end up being his own grave was even more troublesome. Disturbed by the realization, he drops the shovel, shaking his head. The commotion leading to the Doctor does not escape his attention - he follows along with the others.

Even without the Doctor's explanation, something about the situation does not sit well with Vorian.
Another accusation already? Isn't she done perusing those damned books?

It is Tristen's words that sets Vorian's mind into place. He had always found the man peculiar, but something about what he said just sounded right. Or maybe the alcohol was taking hold again.
"Hold on a moment... she was rather vocal of her accusation of Wowbagger. She even swayed some of you lot to her side! And then she turns around and decides to burn Taraz with the rest of us, yet lo' and behold, by morning they both wind up dead! And Wowbagger was a Mason no less!"
Vorian is rather incensed by this point, the bags under his eyes only accentuating the glare he gives the Professor.

Vote for the Professor

Ice Cream Man

"I be thinking this line of reasoning sounds pretty point on, wouldn't you say Professor?" Eldon stares straight into her eyes as he speaks.

Vote for Professor Devries

The Exchange

"Indeed another vote is upon us and again I have little evidence one way or another, however, perhaps it is anger over digging these graves and knowing that they must be filled."

Vote for Tristen

Male Human Blood Sucking Barrister / Lvl 5
Tristen Bell wrote:
People walking home last night would have seen Tristen "destroying" his Uncles house, knocking a butter dish off the table, cutting open a downy pillow and even going so far as to tear up a sheet of paper, before tossing it on the floor. Tristen is quite a quiet young man, and to him, this is indeed messing up a house.

Tristens house is only destroyed in his own eyes. All he did was knock a butter dish off the table, tear open a pillow and tear up a sheet of paper. I tried to get across how timid and plain he was, by saying he viewed the house as destroyed, when really five minutes of cleaning will see it right again. Nothing big was damaged!

Unless Tristen is a neat freak as a Werewolf as well, that is a VERY clean transformation.

Gentleman Adventurer

Argh! Excuses! Die monster, you don't belong in this world! Joking aside, I noticed that a few people seemed miss that.

Deleted my last post upon clarification from Tristen. I misunderstood the description provided.

Male Human Blood Sucking Barrister / Lvl 5

I did not really make it clear enough I guess. It was silly of me to write something like that, without clarifying it. I only now see how it looks! Haha

Totally not a Werewolf
Tristen wrote:

"Madame, why would you bring this forward now, if you had it for so long? Does the fact that you are now the Werewolf in the village, mean that the Doctor must be lynched too? Perhaps you do not like competition, for who is the biggest monster, hmm?" Tristen stares at the ground, but slowly looks up at the woman.

"I can not believe I am saying this but... Professor... Uhm... What does that lovely dress hide? A bite mark perhaps?"

Alessandra meets Tristen's gaze angrily. "Perhaps I should expect a lawyer to understand, but I didn't show the book around because the village might not even be here today without his help during the drought. And I'd expect someone of your profession to be much more careful about what they call a 'fact'! The fact is that Sir Keinley's letter specifically mentioned '...and you must find and kill him'. By his own hand he stated that his victim was a man and *not* someone with the parts that are under my dress- thank you very much!"

Vorian wrote:
"Hold on a moment... she was rather vocal of her accusation of Wowbagger. She even swayed some of you lot to her side! And then she turns around and decides to burn Taraz with the rest of us, yet lo' and behold, by morning they both wind up dead! And Wowbagger was a Mason no less!"

"Nonsense! That poor alien convinced me that he wasn't a threat and I changed my vote accordingly. Tristen on the other hand, he was supporting lynching Wowbagger to the end, even after he almost broke his vows of secrecy and all but told us he was a Mason..."

Eldon wrote:
"I be thinking this line of reasoning sounds pretty point on, wouldn't you say Professor?" Eldon stares straight into her eyes as he speaks.

