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For those who might be able to take a mid-summer vacation to Ohio, we are now recruiting volunteer GMs for volunteer GMs for Origins 2023 at Origins Game Fair on June 21-25, 2023. We are pleased to be able to offer rewards for volunteers who commit to running a certain number of games for us during the convention.

Rewards we are offering GMs of various tiers:
9+ slots — Ohio Org Play Dice Set
7+ slots — 1/4 Hotel room or parking pass (Wed-Sun)
4+ slots — Weekend badge (includes free access to most other events)
2+ slots — Ohio Organized Play t-shirt

For those who have not been to Origins in the past, the convention runs from mid-day Wednesday to mid-day Sunday at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. We set our scenario-length slots up as 5 hours of gaming with 1 hour meal breaks to give our GMs plenty of time between sessions to eat and re-energize.

More about Origins can be found here: Origins

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the survey here: Origins Volunteer Application

Questions or concerns can be sent me or to

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