Artist credit for enemy / pawn from Return of Runelords?

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Hello! I've found the quality of the character AND enemy art to always be very impressive. However, sometimes it is difficult to determine which artists are responsible for some of my favorites. I have one such case now...

Does anyone know which artist is responsible for the art for the Drider "Sister Woaerym" (featured on page 53 in the Return of the Runelords: Runeplague book, as well as in the RotR Pawn Collection). I've seen the art cropped (and terribly compressed T_T) on various websites, but none have seemed to properly credit (or even know) the artist. I'm hoping someone out there knows who drew the art for this character (and perhaps I can check out more of their art too!)

Here is a link to a (pretty funny) campaign that also features the art in question: shrine-of-seal-drider.html

Again, they don't credit the artist T_T

Any help with tracking down the proper artist would be appreciated! :D

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The book lists these as the "interior artists":Yanis Cardin, Shen Fei, David Franco Campos, Katerina Kirillova, Valeria Lutfullina, Will O’Brien,
Maichol Quinto, and Bryan Sola

Maybe search each name and see who looks similar?

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The artist is Yanis Cardin, who goes by Traaw on

Same pic on deviantart

Their professional website is here.

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