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Wayward Kings (Inactive)

Game Master AdamWarnock

A group of adventurers stumble upon a mad lord with dreams of being a king and a young druid that he wants to awaken an ancient artifact.

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I fear no man, regardless of reputation. So long as I have my sword in hand I will fight for the cause that is just and Redwall will be that much safer as a result.

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael gives the table a light pound as she agrees with Malcom's statement. "Reputation is only words made larger by the fears of simpletons such as the Pike Henchmen."

She turns to Kyle and raises an eyebrow questioningly at his attire. "So... What style of combat do you prefer Kyle?" She was still forming the magical seals and mentally picturing the motions of each spell she needed to memorize as she waited for his response.

*Malcom keeps looking over the table and eying the contents of Shael's spell Tome as if trying to see and read the magic within.

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4
Shael_ wrote:
She turns to Kyle and raises an eyebrow questioningly at his attire. "So... What style of combat do you prefer Kyle?"

"The kind that keeps me alive, and makes the bad guys dead." he says with an impish grin, but doesn't elaborate, before switching his attention to Malcom.

"You know, Malcom, right? You know Malcom, taking out the Pikes, may not make anything safer. My mother was a nature lover, one of her favorite sayings was 'Nature abhors a vacuum'. Take out this Yale, and you may make things worse. Somebody is going to take up that territory. You're not really going to be solving any problems, just creating different ones."

Observant/Sense Motive:
If your character is particularly observant of speech patters, and is pretty good at sense motive, you'd know that Kyle is lying about his mother, and he never includes himself in the group. He always says "if you" do this or that, where most would say "if we" do this or that.

Thanks for pointing that out in the spoiler. Like I keep pointing out though, I have a really low Wisdom score. Observation is not my strong suit. I'll roll against you anyway.

Sense Motive Vs. Kyle: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13

Want to roll a Bluff check VS. Me? I'll answer your question In character once you let me know if you're going to roll or not

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael set the open tome on the table, sliding it closer to Malcom, a small smile crossing her face. That was before a look of annoyance stained her features. She hated repeating herself but perhaps her words yesterday were lost in translation. "Then we don't leave one. We'll fight the pikes, drive them out and replace them with a gang. If others come to take ground, we smash them up and drive them out as well. Simple, but bloody. Eventually they will stop coming entirely. But I am getting ahead of myself, first the Pikes and then whoever comes next."

She looked into her spell pouch and grimaced. Just enough to get the job done... She closed it and set it where she could reach it quickly.

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

Malcom et All:
I'll leave it up to you, I generally don't roll vs PC's I'll tell you what is real, and if you think your character would pick up on it role-play it that way, if you think your character would be oblivious play it that way. I'll make a post in the discussion thread to better explain

Malcom shrugs.

I can understand where you're coming from Kyle but in the end I just don't see how its relevant. Shael, I would also say the same goes for you.

The way I see it is that once the Bloody Pikes are gone who cares if somebody else takes over. The only reason we're discussing this in the first place is because we all agreed to band together and help a man in need. So long as Talus is safe our goal will be met. If things get worse then we will deal with them as need be. I personally am willing to take things as far as they need to go for the time being

Malcom looks over to Talus

but I don't think I'm willing to put my life on the line at the moment for a man I met only yesterday. Talus your generosity is beyond measure so I'm hoping he takes no offense in me saying that.

Turns back to Kyle

Maybe we'll be solving a part of the problem rather than create new ones. Have you thought of that?

Turns to Shael

At what point are we planning to stop if things get bad though? It's not our duty to clean up this entire town, unless this is the direction things are headed.

Maybe we should all discuss an ultimate goal to go along with our current objective.

Malcom takes a long sip of his coffee to close his monologue.

Hello? Anyone here?

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

Gurni is on breakfast ale number 5, waiting for this party to get started.

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael quietly closes her tome and looks at Malcom flintily. After a moment she rises and picks up her tome. "When they stop coming, I don't mind doing it alone if you want no part. Now, since my suggestion was in such bad taste, perhaps we should move on and discuss ultimate goals when we win." She waits a moment to see if anyone takes either of the two potions of healing she set on the table.

If no one does: She picks them back up and ensures her armor is set and raises her hood.

Spell set, same as before.

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

"Honestly, I was just looking for a place to stay the night that wasn't outside. I had no intention of getting involved in a fight with a gang. I didn't even want any attention! But now I want to help. These three people, who don't know me, have been nice." Ray says as he looks at his half empty drink. "We make sure this place is safe, and I'll be happy."

