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Shanosuke's Souls of Lost Aridia (Inactive)

Game Master Shanosuke

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Both Martian Level 20 invader

Good everyone has posted. I will have your results up momentarily.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

For Pavok and Arik:

The two of you make your way through the bustling city until you come across what looks like the blacksmith's shop. Once you enter you make your way to where the smithy is. The place has a surprisingly high ceiling for a blacksmith shop. You approach the counter and ask for the blacksmith. Suddenly a tall rugged looking Shaitan covered in soot approaches you. "What do you lot want?" He bellows. Once you explain the situation he scoffs at you. "I'm Kumadi the blacksmith. The only one left in this miserable town who knows how to forge weapons. If you say you got skill at weapon craft. Then hopefully you'll prove more useful than my worthless apprentice. Go ahead and get started whenever you feel up too it."
Make me three craft:weapons checks, or Profession: Blacksmith checks. Feel free to ask Kumadi questions, though do so with caution. He is easily irritable.

Mus'ad and Jen:

You make you way to the barracks. It takes you a good while to find the place. It is a barn. Once inside you find the militia. Only a handful of men. About twenty or thirty of them. Hardly a military organization for sure. It doesn't take you long to find Hadule. Once you explain your intent to help. "Hmm if you are combat capable we might be able to use your help. We have little combat experience and you might be able to help us. We are planning on attacking their camp and hopefully slaying their leader. Though we are not sure how to accomplish that."

For Mhykir:

You make your way to the village elder. Once you gain audience with the elder. A Shaitan. Fazan towers over you. He has the look of great age and wisdom. "So my good citizen, what can I do for you?

For Faznir:

You ask around the seductive sands. You need to make a diplomacy check to gather information. Also, let me know if you talk to Yaline also cause that in of itself could quite the conversation.

There you go everyone.

Male Dwarf (Pahmet) Ranger (Warden / Trapper) 2

Mus'ad casts his eyes over the militia, looking for any that show potential or previous experience. Taking note of the weapons and armor available (specifically ranged weapons), and adding the falchion and leather armor he was once wearing to the pile.

Perception: taking 10 for a result of 20
Profession (Guard): taking 10 for a result of 16

"Let us start with what you know. Where are they camped, and do you have any idea of numbers?"

Male Human(Kellid) Paladin(Hospitaler)-4

"I believe I will prove my worth to you." Pavok humbly says with a bow. "The Forge Father has sent you two of his servants, let us aid you in providing your town with the means of defense." He says proudly. Will work with him for a little bit and see how he responds to my skill, then I will proceed with the questions. As Pavok works Kumadi and Arik can see a smile on Pavoks face as he dawns his blacksmith apron.

These are assisting Arik with his checks, Pavok will make sure to help the dwarf first to help boost his confidence. So aiding Craft:Weapon if he needs it for each roll:
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

Craft(Weapon Checks):1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27
Throwing a Craft(Armor):1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13For Flavor hehe.

Mhykir bows before the Shaitan, 'Honourable Fazan, my name is Mhykir, a stranger in your lands. My party and I traveled across the desert expanse for months to find the land of Aridia, as many have done before us, and many will after. Few have ever returned from your lands to tell the tale, but one such man was our employer, Yalandere. Misfortune befell us and we were attacked, knocked unconcious and stripped of our belongings.

Now we find ourselves on another plane, and I would seek your wisdom and knowledge of the land we find ourselves on, and the politics we will face as we journy through it. Hadule also spoke of a war, if you have the time I would welcome some history of that as well'

Mhykir finishes speaking and waits respectfully for Fazan's answer.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

I guess Jen, Faznir, and Arik are busy. I'll post for the rest of you.

