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[PFS] A Vision of Neb (Inactive)

Game Master Nebten

Dispatched on an envoy mission overland from Absalom to port city Escadar, you must weather the harsh wilderness of the Isle of Kortos before you can hope to meet with the representative of the elusive gillmen.

GM Aarvid

Algon the Ever-Seeking
Silver Crusade Omrax the Bold

Male Half Elf -Paladin 11 AC28(30) T13(15) /F27/CMD24| Hp 94/103 | Fort:+18;Ref:+13;Will+15 |Percept.+10 | Init.+3. { } ( div bond 2/2 used, smite 2/5 used. Hands 5d6 4/13 used) { BoF, Heroism+, Wrath+3 }
(1,682 posts)

Hawkwen Agricola

Grand Lodge Hawkwen Agricola

Male Human Father 5 / Tinkerer 3 / Aspiring Polymath 1
(672 posts)
Uzbin Parault
The Exchange Ezrek Filosten

AC28(38)/T18(22)/F23(33)/CMD32(38)||HP202[136]|F:+15(18);R:+17(21);W+11|Percept. +23(+31 trapspotter)|Init.+5(+9) Human Alchemist (Cryptbreaker) 16
(1,196 posts)



(796 posts)
Grand Lodge Astyannax

Male Human Cavalier (Order of the Star)/1
(197 posts)

Mihajlo Velickovic

Grand Lodge Haraldir

Ranger 2; HP 20/20,- AC 18/T: 14/FF: 14 - Perception +7 - F: +4/ R: +7/ W: +2 - CMB: +3 - CMD: 17, Speed: 30, Init. +4
(279 posts)

Yours is mined

Samaritha Beldusk
Grand Lodge Luisila

Female Half-elf Cleric 10 | HP 103/103 | AC 25 | T 16 | FF 21 | Fort +17 | Ref +12 | Will +18 (+2 vs enchant) | CMD 24 (+1 vs grapple) | Init +5 | Perc +21 | SM +5 | 3/5 Channels | 3/7 BoL | 0/1 GF
(1,641 posts)

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