Cleric 1st - HP 7/9 - F+3.R+0.W+5 - AC 14.10.14 Init. +0 - Perc. +3

How far ahead do we need to look decide on our ultimate goal? Some of my elders were gifted in foreknowledge...although often enough it was the soundness of their wisdom which guided us and our good fortune - as the Gods do not reveal the future as they did of yore. Clearly this community is undergoing a period of lawlessness and change. We cannot anticipate all of the consequences of our involvement. Besides - even if we walked away from this challenge - there would be consequences to face for that as well.

What we do have now is the freedom to act. That is a good thing. It gives us options to keep working events in a way of our choosing.

Let us first rid this town of the Pikes. Then we can see what new opportunities providence brings.

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

Kyle rolls his eyes at Lucky's "moving" speech, but shakes his head ruefully, "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you. Sometimes the crazy you know, is better than the crazy you don't. As for end goals, I'm just trying to get away with no one coming after me, and my skin intact. Because of last night these Pikes want some of my hide, I'm all for making them see the error of their ways, if I can help out Talus and his people, well, so much the better, but mind you that's not my goal..." there is an awkward silence as he notices the disbelieving looks.
"Well okay, it's not my main goal." more looks.
"Just pass the damn cheese"
Careful boy, you're in danger of becoming a 'good guy', completely ruin the rep.

"YES! Precisely what Ray and Lucky said is how I feel. I only wish I could have worded it better."

"I am deeply sorry if I have offended either Shael or Kyle with my prior statement."

"You're awfully quiet on the subject Gurni. Do you have an opinion?"

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

"Ah, now.....should be plain I'm not one for speechifying. These thugs came at us, as I see it, and some good folk is gunna band together and teach 'em a lesson. Why don't we see how that goes 'afore plotting taking over the town, no?"

He looks around at the group. "Frankly, until I see in a real battle which of you are flint, and which are steel, there'll be no talk from me of ultimate goals and such....some of ya weren't all too quick to take up arms against those three Pikes. Besides, how much deeper does the rot go here than the Pikes? We gunna take down this high an' mighty lord next?"

Cleric 1st - HP 7/9 - F+3.R+0.W+5 - AC 14.10.14 Init. +0 - Perc. +3

Has anywone here been to the Pike's warehouse before? Or the the smithy next door?

Good dwarf, I think our next step will become clearer once we deal with the Pikes. Surely the rot goes very much deeper than that. It's common knowledge that the Lord Gurat has a policy of abetting lawlessness in his town. He encourages it. Most of the criminals have joined the ranks of his guard after all.

But the immediate threat remains the Pikes. If we can earn some street cred we may gain support from the community. Without active grass roots resistance, this town will never achieve the prosperity which is its due. We can become catalysts for that kind of positive change. And at this time it would be far too reckless to take on the likes of Gurat and his Redwall goons.

Know Local: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael walks over to the door, nodding to Talus, Shalyna and Valyana. The conversations going on around her were not lost on her but she was in agreement, best to talk of it later once the fighting was over. "I left the rapiers in my room along with the thugs armor if you need it. Stay safe we shall return." Shael waits momentarily by the door of the inn, hand on her sword.

"I take it we're leaving right now then!?!"

Malcom quickly swallows the remainder of his coffee and leaps up from his seat. He motions to the room with one index finger in the air and says: "I just need one second to grab my Backpack and Sword."

As he races up the stairs to his room he says to himself out loud: "This could be good. I bet they're all hungover and wont suspect an attack first thing in the morning."

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

Are we sticking to our plan of Kyle et al scouting the location out first?

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

we can move into an alley close to the warehouse/smithy and send Kyle in if he wants. Then if he gets in trouble we can support him. But I like the idea of attacking them while they are hungover lol.

That is assuming they are...

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

Still, I doubt a gang as well known as the Bloody Pikes will be expecting us to take the fight to them instead of the other way around. Unless word get's there ahead of time somehow...

Well, you did let one of them escape.

That's it! We're doing this!

Malcom races back down the stairs with Backpack and Sword both slung over his shoulders. The excitement on his face is very obvious.

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

Looks like I might get forced into summoning then. So early on too... interesting.

Ray sees Malcom come down the stairs and drains the rest of his drink before heading up to his room to get his gear. He comes back down checking the edge of his dagger.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

"Come on people! Let's move!'