For Pavok:

You toil away at the forge. At first Kumadi is not impressed but as you continue to recollect your skills and produce better weapons, Kumadi's stern expression lifts.....a bit. "Well this Forge father you've had has trained you well it seems. You seem to be producing some decent work here. You should introduce me if you ever get the chance." You will spend the rest of the evening working in the forge with Arik. Once you have finished, Kumadi approaches you. "Okay for a days work better than I get out of much of the lot here. They're all still gonna die, but at least they'll die fighting. As for you, what would you like for your services. I can craft you the best weapon or armor your likely to find anywhere in Aradina, or I can pay you in Rupia, or if you'd like I can show you a trick or two about forge work. Daiga knows you need it."
Both Pavok and Arik can pick separate rewards


At your questions Hadule nods in affirmation. He pulls out a map of the area. "Okay, this is the information we have so far. They are camped about a mile southwest of the town. There are close to eighty at last count, though that was before we subdued the last batch. Our latest reports say they are fewer still. Only the hunters among us have shown any real talent for combat. One thing we know for certain, is that if we defeat the leader, the rest will leave, almost abruptly. Our current plan is to kill their captain." Hadule looks at you. "They surely out number us two to one but we've proven we can beat them from our earlier victory. Do you have any suggestions as a warrior from the outside?"

For Mhykir:

Fazan looks puzzled. "I have heard there have been occasional outsiders who have wandered into our lands. You look like one of us but you claim to be from outside yourself. Why such a fascination with Aridia. It is currently a land ruled by corrupted leaders and is at war. I do not understand it's appeal. In this land, Aradina, we provide outside resources for Aridia. We are also the first line of defense against either the Neubites or the Tomb King Pharox. Whom have both begun to take advantage of the Aridia squabble. They lands are divided and dominated by the four elemental genies. For many centuries we have coexisted peacefully in the lands created by Daiga. Until recently that is. The Efreets had become so arrogant, as have our own people the Shaitan, that we began to fight for control of Aridia. The Marid's tried to act as peace keepers, ended up swept into the thick of it trying to protect their own hides. The Djinn were the last to join the fray as they didn't want any side but their own to win. Once the great war began. Chaos spread, Each genie kingdom had with called all their troops to Aridia, leaving the out most settlements in Aradina helpless. Most of this can be blamed on Daiga's disappearance. He helped construct this world and led it to battle against Anubis and Pharox many centuries ago. Now he has abandoned us and in his wake, this awful war has broken out. Now we are struggling to survive. As such we now have to build our own army and fend for ourselves. But how can we hope to stand against the likes of the Neubites and the tomb King Pharox?" Fazan looks at you and thinks for a minute. "Things weren't always so bad. Daiga was a powerful individual in his own right. He forged this land hundreds of years ago through powerful Arcane arts. He summoned the genies of the planes of different elements to bring balance to this world. He then introduce the people he had intended to save. Humans of one sort or another that were fleeing the destruction of an outside land called the Savari. The genies live in what is known as Arida, the central core of this realm. That part holds the whole realm together. Should the genie stones fade, it would be the end of us. Aradina is the lands that encircle Aridia. That is where the all the humans live, and some genies. Years passed and the genies and humans lived in peace for this whole time. We even grew accustom to mingling and even reproducing together. Things were good. Then Anubis appeared. He was a powerful alchemist who wanted more than Aridia and Aradina had to offer him. He wanted to be the ruler. Daiga had made it law that the Genies must rule the lands, but Anubis wanted to rule instead. He modeled his mutagens to turn him into a Jackal warrior. He created his soldiers with the same template in mind. Thousands of humans were made into jackal monsters. Anubis called them Neubites, warriors that bring death. They caused much trouble and destroyed a great deal. Daiga allied the genies with the humans who were still loyal to him and pushed Anubis out of Aradina. They were unsuccessful at completely destroying him. Not to long after him, someone had broke into the tomb of an ancient necromancer emperor. This explorer accidentally, or willingly, no one knows for sure, he awoke the slumbering monster. Apparently, Pharox was a powerful and cruel emperor. I have heard that many centuries ago. Pharox was defeated by an army of paladins. It is said that he sacrificed his entire kingdom and the live of all his people to save his own soul from departing this world. He lay dormant until someone would awake him from his slumber. Once he had awaken, his armies, and the armies of his cursed enemies rose to fight again. Daiga also managed to push Pharox back but was not able to finish the job. Pharox and the Neubites have been held at bay all this time by the genies. With the war now going on. The lands of Aradina must face these terrors on their own. That is our history, do you have any questions?"

Until everyone has regrouped, keep all your posts in spoilers. Okay.

