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GM Eddv's CORE Living God Series

Game Master eddv


Scarab Sages

This would work best if you signed up with a level 2 character so that you can make it through all three parts properly leveled.

City of Golden Death:
I am a bit iffy on whether to do City of Golden Death on top of the first two since it assumed a party of level 5 characters and is fairly deadly so we will see how the first two parts go before forcing ourselves to soldier on.

Ideally, we will finish Crypt of the Everflame in time to get PbP VI support for Masks of the Living God as well.

If interested, please go ahead and sign up. As this is a PbP VI game, it won't actually be starting until August 21.

Character Name

Silver Crusade

Jason Rodarte
Dareon Phoenixstar
Silver crusade
Half elf/celestial sorcerer_2

Grand Lodge

Hugo Bearbane
Grand Lodge
Dwarf barbarian 2

Grand Lodge

Meran will be level 2 as soon as she finishes her scenario. We should be done by then. If not, I have a level 1 available.

Meran Thanlos
Grand Lodge
Bard 2

Grand Lodge

I could offer a dwarven cleric.
Name: Helikon
Character Name Bonifacius
Faction: Grand Lodge
Race/Class/Level :Dwarfen cleric 2

Dark Archive

Me, me!

2nd level (worthless) druid.

Druids are so pathetic at 1st and 2nd level unless they have an animal companion. I'm looking forward to reaching level 3.

Dark Archive

Sure, I'll bite.
Name: Andrew
Character Name: Capone
Faction: Dark Archives
Race/Class/Level: Gnome Cleric 2

Not a healer by any means, although isn't afraid to use a Wand of Cure Light Wounds. Blaster/control.

Scarab Sages

Ok and thats 6 recruitment closed.

Go ahead and pop into discussion

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