2e Steampunk?

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Any 3-PP products focused on tech or steampunk? Looking to potentially run a couple of games at a steampunk con in a standard 4-hour slot.

No, the volunteer GMs/organizers are not interested in Starfinder :(

Not 3P but Guns & Gears is real steampunk-y, especially the Gears chapter.

Knowing what you’re missing from Guns & Gears, the Alkenstar bits of Lost Omens: the Impossible Lands, and Outlaws of Alkenstar would be helpful. There’s a *lot* of steampunk in PF2 - what do you still need?

Looking for content to tun at a con, similar in scope to a pfs scenario. (A pfs scenario would be perfect but there isn’t really that kind of theme in org play). Head shot to the rot almost works but perhaps not quite so I’m wonyif there’s anything else out there.

Maybe tinker a Starfinder scenario? Find one that doesn't involve starship travel. Take the story and theme, rework the enemies using the PF2 enemy creation rules. Pick character choices that fit the theme. For classes, Inventor, Gunslinger, Alchemist, and Investigator would be great - but any could be good by picking proper equipment and reflavoring things.

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Wow, there's really only one Alkenstar-set PFS scenario, and it's from 2015. I'm surprised nobody's gone back yet!

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