Male Dwarf (Pahmet) Ranger (Warden / Trapper) 2

Responding to Hadule:
Mus'ad ponders his response for a few moments before speaking "If the only goal is to kill the leader, I would be wary of an open assault. That will just get you killed. Does this leader ride out for battle, or stay behind?"

"If we can draw away their main fighting force, then a targeted strike to the heart would be best. Do you have camel or horses?"

Female Tiefling (Infernal Bastard) Witch 3

I'm still here. Musad was the one with experience in soldiering, so I didn't have anything to add at first.


Couldn't we attack in the night, while they are sleeping? I could set fire to their camp, and our soldiers could kill their still-sleepy bandits as they fled out of their camp.

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2 Monk 2

Craft Weapons 1d20 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 3 + 2 = 13
Craft Weapons 1d20 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 3 + 2 = 8
Craft Weapons 1d20 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 3 + 2 = 7

Even with Pavok's steady instruction, Arik proves he has no use at the forge. After a time, he leaves pavok to his work and busies himself with straightening up the shop.

When Kumadi offers reward...

"I am not sure I deserve a reward for such mundane assistance, but if you insist, I could find use for an iron shod staff: a sturdy stick to walk and fight with."

I'm looking for a metal quarterstaff. Maybe something I could enchant later? I don't know if we're talking masterwork or not, but there you go.

Male Human(Kellid) Paladin(Hospitaler)-4

"Arik you did well for it not being your trade, by Torag's hammer you did better then my first year as an apprentice."He says to Arik, then turns to Kumadi "Well if I introduce you to the Forge Father, then you can introduce me to Daiga." He pauses a moment and touches his holy symbol of a hammer and forge. Then starts back up, "As you can see I'm well equipped, so I will take a trade secret or two from such a great blacksmith as yourself." Pavok finishes with a humble bow and slight smile.

"Kumadi, you said earlier that all the people of this village you are arming are going to die are these jackal men such a threat? Or is there something more going around here?" Pavok asks, "Why did all the other crafters leave?" He asks these questions a little apart so not to bombard the man.

Diplomacy:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

Male Ifrit Sorcerer 2

Faznir fully intends to talk to Sianna and ask some questions about the place, but he's planning to meet Yaline when she leaves the Seductive Sands (since she's sworn to not mix business with pleasure and he would not make a lady break her vows...).

Diplomacy check to gather information: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20

Both Martian Level 20 invader


Jen and Mus'ad:

"The leader usually stays behind the rest of the army but is always within 60 to 80 feet of it. He can't control them beyond that radius. Also, they don't really sleep. They need at least four hours of "rest" but that is about it. They spend most of their time softening the area and picking off whatever targets they find. They're main purpose is to establish beacons to make things easier for the main force to control the drones over greater distances. Soon we won't be able to rely on simply destroying their leaders. We have to keep them from getting a foothold. A diversion may be the best way to deal with them. We have a few camels and horses. About 18 in all."

Arik and Pavok:

Kumadi snorts at Arik. "You're the one who needs training more. But my secrets are for good smiths." Kumadi tosses a metal quarter staff to Arik. "Here, for the effort at least." Kumadi turns to Pavok. "Now come with me." Kumadi takes Pavok into the smithy. There he spends several hours training in the forge. Pavok gains 2 more points for your chosen craft skill. "If you were to train with me some more, I may be able to make you a master craftsman."


You learn that the land has been abandon by the rulers of Aridia and that the area is infested by Neubites and tomb kings. There are various rumors that the Efreets are planning to conquer the whole valley. By the way, does Faznir know his father's name You go to meet Yaline. "Well, you don't see many Ifrits around these parts. If any members of the Aridian military were to see you, they'd kill you on site. But we're not like that here. So, what is your name my friend and what business do you have with me." Yaline is defiantly a stunning beauty. Even among purebred elves. How do you respond.

Male Dwarf (Pahmet) Ranger (Warden / Trapper) 2

For Hadule:
Mus'ad listens to Hadule and considers. "I think it wise to only take as many as we can carry by steed - that way we can outmaneuvre them. If your men can draw the bulk of the force out, I will slay their leader for you" said as a statement rather than a boast.

Male Human(Kellid) Paladin(Hospitaler)-4

For Kamudi:
"Thank you sir, I will put this training to good use. Sir Kamudi, why did all the other crafters leave the town?" Pavok says.

