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Plunder & Infamy - A Skulls & Shackles PbP Adventure

Game Master DancingShadow

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Congratulations on being selected for this high seas adventure!

Go ahead and finish up your character sheets and let me know when they're done. If you happen to have Hero Lab, I would appreciate if you could email me your .por file at the address below.

Email Address:

ictintrigued at

Go ahead and introduce yourself as players (not characters) here and we'll get started shortly.

First point of order: How do you prefer handling initiative? I think individual init is too slow, but I like that it rewards high init characters. We could start with that, but if it gets too slow we can switch. OR we can just start with group.



Hi there, I'm Robert Hetherington. I'm currently living in California half the time and Iowa the other half making it hard to maintain a consistent gaming group so I'm excited to be here.

Alestone is finished except for buying gear (and I still need to fully fill out the skill section.

Personally I prefer individual initiative but understand that need to keep a game going.

As a reminder I'm getting married on August 5th and will be out of communication from then until the 9th.

Male Aasimar Tattooed Sorcerer (AC 13/ HP 22/ Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +5/ Init +2/ Perception +5)

The sorcerer is here, how ya doing ;P

As for init, I prefer block. Players, monsters, players, monsters. How the init is handled for who goes first or second I leave to the DM, could just add the parties init and the monsters init then get the average or some other way.

My guy is also done.

M Human Fighter 1 HP 10/12 F5R2W1 Init+2 AC: 16 FF: 14 Touch: 12

Greetings. The son of a whaler and pirate is here to lend a hand.

I did miss understanding what you ment about Init. So Block means we go then they go? I would be willing to give that a try, a few suggestions..

1.Post a main action and then a back-up action. This is if your target goes down. (Orc 1 dies before you cast your spell hits so you switch to orc 2)

2. A bit tricky this one but can help if someone goes missing. If in battle, a person is absent for say 2 days and their action comes up, the DM bots them. If no action is happening they just stand in the background.

Character stats are in my profile, just click my pic.

Male Elf Alchemist 2nd (Armor Class: 15 /19 / Hit Points: 13 / Saving Throws Fort +3,Reflex +5,Will +1 / Initiative +2 / Perception +8 Alchemist 2nd

Well Rob you and I have one thing in common we both live in Iowa At least you part of the time. To me the init roll does not matter on how we do do it. I will get you my file over the next day if that is okay right now I am posting from my phone. I will be checking it tonight from my pc.

Any other information do not feel afriad to ask at all I have one bib weekly campaign in rl that will not bother this at all where I am also playin a version of this alchemist ( his brother) lol

Male Aasimar Tattooed Sorcerer (AC 13/ HP 22/ Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +5/ Init +2/ Perception +5)

I dont think you need a back up action for block init. The first player to post goes first so actions dont normally overlap.

Male Human (Taldan) Rogue / 1 (AC: 18 / HP: 8 / Fort: +0 Ref: +5 Will: +0 / Init: +3 / Perc: +4)

Hello everyone. I look forward to a fine rollick aboard a sea-worthy vessel. I am not the most versed in PbP, so the initiative question should be fielded by others. I try not to advise strangers on matters I have no clue about...unless I've had a few shots of rum ;) Anyway nice to meet everyone, congrats, and where's the plunder!

Human Oracle (Life) lvl 2 (AC 16, CMD 14, HP 13/13, Fort: 0 Ref: 3 Will: 3, Init 1, Perc 0/-4)

Hello all, It will be a pleasure working with all of you, I hope to keep us all living and healthy.

As for Init block sounds good to me and I believe Duo is ready to go.

As for the man behind the mask, I'm a 33 year old man who is finishing his last year of a math degree at Eastern Michigan University. I love the Grateful Dead and all kinds of Fantasy. I'd had limited experience with tabletop games until I turned thirty. I decided that everyone reluctant to grow up should get the D&D core books set for their thirtieth. I went a little haywire from there.