"No, not in the least! What line of reasoning? That something horrible happened last night and two of our companions are dead? I admire that you were able to keep a cool head last night, but I'm hardly the only one to blame! That I protected the doctor's identity because I believed he deserved a second chance after the help he gave us? That it's quite peculiar that Keinley's lock happened to fail, and that a certain someone in the village has the sort of temperament that would enjoy observing the consequences? Look, I don't mind admitting that I'm scared. I'm terrified and I don't know what to do because I don't want to leave my home or my life's work- but I'm not a wolf!"

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

Mulling the dialogue, Simon considers the accusations and the words of the professor ring true.

”She is no wolf, the duke spoke rightly when he questioned why we lynched a wastrel and left a lawyer alive.”

vote for Tristen

The Exchange

"He voted for wowbagger, so is not one of his fellow masons and he lead me astray in voting for the man, with his fancy words and suspicions."

the Baker

Dan looks puzzled; "So Professor, you are saying there is only 1 were-wolf. Interesting, I might have thought they would travel in packs or mating pairs. You know a man and a woman?"

Totally not a Werewolf

"I honestly don't know how many there might be. The mayor's letter didn't tell us very much aside from the gender of the person he infected. Little was written about the courting habits of the wolves of the Weirwood before Sir Keinley's "triumph", and certainly nothing afterward. Why do you bring it up, Dan? Do you have some particular insight into the behavior of these beasts?"

Bruce can't helped but be swayed by the Professor's words. While he is loathe to vote at all, he can't help but believe her innocence. I can't help but find some truth in the Professor's evidence. And Tristen, in your quick condemnation of her research it does make me wonder if you are indeed trying to hide something. I hope I'm wrong but it's not something we can risk with the dangers about us.

Voting for Tristen Bell.

the Baker

Dan scratches his head furiously looks to the Professor with a smile; "Special insight, nah, it's just ya said it couldn't be you. It had ta be a man according to the letter, but I know that if it were me I'd want a pretty companion." he winks.

Putting up his sleeves he turns and looks around "So lets get this monument together." Moving over to the clearing in the town square Dan starts heaving stone, piling it atop each other to start a tower.

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

Simon joins Dan in the task of hauling stones for the monument, happy to have a distraction from the confusing events unfolding.

"Both the doctor and the lawyer seem suspicious, perhaps they're both werewolves" he mutters to Dan, "Pray that we guess right this evening, I don't know if I can handle the blood of another innocent on my hands.

the Baker

Dan mutters quietly; "I know what you mean, if there was only a protector or an oracle to tell peoples nature. Then, we would not need to lynch people. But you are correct sometimes those that are most tight-lipped have something to hide."

He is quiet and thoughtful; "I do not think the doctor is telling the whole truth, elsewise he would be more forth-coming."

Vote for Dr. Lugwaude Lächelnschiefe

As the group breaks up to begin the erection of the momument, Thoen stays until only a few of the townsfolk are left before turning to speak to the Professor,
"It is true that you have been acting strangely these past few days, Alessandra. You have been a good friend to me and I have tried to stand by you in this, but there is too much going on here for me to allow my sentiments to get in the way; if you are the wolf, then I must do what is required to save this town and its people." A tear slowly fills his eye and begins tracking its way through the dust on his face before he catches it and turns away in shame. "I pray that I am correct in my assumption, for I would never forgive myself if I was wrong." Turning to face her again, Thoen finds his voice even more subdued and filled with guilt at what he is about to do; "I am sorry."

With those final words he slowly makes his way back to his home, ignoring the invitations of the others to join them in building the monument.
It has been years since Thoen has taken any kind of strong drink, but he stops Whitey and hands him a sack of coins before continuing on his way. More likely than not the rest of the town will not see their smith again until the next morning.