Did he just ignore my earlier questions? And putting it in craft weapons.

For Fazan:
'Men are drawn here by rumours of treasures and wealth beyond imagining, but for myself my journeys purpose is masked to me, a vision from the gods led me here. Perhaps it is they have a grander purpose for me, and one day I may call this place home, but for now I and my friends need to travel, our employer, an elf, was not found with us, and another member of our party seeks his brother.

I thank you for taking the time to share with me a brief history, tell me, is there anything we should know to make our travels through these lands easier. I may pass as a local, but my friends perhaps not so much, is this likely to cause troubles?

Female Tiefling (Infernal Bastard) Witch 3


Would you happen to know more about their anatomy? Are they vermin or humanoids like us?

Male Ifrit Sorcerer 2

I can see you have not only beautiful, but keen insightful eyes, my exuberant lady. Although the fire runs in my blood, I do not owe allegiance to any aridian lord; I'm my own man (and maybe yours, if only you ask, ha-ha-ha!). My name is Faznir Farin, dear lady, and I dare say, it's such a wonderful pleasure to meet such an adoring beauty after so many hardships. All his words are spoken with abundant emotion; when he makes the silly joke he laughs heartly, and when he finishes the last sentence his whole expression speaks of suffering.

But alas, I'm only a strange in a strange land, and your ways are unknown to me. The businesses have all been dealt with; but still I find myself with all this gold in my pockets but nary a companion with whom to spend it with. Would my lady care for a drink and perhaps help out a fellow forget his bad memories and find a place in this world?

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Awesome. Sorry about the delay . I will post as soon as I get home from work.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Hadule and Jen:

Haduke nods: "Indeed a sound strategy. We will be outnumbered but if you can manged to slay their leader then we can hold the rest of them busy for you. We will fight to the last and it will be a glorious victory. to be sure." Hadule turns to Jen. "They are a living constructs, their anatomy is flesh and blood and as far as we know, they are intelligent as well. I believe they are humanoid though I'd consider them vermin any day." Hadule looks to Mus'ad "I don't suppose you could show my people a thing or two about mounted combat could you?"

Arik and Pavok:

While working on Pavok's craft skill, Kumadi answers Pavok's questions. "Daiga was a great and powerful magic user. He made this land and summoned all the genies and people that live here. But he has vanished and in his absence, the Efreets have started a war. As for the craftsman, all the craftsman of the outlying villages and towns were either drafted into the military and taken to Aridia, or they simply fled for the more protected kingdoms closer to Aridia. The Jackals are a great threat and they reproduce through some kind of magic. It wont be long before the west side of Aradina falls under their control. Hadule and Fazan seek to beat them back, but I know that once the Neubites get their forces going, there will be no stopping them with such a pitiful force such as ours. It is only a matter of time." Pavok finishes his training and Kumadi bids the two farewell. Arik and Pavok, it is now late into the evening and Kumadi has no further need of your help today, but he offers for you to return tomorrow and help.

For Myhkir:

"Your welcome young Oread. Men of your lands are foolish indeed if all they come here for is wealth. There is none to be had. Only war and death. I am not sure who to ask about those that you seek. I have heard stories of a Seer who wonders around the walls of Aridia but I have no knowledge on how true that is. All the same. I have no way to help you find your friends. Those you have with you should be fine provided none of them are Efreets or Ifrits. Whatever you do, do not head into the Efreet's territory in either Aradina, or, should you ever make it there, Aridia. Now is there anything else you desire?"

For Faznir:

Yaline smiles at Faznir and puts a hand on his cheek. "Oh such a troubled man you are. Bad memories are never things you simply want to forget, you want to remember and learn from them. Also, they have a way of making good memories even better. Yaline claps her hands twice and one of the attractive bellydancer barmaids makes her way over next to Faznir. Yaline nods at the girl and then turns to Faznir. "I'm afraid my services aren't for sale in that manner, but Deela here is very good at keeping fine men like you company. If you have troubles, she will hear them. The best part is, she does it because she wants too." Deela sits down next to Faznir. "Greetings my good lord. I am Deela, what is your name?" Yaline gets two drinks for Faznir and Deela and smiles. "You two have fun." Yaline says.
Deela gestures over to a more comfortable seating location, a nice "love seat with cushions and a small table. "Let's go somewhere more comfortable where we can talk shall we?" Deela will attempt to bring Faznir to the couch.