Thousands of hours and dollars later I've found a hobby that encompasses so many of my interests. I love the game, the process...everything. Pathfinder happens to be the best presentation and rule-set I've encountered, so I find myself here.

In high school I read Raymond E Feist's The King's Buccaneer, to this day it is the archetype for high seas fantasy in my opinion. Any suggestions to add to my picture of Pirate Fantasy?

I look forward to a fun game. Very nice to meet you folks.

I noticed a lot of love for Sunny in the recruitment thread. Are you interested in adding her to the game? I have an idea on how to run with 7.

Also, how many of you have Hero Lab? It's ok if you haven't sent me your .por file yet - I just want to know which characters I'll need to input myself and which I won't.

Can't wait to get started!

M Human Fighter 1 HP 10/12 F5R2W1 Init+2 AC: 16 FF: 14 Touch: 12

I'll switch out for Sunny since it looks like our DM has returned in the other S&S game.

Thanks, Henk. Good luck in the other one! If it runs aground, shoot me a PM and we'll see if we can bring you back into the fold here.

Male Aasimar Tattooed Sorcerer (AC 13/ HP 22/ Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +5/ Init +2/ Perception +5)

I don't have herolab. As for Sunny I am not for or against it. Dont know her.

Human Oracle (Life) lvl 2 (AC 16, CMD 14, HP 13/13, Fort: 0 Ref: 3 Will: 3, Init 1, Perc 0/-4)

It would be an cool to have Sunny with us.

I do not have hero lab sadly.
Sorry for the extra work.

Male Elf Alchemist 2nd (Armor Class: 15 /19 / Hit Points: 13 / Saving Throws Fort +3,Reflex +5,Will +1 / Initiative +2 / Perception +8 Alchemist 2nd

I would really like to add sunny to the campgain I think that she would be a great investment
Also I sent in my Hero Lab Sheet to you via


Krumthi @

I sent her the invite. Hopefully she'll join up.

I've plundered something else from Immortal's game. Please put the following in your character profile under the "Race" field:

Race and Class (archetype if any) (Armor Class / Hit Points / Saving Throws / Initiative / Perception)

Here is an example:

Grimspawn Tiefling Alchemist (Beastmorph) (AC 14 / HP 9 / F +2 R +4 W +0 / Init. +2 / Perc. +4)

Human Oracle (Life) lvl 2 (AC 16, CMD 14, HP 13/13, Fort: 0 Ref: 3 Will: 3, Init 1, Perc 0/-4)

um my percept is complicated...
being deaf and all.

Yeah - I'll have to do my best to remember that. If I fail (which I will), just let me know and act in-character as if I didn't. :)

Human Oracle (Life) lvl 2 (AC 16, CMD 14, HP 13/13, Fort: 0 Ref: 3 Will: 3, Init 1, Perc 0/-4)

Trust me I understand. I will always ask questions to make sure i give accurate info. :) I will act In-character as best I can.

Dwarf Monk 2(Drunken Master/Sensei)/AC 16/19HP/F+7/R+6/W+7/Init +2/Percp +9

Alright, I put the stats in the thing. As a note I have a number of situational modifiers such as +4 to saves against spells/SLAs, +2dodge AC against aquatic or water creatures and +2 to my perception checks to find treasure underwater.

I think my numbers are crunched. I do not have Herolab, for now... I think I may purchase the PF pack sometime in early September. Hope it's not too much of a hassle.


Male Human (Taldan) Rogue / 1 (AC: 18 / HP: 8 / Fort: +0 Ref: +5 Will: +0 / Init: +3 / Perc: +4)

Alright stats added to title. If anyone sees anything I could use a little direction in (a.k.a. me effing up...),let me know. I'm not sensitive and would appreciate the nudge. I'd rather learn to do it right and you'd probably like me to do it right too. See, win/win! Woo!

Anyone else getting excited?