Vote for Alessandra Dervies

the Baker

Dan moves over to the doctor, "So Doctor, you want to take a globbert of my blood and use it for tha' wytchcraft. To do God know's what with it, like in tha' tales of Vampyres of old. I can see why tha' was chased out of town, but are thee sure that it weren't your own experiments that made you a wolf? Like that Hyde & Jackell documentary."

Totally not a Werewolf


The professor is flabbergast. "Acting strangely? What do you mean?! All of our lives became 'strange' the day that fraud Sir Keinley blew his head off. What could I have possibly done that you want to see me dead? Alessandra is distraught by her friend's accusation and is at the point of tears herself. He was sorry?! What did that even mean? She wanted to chase him and demand some sort of explanation but instead turns to Tristen furiously.

"This is your fault! We let a lawyer into our community, treat you as a neighbor and open the doors of our village to you and this is how you repay us? By turning neighbors against each other and poisoning my friends against me?"

She turns to the crowd and makes a passionate plea. "Everyone, do you remember the spectacle this man made of himself last night? Do you remember his firey denouncement of Wowbagger? He marked the man for death after he all but told us he was a mason, then swore that he'd 'burn in the fires of hell' if he was wrong. Well? How about it Tristan? Will you vote for yourself now or is all your rhetoric just a bunch of hot air and fancy lawyer tricks?"

Changing vote to Tristan Bell

Vote totals:

Professor Alessandra Devries: 4 (Tristen, Vorian, Eldon, Thoen)
Tristan Bell: 4 (Duke Atredies, Simon, Bruce, Alessandra)
Dr. Lugwaude Lächelnschiefe: 1 (Dan)

Ice Cream Man

"I be keeping a clear head now. To those of you who be swayin' either way, let me say this. I've been in this town for awhile now. What not many of you may know is that I have a way of seein' things. Sometimes it's wrong, usually it's right. And last night I was seein you, Professor, all covered in blood. Talk of another wolf had even me afraid to speak up at first, but seein' the way people are talking, I wanna make sure we at least get you. And if I'm indeed wrong, well, I'll have someone to answer to then, and I'll vote myself tomorrow to meet him sooner. If this other possible wolf don't take me tonight, that is."

the Baker

Dan is nervous and sweaty from all these denouncements and accusations, his plans to build a cenotaph (no disrespect to RL servicemen). He looks too the professor; 'I would ask why she was so vehement but her life is on the line. But what's wrong with lawyers, are they any worse than other learned liars?'


The doctor looks a bit perturbed by the state of events among the villagers "V'well so we have brandished our pitchforks to threaten the necks of those with higher learning, yes?" he frowns scratching his head "Voh won't due, logistically should we need all the brain power we can get should we try and find a some way of dealing with these beasts." he muddles around a bit lost in thought "V'ee will probably need a grave digger as well, simply logistically...Celebration would be in order should we survive the good so no to de barkeep.....we seem to have a population disparity between females oph childbearing age as well long term, thoughts no no bad form mustn't think too far ahead." he shakes his head as if arguing with himself.

With a suprised look in his eye "I believe those that cry the hardest and protest the strongest our unfortunate predicament is indicative ohv have most to hide, yes? Mistar Tristen Bell was quite rowdy last night...."

"Anyways shall I begin taking samples of blood, who v'would like to be first?" he asks holding a rather large syringe.

Vote for Tristen Bell

Current Vote Count:

Professor Alessandra Devries: 4 (Tristen, Vorian, Eldon, Thoen)
Tristan Bell: 5 (Duke Atredies, Simon, Bruce, Alessandra, Dr. L)
Dr. Lugwaude Lächelnschiefe: 1 (Dan)

Totally not a Werewolf

What? But... but...

The professor is stunned by this 'revelation', completely at a loss for words. Eventually she recovers her tongue. The people of Laniel put a lot of stock in their superstitions (who could blame them) and it would not be easy to talk her way out of this. God only knew why the grave digger chose now to speak, could he and Tristen be better friends than she new?