Male Dwarf (Pahmet) Ranger (Warden / Trapper) 2

For Hadule:
Mus'ad nods his assent to the request for instruction. "Take me to your steeds and bring those you think most competent with arms" He looks over the horse and camel-flesh looking for quality, then takes the men through some mounted drill - mainly concentrating on staying in the saddle at speed.

Handle Animal: take 10 for 16
Ride: take 10 for 18

Male Human(Kellid) Paladin(Hospitaler)-4

For Kumadi and Arik:
Pavok gives thanks to the crafter for all he did for the two of them and will stop by if he has the time or is able too. As they start to walk back to the inn, he looks to Arik and says with a strech, "AAhh, nothing more refreshing then ending the day with a hard days work at the forge, don't you say my friend! Let us go back to the inn we, deserve a good meal and fine drink for our work today haha." as he finishes talking he slaps the dwarf on the back.

Female Tiefling (Infernal Bastard) Witch 3


Jen asks the commander. Would you happen to have a light crossbow free? My primary weapons are my spells, but unfortunately, those run out.

Then she heads over to a comfy spot to watch Musad train the men in horsemanship.

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2 Monk 2


"Purpose does indeed feel good my friend. And I certainly won't say no to a drink. I was thinking though, if these jackal men reproduce by magic, surely someone could cut off their access to this magic. Without means of reproduction, they will likely be less bold in their attacks if the choose to give battle at all. I think it should be our goal to sever this magical link."

'Thank you for your time, you have been most gracious, may the gods bless you and your village.' With that Mhykir bows and limps from the room.

Mhykir heads back to the inn, as it is now getting late he leaves a note for his friends that he has retired to his room.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

For Mus'ad and Jen:

Mus'ad spends the rest of the afternoon into the evening trying to get the most able men ready to ride. It proves to be a challenge but Mus'ad is able to arrange at least 25 decent riders. More training and they may be up to the task. Once you've finished for the day. Hadule thanks you, "You have done well. The men are looking better already. Here, for your troubles" Hadule puts a coin pouch into Mus'ad's hand. It is not filled with coin however, it is instead filled with 20 little red rocks that resembles rubies. Hadule looks to Jen. "We do have one. Here.". Hadule hands Jen a masterwork light crossbow with about 30 bolts. With that Hadule sends you on your way back to the inn.

Everyone except Faznir returns to the inn to regroup.

I'm going to wait on Faznir before I take this thing any further. Feel free to talk among yourselves but I will not post the continuum until I hear from Faznir.

Female Tiefling (Infernal Bastard) Witch 3

Did everyone have an interesting time on the town? I should hope that everyone learned something new today, for any day without a knowledge gained is a day that has been wasted.

I have personally discovered that Musad is quite the adept horseman.

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2 Monk 2

"Pavok is a learned blacksmith while I am a mediocre shop boy!"

Arik laughs jovially at his little joke and takes another swig of ale.

Male Human(Kellid) Paladin(Hospitaler)-4

Arik earlier:
"By the Forge Father's anvil, thats a great idea Arik! Maybe one of our comrades got a lead on the trail." Pavok comments.

"Haha, my apprentice humbles me. You have taken your first step to becoming a skilled crafter my good dwarf!" Pavok laughs along his friend and drinks his ale in good cheer. "We've picked up a few bits of interest for our time in the shop." Pavok comments to Jen.

Male Dwarf (Pahmet) Ranger (Warden / Trapper) 2

Removing his tagelmust, you see a sneer on Mus'ad's face "Feh, these folk are barely able to stay in the saddle at a canter - I can't see how they will be much use in battle. Regardless I have made a pact to slay the leader of these Neubites, and will do so." He then passes on to the others the details of the proposed distraction followed by a surgical strike to kill the controller.

Male Ifrit Sorcerer 2

To Shanosuke:
Faznir says to Deela:

Aren't you as sweet as a cloud on a sunny desert day? You go ahead and save us that seat and order some of that delicious scorpion dish, while I take a second to clean my dusty face from the travel.