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

Edit I is all-a-ways excited! (^_^)

Oh hey-ya there! Din't realise th' whole gang of ye had kind'a thrown in t'have me dragged in t'yer adventurin'.

I c'n kick an' squeal if'n ye wants. (^_^)

Also, if my 'accent' of Sunny gets a bit too much? Please let me know and I'll tone her down some for ease of understanding/communication.

So, the plan, as told t' the Dm, is fer Sunny to go Monk 1st level. Just the first level only! So there's no need fer t'other Monk t'worry about toes gettin' footed on, okeys? (^_~)

2nd and 3rd level Sunny is goin' all Barbarian (Titan-mauler) on people's @rse. Rarrr! *Makes clawing motions*

Then fer 4th Lvl Sunny be going 'Gunslinger(Mysterious Stranger variant) with 5th Lvl she be goin Magus(Kensai variant)

Then she alternates a'tween 'Slinger and Magus. (^_^)

I know it all seems complicated, like. But ye has t' trust me. In'a pen an' paper game I be playin' with mates when everything gets t'workin'? It does so as a heck of a treat! (^_^)

Hope that allays a lot of fears people might' also t'be hopin' it puts other fears in all'a right places! (^_^)

Much cheers t'ye an' all! (^_^)

EDIT:Also, I seem t'be in'a spot o' bother. As a startin' Monk, how much shine do I be gettin'? Maximum amount o' shine? Average amount o' shine? Roll a dice amount o' shine?

Um...'Shine' bein' me term fer gold an' th' like. (^_^)

EDIT:EDIT: *Sueee!* (^_^) I bin wonderin' an' pokin' t' git all'a thet stuffs in that spot fer ages! (^_^) *Bounces around rilly, rilly happy*

As for the person behind the persona that is Sunny. I live in the country called 'Australia' (Yes the place with the 'Roos, Drop bears and pretty much every sort of poisonous wild life :P) I have been reading/watching Fantasy and Sci-fi very loooong time back. Have been playing D&D in one form or another since the "Red' and 'Blue' books of 'Basic Edition'.

As for my interest in Pirates? Here's a little something that might entertain folks => "New Wave" and also "Flight or FIGHT!"

*Bows* much cheers to all and those dear to them.

Welcome, Sunny! You get average gold - which is a whopping 35GP. Spend wisely!

Ok, I've started going through the character sheets and I have some questions for some of you.


What combat gear have you purchased?


Weapon Focus can only be taken with a BAB of +1, so, unfortunately, you can't take that at level 1. You'll need another, different feat.

Also, which skills did you put ranks in?

Finally, you have a sling, but no bullets. Is that intentional?


Just a heads up - your current encumbrance is Medium, so you'll move at 20' per round. Not a big deal, as you can stow some stuff, but keep that in mind for when you head out to loot and plunder.


I'm not sure if you were ready for me to review your character, but here are some things I noticed.

This is a 20-pt buy game, so unfortunately, you need to knock off 5 points.

Also, you only get two traits, one of which needs to be a campaign trait.

It looks like you can spend two more skill points.

What languages do you speak? You get 3 bonus beyond common and elven.

I hope this doesn't affect your plans too much! Let me know when everything else is updated, such as your gear and the requested changes.

Human Oracle (Life) lvl 2 (AC 16, CMD 14, HP 13/13, Fort: 0 Ref: 3 Will: 3, Init 1, Perc 0/-4)

I forgot about encumbrance. I will make it a point to stow stuff when I can but, for now yes I will be.

As for me, I am a 24 year old male from Illinois.
I was introduced to D&D 1 year ago and then Pathfinder shortly after.

For Duo I plan to stay in the oracle class line but, we will see...

Male Aasimar Tattooed Sorcerer (AC 13/ HP 22/ Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +5/ Init +2/ Perception +5)

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought you can only have a max of 3 different classes. You cant dabble in that many sunny, let me know if I am wrong or its GM ruled.