"So, just because you had a bad dream last night everyone's supposed to rip me limb from limb? Why are you doing this? What did Tristen offer you?"

the Baker

Dan looks for Whitey, as he's sat by a beer barrel. "What say you?"

He moves over to the doctor; "You wish to take our blood, not to drink but to boil and put in tubes. You think you are better than me? You, the librarian and the lawyer; you're all better than me? Just cause you are brainier?" he gets slightly louder. "Well I could make sure no-one has to be lynched tonight, maybe if someone can stop the wolf, then God may give us a vision of the innocent?"

"Does someone have to die? Time is on the side of innocents, we will be saved." Dan is agitated, "Want my blood to try and prove my humanity, even if the science cost you your own. Then fine." He pulls up his sleeve and taking a small peeling knife cuts his fore-arm. He wipes his sweaty hankie in the blood and puts it in the Doctors hand.

"Alright, I don't think you did it. Let's nominate ... my friend the retired Duke, potential mason."

Change Vote from Dr. Lugwaude Lächelnschiefe to Duke Leto

Male Human Blood Sucking Barrister / Lvl 5

Tristen stares shocked for the moment as the tide turns against him. "Oh mother why did I ever leave home? I could have stayed nice and happy in my own town, with my stamps and my small little house by the river!"

He gestures at the Professor before spluttering. "You call in to question MY vote from last night dear lady? I seem to remember you voted for Wowbagger first, before tossing in with the rest for Taraz, when you saw the vote was not going to favor the Outsider. I was wrong about Wowbagger and it pains me. I admit I was wrong and when my day comes, let god judge me harshly for it. But you... You cry your crocodile tears and hide behind your books whilst denouncing everyone else as the villan.." Tristen bristles visibly, before storming over to the Doctor.

"Here! Take my blood. You who have cast your lot in with the very woman who tried to start a movement to have you, where I am now. Yes, I was quite worked up last night. I was drunk and scared. But, dear Doctor, do you remember what I was worked up about? I was worked up about defending Taraz. Why would I have done that, if I were the Wolf? Why act as a voice of defence for someone who would have been my scapegoat? it would not be logical would it? And you were weighing up everyones merits to the community. To do that, you suggested I had little, what use is a lawyer after all? WELL AS A LAWYER SHOULDN'T I BE LOGICAL?!" Tristen sobs softly, offering the man his arm in a defeated manner.

"May you choke on your results..." He turns and walks over to the body of Taraz before fumbling around in his own shirt for a moment, before pulling forth a silver chain and cross. Sliding the chain off over his head, he lays the cross on the Cobbelers chest, wrapping the chain around his hand, before standing and brushing himself off.

"I will leave you now in a moment... If the vile temptress has twisted you all against me, I will be in Uncles house, waiting for you. Before I go... I would like to say one last thing... I am a simple man, quiet and polite. I deal with all of you, know you all on a first name basis. I am professional and courteous at all times. When have I ever caused trouble or been a nuicance?" Tristen turns on his heels, and begins to walk towards his Uncles house.

He pauses as he stops beside the Shop Keeper, pulling a familiar purse from his pocket, before dropping it in to the mans hand. "As I will most likely not see out the night, I see no sense in parting a man from his money. It has been a pleasure working with you sir!" He bows slightly, before moving off, towards the village.

Anyone who glances towards the village will see him sitting out on his Uncles porch, in his shirtsleeves, drinking whiskey and smoking a pipe.

the Baker

Dan shakes his head slowly; his arms crossed. "Look at us we are tearing each other apart. What is happening to us? Logic creates passion, as sides try to prove there superior logic."

He looks to where Tristen is on the porch; "Shall I talk to him? If not I can drag him back to meet his fate."

the Baker

Dan walks back from Tristen's porch shaking his head; "I'm sure the lad'll join us soon too much pride in that one. It's unfortunate that all the Professor argument's could be used on her as much as on the Lawyer. The only convincing argument is his profession."