Just waiting on Kyle

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

Gurni heaves himself up off the bench with a sigh. He shoulders his gear, and in his free hand you notice he's taking along a full stein of beer.

"Right then. Time to break some Pikes!"

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

Kyle grumbles as he stands, "Never seen a group of people so excited to get killed." then in a louder voice he adds, "Fine I'm ready, let's go."

So what is our plan exactly? We're going to the warehouse first, and I'll scout around?

Leaving his backpack in Talus' safekeeping, Lucky is armed and ready.

Feeling ready to take on the world, Malcom bursts out the door. On his way out he half shouts to the room:

"Excited for Victory Kyle Kyle!"

As soon as he exits the building Malcom realizes he is completely unfamiliar with Redwall and has no idea where he is going.

Better let somebody else lead

Okay, we need to get this show on the road, I'm assuming that everyone is going.

Despite the rather vague instructions you were given, the smithy that the thug from yesterday was talking about is relatively easy to find. The sagging roof and blackened timbers show that it probably went through a fire some time in the past. The warehouse on the alley besides the husk seems to be the one that he was talking about.

Alright what is everyone doing?

"Alright Kyle, do your thing."

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

"Call out if they spot you. We'll be in a quick as we can."

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

Gurni squints and peers about, looking for Kyle.

"Hrmmm, looks like that one lost 'is nerve." He fixes his wicked looking Scizore to his arm.

"Might be we'll 'ave ta do this the ole fashioned way."

Malcom grins and gets a certain look in his eye indicating to Gurni that he was thinking the exact same thing.

"I was hoping somebody would say that!"

With that, Malcom draws his greatsword and charges the door of the wearhouse.

Running scissor kick vs break DC for the front door of the wearhouse: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3


PC with the map is having issues, so map will have to wait.

Malcom charges the door and gives a great big flying leap with a yell that could shatter steel. Time slows down and everyone sees his foot make contact with the door. The impact sends Malcom flying back and rolling in the dusty street.

The door is unharmed, if rather smug looking.

I think that might have been the most amazing natural 1 description a DM has ever given me.

An I prone? (or other?)

You are as prone as an angel prostrating himself before God. (Yep)

Do I need to wait a round to get up?

Cleric 1st - HP 7/9 - F+3.R+0.W+5 - AC 14.10.14 Init. +0 - Perc. +3

"Magnificent show, my friend!" snickers Longthorn, who waits for Malcom to get up before he walks right on up to the door and opens it.
or does he? is it locked?

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael shakes her head, surprise was out. She silently thanked her mentor for keeping her spells versatile. She draws her crossbow and levels it as she follows about ten paces behind Lucky.

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

"You have a very strange way of knocking." Ray observes as he leans on his quarterstaff.

Malcom lays on the ground. His foot throbs.

What the hell is that door made of?

"When properly executed knocking with your foot can mean the difference between having the element of surprise or not having it. We my friends, do not have it."

Malcon gets up as soon as the DM says it's ok.

You can get up we're not in initiative yet.

GM Screen:
1d4 ⇒ 3

The door slides to the side with a creak and groan. The inside of the warehouse is filled with various crates and sacks in somewhat organized stacks. The air is still and tense, it seems as if the very environment itself is holding its breath in anticipation of what is to come.

Okay put yourselves on the map

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Shael pauses long enough to cast shield on herself before pushing by the others and into the gloom of the warehouse, taking up a open position at F11 which gave her an open view of the warehouse. As she entered though she tried to spot any sort of trap or ambush awaiting her but aside from the intensity in the air she didn't see anything readily reveal itself. She sat quietly, crossbow leveled and slowly looked around the room with her darkvision revealing what lie in wait in the shadows before her...

cast shield - AC 20 - duration 10 rounds

Perception 1d20 ⇒ 6
Stealth 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21

Ready action, fire crossbow at anything that moves in the warehouse.

Malcom stands up and dusts himself off then walks into the warehouse with greatsword drawn. He squints as he looks for enemies.

can I be placed in F-11 please

Perception Check: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

Suspiious that no sounds of Bloody Pikes running for the door to see what the thud was, Ray stays outside and looks around.
Staying at H-12 so he can see around the corner too.
Perception:1d20 ⇒ 9

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

Gurni is still chuckling at Malcolm's display of martial arts. He pats him fondly on the shoulder. "Stick with the greatsword, my friend!"

He moves off to watch Malcolm's flank, scanning the warehouse floor....

Moves to G-8, shield and Scizore at the ready...

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