GM I dont currently have combat gear which I consider to be potions, scrolls, wands, and stuff of that nature. As for my normal gear its listed in my stats.

I plan on having Aoro go full sorcerer and pick up craft magical tattoo as soon as I can. It can be very useful and even nasty for enemies if used right ;)

There are no limits to the number of classes you can take per the rules. I am interested to see how it comes together, and if she'll survive the early levels, particularly with the redecuded ability point buy and two traits.

In other words, good luck, Sunny!

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

GM Apeture:
Eeek! 20 Pnt stat array. Okay, that'll take a tweakin'. Also, if I c'n only start with a Monk's average gold I can't afford an Elven Curved blade...Unless...(¬_¬) *Rubs hands together as they plot some more*

Um...where are the campaign traits listed? Only seen them in the free down loadable campaign guide so far?

Also, you are familiar with the "Aquatic Elves" as per the Inner Sea book, GM Aperture?

Okeys, tweaked-ed! (^_^)

*Continues to do super, happy fun dance at being allowed to join.* (^_^)

Dwarf Monk 2(Drunken Master/Sensei)/AC 16/19HP/F+7/R+6/W+7/Init +2/Percp +9

The campaign traits come from the player's guide which is free.

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

Oh aye. I done down loaded it, I were jus' wonderin' about addin' 'hyper linkys' and such, is all. (^_^)

Much cheers t'ye an' yours!

So then, Master Aleston, a question if'n ye dun't mind.

How does yer two things of Monk there work out?

Is one a "Class" an' t'other a'"Type"? Am jus' rilly curious is all. (^_^)

Human Oracle (Life) lvl 2 (AC 16, CMD 14, HP 13/13, Fort: 0 Ref: 3 Will: 3, Init 1, Perc 0/-4)

Actually, Additional Traits Feat is why Sunny has 4 Traits and the Rich Parents Trait gives any Character 900 starting gold.
(Part of my job is finding out what causes errors XD - I'm a programmer.)

That should help clear things up. As long as the above mentioned is except-able.

@Sunny - Archetypes can be taken together as long as the things added / replaced don't ever over lap.

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

Aye, t'is true I done swapped out 'Weapon Finesse' fer said more traits. (^_^)

Hmm...rilly...? Now that's interestin'...Tha's very interestin'...*Ponders a whole lot more while stroking chin...*

I also be in'a toss up a'tween whether I should,

Have me Str at 13 (So's I can have a +1 chance at hittin' things)


Have me Wis at 13 (So's I can have another +1 to me AC)

Other folks ideas? Thoughts? Constructive criticisms? (^_^)

Dwarf Monk 2(Drunken Master/Sensei)/AC 16/19HP/F+7/R+6/W+7/Init +2/Percp +9

I'm not sure I quite understand your question, but Alestone has 2 archetypes: Drunken Master and Sensei.

Sensei replaces a bunch of the monk offense for bardic song, and eventually lets me use wisdom to attack and lets me give other people the benefits of my ki points.

Drunken Master trades Still Mind for the ability to drink for extra Ki and mucks with the various monk immunities a bit.

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

Oh aye, but I were wondrin' about ye havin' both at the same time, is whut I be meanin'.

I jus' never knew ye could take two...or potentially whut I be sayin'.

I think I understand Duo's comments, which be why I be now lookin' hard at the 'archetypes' fer future reference/ideas. (^_^)

Human Oracle (Life) lvl 2 (AC 16, CMD 14, HP 13/13, Fort: 0 Ref: 3 Will: 3, Init 1, Perc 0/-4)

If you need more details let me know in PM some of these explanations can be a Big wall of text to explain.

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

Is all good, thank'e fer t'offer! *Hugz*

T'is nuffin' I can take with whut I be havin' in mind fer this character, any ways.