"Both voted for the Mason Wowbagger, but Alessandra changed to Taraz and both of them died. No-one has to die tonight." He pauses; "Although I probably will for this: - I change my vote again to Professor Alessandra Devries."

Change Vote from the Duke to Professor Alessandra Devries

Current Vote Count:

Professor Alessandra Devries: 5 (Tristen, Vorian, Eldon, Thoen, Dan)
Tristan Bell: 5 (Duke Atredies, Simon, Bruce, Alessandra, Dr. L)

Super Scientist & Inventor

Vote for Professor Alessandra Devries

I'm sorry about the lac of in character participation. My work load has been heavy over the weekend.

Totally not a Werewolf

The professor is somewhat taken aback by Dan's vehemenance, but agrees it might be best to let cooler heads prevail tonight (especially when it's her head on the line).

"Dan, if you're committed to a course of peace tonight, will you lend me your support, to counter Whitey's accusations?"

the Baker

Dan turns to he Librarian woman and places he hand on her arm; "I am sorry."

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

15 Minutes if anyone wants to change a vote!

Gentleman Adventurer

Vorian looks on speechlessly as Tristen passes his coin purse back to him. On any other occasion he might have jumped for joy at the prospect, but the gravity of the situation only has him nod numbly at the lawyer's proposition. As the lawyer walks away, Vorian seems to find his voice.

"I'll get this back to you tomorrow, you hear!?" he calls out, his voice trembling ever so slightly.

Shaking his head, confused by his own conflicting thoughts, Vorian absentmindedly opens the pouch, drawing out a single coin. As he looks upon the small disk, the look on his face turns from one of confusion to blank revelation.



Null vote. Vorian's too confused to know who to pick at this point.

Totally not a Werewolf

"Sorry? So all that talk of 'no-one has to die tonight'"- she parrots Dan's word in a petulant tone- "were for nothing, just a smoke screen to justify giving in to superstitious rumor-mongering?"

"If I'm to die, then I'll do it among my real friends- Shakespeare and Chauser. You all know where to find me if your hearts are set on this madness."

Hurt and betrayed, Alessandra goes back to her library to enjoy her last few minutes of life in a place that has brought her so much joy over the years.

the Baker

"See it won't be you. I just wanted peace now you all condemn another innocent!" he cries.


Current vote count:

Professor Alessandra Devries: 5 (Tristen, Eldon, Thoen, Dan, Whitey)
Tristan Bell: 6 (Duke Atredies, Simon, Bruce, Alessandra, Dr. L, Vorian)

I believe....ties result in no hangings...lets avoid them

Male Human Blood Sucking Barrister / Lvl 5

Tristen put his silver cross and silver necklace on Taraz body as a sign or respect. He was wearing silver.

Tristen joins the group again, perfectly dressed in his sunday best. He turns to the group and nods softly, before walking to the grave digger. "Sir, if it is to be me, I would like you to see that I am burned before buried. Somewhere beside a river would be nice. I thank you!"

Totally not a Werewolf

Make up your minds! :P

What do you mean, Dan? Vorian is too befuddled to take a stand... you're my only hope. Please, will you change your vote and end this madness? If only for tonight?

Ice Cream Man

"I'll do what I can, if it do be you."

Male Human Blood Sucking Barrister / Lvl 5

Tristen nods solemnly before moving to stand at the centre of the group, closing his eyes and bowing his head in prayer.

Totally not a Werewolf

The professor pens a quick note, while she is amongst her books:


If you survive this night, please watch after my collection. All I ever wanted was a home to call my own and a quite place to enjoy the company of my books... I hope they will bring you as much joy as they have brought me. With luck, the residents of our town will be able to enjoy their scholarship long after this night, when the recent unpleasantness is nothing but a fading memory.


the Baker

"Hangings benefit the Werewolves, there are at least 3 people to stop them. The probability will be that an innocent or a protector will be killed." he sobs

Male Human Blood Sucking Barrister / Lvl 5

Finished with his prayer, Tristen moves to stand by the Professor, offering her a small nod. "It has been an honor to know you Madame. Even though it was a short length of time. If you are the beast, I apologise that this had to happen to you. If not, I apologise for blaming you, though you were innocent. In the end, god will see us right!" He nods, offering her his hand.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Tie it is.