He then goes to Yaline, trying a last shot:

My dear lady, you mistake me for a lesser man; Deela is a fine woman, I do have coin in my purse and I do desire companionship, but all I want is a spirited exchange of words, something I can already notice you are quite excelent at (and if you forgive me, I don't think sweet Deela can provide that). I seek warmth to the mind and soul, not for the body, my beautiful desert flower. Intelligent words and friendly warmth you have in ample storage, I ask only that you share some with a confused and lost traveller like my humble self. I also have wonderful tales from a land beyond the veil, and would share them freely; you'd only have to say yes. He then offers her a cup of the wine he brought up from his land; it's a simple grapewine, but perhaps it's as strange to her as the food of this place is stranger to him.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

for Faznir:

Yaline nods, "Very well weary traveler. I will sample some of your stock and we can sit and have a chat." Yaline calls over another barmaid to watch the bar while she moves over to a booth and welcomes you to sit with her. "Let's taste this wine and hear your tales."

The two of you sit and talk for several hours. Yaline has never had grape wine before as grapes are not abundant around these parts. She also finds the stories of the outlands very interesting as well. You managed to keep her entertained for quite some time. In return she shares with you some interesting cultural and happenstance information.

Apparently, the land you are now in is known as Aradina, the ring that surrounds Aridia. Aridia itself is a beautiful land that few in Aradina have seen. It lies within the great mountain at the center point of Aradina. It has not been accessed for over fifty years. This is when the war started. Incidentally that is around the same time as the stories of Aridia began to come about. According to Yaline, many travelers have come from the outside. Almost all of them went mad and died. In addition, the people of Aradina and Aridia seem to have little or no knowledge concerning the Golorion gods, or the different races such as elves, dwarves, and so on. Even stranger still. You happen to learn that Yaline herself is over 40 years old but she barely looks older than 20. Evidently you discover that people in this land age at the same rate as half-elves. You also learn that genies and the humans of Aradina and Aridia consider themselves to be near equals. The only exception is that the genies usually oversee things as sort of leaders. Aridia is the genies main home and where you will likely find your father.

Yaline has little knowledge on Daiga or the Seer, or even of Yalandere. You have lost track of the time as you see your companions return. The conversation have proven to be quite insightful. Now you need to rejoin the group.

Okay, you are all in the same location. Talk amongst yourselves, and share what information you choose. To move this campaign on from this point, everyone needs to confirm when the call it a night. Until then. Roleplay. I will post only when you've finished for the night or if you choose to talk to any of the young ladies or other patrons in the tavern. Happy Gaming.

Female Tiefling (Infernal Bastard) Witch 3

Ah Faznir, it is good that you have returned. You've seemed to develop quite the rapport *wink* with the barkeeper. Maybe you can convince her to let our bar tab slide.

I feel rather guilty any time that I spend money on items that do not enhance my arcane power, but I guess that it is a necessity at points. At least I have acquired this crossbow from Hadule in the event that my endless spells run out.

Male Ifrit Sorcerer 2

Ah, my dearest Jen, you don't need to worry about bar "tabs" or anything like it, let me cover that. A beautiful lady such as yourself won't ever need to pay for her own drink as long as I'm around.

My faithful companions, how has this marvelous city treated you since we've got here?

Male Human(Kellid) Paladin(Hospitaler)-4

"Mu'sad that is a noble mission to take upon, and it goes with an idea Arik had. We learned from Kumadi that the neubite's are born from magic, I'm assuming its a magic device of some sort. We don't know the location and were hoping one of you got a lead or a clue where that device is. Good thing Arik remembered that bit of information, I got lost in the joys of working a forge once again." Pavok says, ending it with a embaressed smile.

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2 Monk 2

"If I am right, and we plan it well, we could destroy their leader and their progeny at once: A crippling blow to any race."

Male Dwarf (Pahmet) Ranger (Warden / Trapper) 2

"My actions are only to further our purpose. We need to find trace of our employer and this is the best lead we have at the moment."

To Arik "This group is but one of many. Though we will grant this town some respite, more will come later."

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2 Monk 2

Arik's brow furrows at Mus'ad's mention of 'many.'