Much cheers t'ye an' yours! (^_^)

Male Elf Alchemist 2nd (Armor Class: 15 /19 / Hit Points: 13 / Saving Throws Fort +3,Reflex +5,Will +1 / Initiative +2 / Perception +8 Alchemist 2nd

@ everyone I am not going to be able to post anything else today until about 9pm cst ad I have kids and need to take care of them right now I got lucky and they are both sleeping and I get a chance to use my phone

Sorry for this I will be back as soon as bedtime comes

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

*Hugz* No worries.

Very best wishes t'ye family. (^_^)

We be jus' chattin' till GM Aperture says they are happy with our character sheets and kicks the game off, any who. (^_^)

Male Aasimar Tattooed Sorcerer (AC 13/ HP 22/ Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +5/ Init +2/ Perception +5)

Just be aware that we start without most of our gear and wont get them back til well into the adventure. Depends on the GM and our play, flight risk or dangerous acting PCs wont be trusted with even a dagger, I know I wouldn't.

Btw any idea when we are starting?

We will start tomorrow morning or this evening, if I can verify everyone's character sheets.

A quick note of warning: This AP is pretty tough. A lot of your fates are decided by dice rolls. But, if you role play well, I will add hidden bonus or reduce the DCs of certain checks. Even with these boons, you may very well die. Make certain your character is ready before we begin.

So, is everyone prepared?

Human Oracle (Life) lvl 2 (AC 16, CMD 14, HP 13/13, Fort: 0 Ref: 3 Will: 3, Init 1, Perc 0/-4)

I believe Duo is ready.

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

*Bounces to attention* Aye, aye sir! (^_^)

All'a my gear be ready fer th' travails ahead. (^_~)

Even should me chest o' goodies get nicked, as long as it don't go too far, I've no real fear o' peoples havin' their way with its contents. (^_^)

Male Aasimar Tattooed Sorcerer (AC 13/ HP 22/ Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +5/ Init +2/ Perception +5)

Yeah I gave my guy mage armor and magic missile for a reason. That and having a familiar that is hidden on your skin pretty much covers untakeable. xP

Edit-Sunny your languages are a bit off, Polyglot is the native tongue of the Mwangi so its kinda redundent. ;)

Human Oracle (Life) lvl 2 (AC 16, CMD 14, HP 13/13, Fort: 0 Ref: 3 Will: 3, Init 1, Perc 0/-4)

Is it ok if I changed the skill rank in spell craft over to linguistics for lip reading ?

Edit funny how I just remembered linguistics. XD

Male Human (Taldan) Rogue / 1 (AC: 18 / HP: 8 / Fort: +0 Ref: +5 Will: +0 / Init: +3 / Perc: +4)

I have addressed the list of problems. I switched Weapon Focus for Deft Hands. I listed the ranks and where they come from. As for no ammo for my sling, I keep a sack of stones that I replenish when time permits. I mostly use my sling as entertainment. I love games of skill. Before I lost my father's business it was common for the merchants sons to set up a marksman's contest. I was one of the best with the sling.

DM Aperture:
If my formatting is crappy or you prefer it in a different form just link me to the preferred sample and I will emulate. I will have Herolab no later than the first week of September. I just dropped a boatload on game aids for my home game. In order to keep a sizable chunk of my ass from the chewery, I have to wait a bit for another purchase.

I was wondering what time of day most of you would be posting? I can make a point of checking the thread during the heavy traffic times, otherwise I usually check early in the morning and early in the evening.

Island Elf(link) HP36/43;Fort+6;Ref+9;Will+4;Perc+9; Init+4;AC17(19)Defensive:21

Thank'e Aoro. (^_^)

I thought 'Polygot' were kind of a 'Pidgin' language? A 'native' kind of common?

*Looks through list of other players* I th' only girl charcter in'a game?....(¬_¬)

Dwarf Monk 2(Drunken Master/Sensei)/AC 16/19HP/F+7/R+6/W+7/Init +2/Percp +9


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