The arguments last long into the night. In fact, it's odd, but it seems the night has come and everyone missed it. Upon realizing this, a few panic, suddenly realizing they are in danger. Suddenly a giant wolf leaps from the building near the village square. It lands heavily and the crowd screams and disperses, running for the comfort and safety of home. The sounds of the wolf prowling is obvious outside the doors of any who listen. The fear is palpable, but when the morning comes the people come outside to find who may have been caught. It seems Eldon will be unable to keep his promises. The gravedigger's body lies in the square where he fell, savaged by the wolf. His hands are stretched toward a mirror, lying just outside his reach, which glows with energy that disperses at the sunrise. It seems Mr. Gorski knew more than he pretended to.

Eldon Gorski was Killed. He was a Scryer.
Cycle 3 begins now and ends Friday.

Totally not a Werewolf

Alessandra looks at the proffered hand and scowls, surprising the lad by pulling Tristen close for a hug. We've been neighbors too long to end things with a handshake. Aye, whatever may come of this night know that I forgive you, and by God's grace we'll meet again in heaven. I guess they'll be coming for one of us any moment now. I don't suppose you have a favorite Sonnet? I find the bard excellent company at a time like this.

That time of year thou mayst in me behold
When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
Bare ruin'd choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.
In me thou seest the twilight of such day
As after sunset fadeth in the west,
Which by and by black night doth take away,
Death's second self, that seals up all in rest.
In me thou see'st the glowing of such fire
That on the ashes of his youth doth lie,
As the death-bed whereon it must expire
Consumed with that which it was nourish'd by.
This thou perceivest, which makes thy love more strong,
To love that well which thou must leave ere long.

Male Human Blood Sucking Barrister / Lvl 5

When the Professor finished the Sonnet, Tristen smiled and was about to speak, when the screaming from outside drew him to the window.

"By the Gods not again..."

As people returned to the street, he made his way outside, hoping that maybe, just maybe the Wolf had been stopped. 'No such luck...'

Human Oracle 5 / Witch 1 | init +3, per +1 | AC 16/13/13 | HP 19/37 | Fort +1, Reflex +4, Will +11 | CMB +4, CMD 17

"Eldon spoke true, his vision was pure and the professor has the spiritual mark of the beast upon her! Buy not her lies any further, she shows us what she wants from her books and manipulates us country folk with her charms and sophistication."

Simon moves to stand by the remains of Eldon, not yet finished with his accusations.

"And look to the votes, along with Alessandra, the Duke, Bruce, Dr. L, and myself voted with her, who of us was manipulated and who is her fellow wolf? I've shown you my bare skin so you all could see no bite marks upon my body. I'm shamed to have been misled, I know others of you have been as well, but let us not fall prey to their schemes again."

Then with a deep breath Simon calms himself a little.

"Believe me good professor, I've known you these years to be a fine woman, were there a cure I would happily give all my savings to help you from this affliction. Lord knows I've often wanted your attentions, but now I fear what that attention may bring. Forgive me for this, but I must vote for you for the sake of this village. Please accept my apology for this, though if I be right and you've done these crimes to poor Wowbagger and Eldon then you deserve the fate that awaits you."

Simon votes for Alessandra

Totally not a Werewolf

"Aye Simon, we say your bare skin- and we saw a remarkable number of flea bites on your hide. Now how might you have come across an infestation of such vermin? Those who lie with dogs are bound to wake up with fleas..."

Vote for Simon

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