"Hmm. That is troubling. Do you have a notion as to how many?"

Male Human(Kellid) Paladin(Hospitaler)-4

"Also did Hadule give you two any idea where these creature's base camp is? Pavok asks after, Mus'ad answers Arik.

"Fanzir, this city has been quite kind to us. Kumadi's shop brings back memories of my famlies forge, but remember not to get lost in the pleasures of this city to long we have a job to finish. Though it does seem that our current path will help the city and I can tell the Forge Father has made it that way." Pavok replies to Fanzir, with a grateful smile and takes a swig of his drink.

Male Dwarf (Pahmet) Ranger (Warden / Trapper) 2

"The enemy here number somewhere between 60 and 80, though Hadule believes that only the leader matters. They are roughly a mile distant. As for the rest of the army I am unsure - but from his statements I would guess a great number."

I'll assume that I would have met up with people as I returned to the inn and didn't in fact retire

As Pavok explains the Neubites being born from magic and suggests a device, Mhykir interjects, 'Mutagens actually, Fazan was more then helpful with a history of the land, it appears their creator, Anubis, was a powerful Alchemist.'

Mhykir then sits and listens while the others discuss strategy.

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2 Monk 2

"Mutagens? Ok, how do we stop them?"

Female Tiefling (Infernal Bastard) Witch 3

An alchemist? She chuckles. Those are the ones that have tried to turn the art of magic into a science, but have failed miserably. Thank you for allaying my fears; I suspected that the enemy was led by a powerful spellcaster.

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2 Monk 2

"Surely Jen, someone capable of creating so many of these beasts is at least worthy of respect for the threat he poses? Or is there something inherent to Alchemists that makes them below your notice?"

Female Tiefling (Infernal Bastard) Witch 3

Perhaps this alchemist may have several dozen years of life over me, but the source of his powers are not nearly as strong as the sources of true practitioners of the arcane arts. Certainly, he has probably devoted much of his life to creating many of these beasts, and indeed, they are numerous. However, they are scarcely more than mundane desert pests. A powerful spellcaster can easily trounce hundreds or thousands of mundane soldiers, but an alchemist cannot easily bring all his power to bear. His minions will be strong, but he himself will probably be rather weak.

Alchemists attempt to grab selfishly at the arcane powers that do not rightfully belong to them. While many spellcasters dabble in the production of potions, it is far more difficult for a potioneer to dabble in true magical power. While I may not personally be able to match him, we have many other powerful spellcasters that will.

Male Dwarf Barbarian 2 Monk 2

Arik smiles excitedly.

"Some good news then, it seems!"

Male Dwarf (Pahmet) Ranger (Warden / Trapper) 2

Scoffing "Feh, a strong will and a quick blade will have either contemplating why his guts are leaking out through the hole in his belly."

Male Human(Kellid) Paladin(Hospitaler)-4

"Well I'm glad I have the quick blade and spellcasters on my side, not to mention a dwarven fist or two." Pavok cheers on his friends.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

I will progress the story once you.have all gone to bed for the event, but this strategy session is quite entertaining to read.

Male Ifrit Sorcerer 2

"Oo, are we talking of battle yet again? Let's put those worries to rest for at least one calm night, shall we? We have found the land of Aridia, the oasis in the desert, and our prospects are better now than ever (at least we aren't left to die in the desert). Yalandere is out there and we'll certainly find him; the gods wouldn't go through such lenghts to save us in such impossible situations and yet keep us from our goals. What do you say that we save the glorious battle for the morrow and enjoy our last night of peace and plenty?"

Saying that, Faznir offers the party a blue foaming cider, starting with Jen and finishing with Mus'ad.

"A toast for the ones who've fallen so we could be here, and the enemies who'll fall before us so we can get to where we should be!"

It's quite evident he's been indulging a little in the cider.

Female Tiefling (Infernal Bastard) Witch 3

Jen thanks Faznir for the cider with the nod and politely takes little sips, making sure not to actually drink any substantial amount. She raises her glass hesitantly to the toast; clearly, it is something rather foreign to her.

A night of plenty, perhaps, but not peace. When I retire for the night, I shall be going to bed fully dressed. Who knows what has transpired on those sheets, especially in this kind of place?

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